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Today we are learning how to coach soccer.This tutorial is geared towards coaches.What's going on little dap! it's jared montz, former pro and founder of online soccer academy.Coaching is a lot more then setting up cones and running drills.It's the mental side of the game that isn't always taught in most coaching courses.The mental game is what really separates great coaches from okay coaches.Be the coach players call a role model.Be the coach players invite to their wedding one day.Be the coach players can trust.Don't.

Be the coach they hate.Don't be the coach they are scared of.Don't be the coach that crushes their confidence.I've been coaching for 10 years, we've done hundreds of osa soccer camps around the united states and we've been producing free online soccer academy tutorials to players and coaches worldwide since early 2009.This tutorial is just a few mental tips i find helpful when coaching.For physical tips, drills, exercises and how to tutorials, watch our 200 free osa tutorials at onlinesocceracademy.Key points! key point one ask questions! keep your coaching points short and ask questions.

When you can.For example if you are working on shooting and a kid keeps missing his shots to the left.Instead of saying, billy, quit missing! you keep missing left.Don't do that.Then billy just runs by you like okay coach.He may not even have heard you.Instead ask a question.Say, billy, love your energy today but your shots keep missing left.Do you know why that's happening now, billy's mind is engaged.He needs to think about his answer versus him not even hearing you and just saying yeah coach.If.

He replies with the right answer, then great you know he's learning.If he replies back with the wrong answer then great, now you know how far off he is and can give him the correct answer which is probably that his shoulders are turning left when he shoots.Key point two use the repeat it back to me trick.Lots of coaches will say something like, sarah, let's pass it with your left foot, yes! then sarah says, yes because you pretty much told her too and then she passes it with.

Her right foot.You are then like looking up at the sky trying to contain your frustration and not pull your hair out if you have any on why she didn't do what you said.Here is where the repeat it back to me trick comes in handy.In your mind, you said left, but in her mind when she said yes for left, but she actually meant right.A great example of this is a story of a player at one of our osa camps in state college, pennsylvania.Smart kid, good player, but just learned a little different then everyone.

Else and there is nothing wrong with that.We were doing a shooting exercise where you dribble up one on one with the goalie and you are suppose to pass the ball with your right foot, into the right side of the goal.In short it was, right, right.I set up the exercise, first five kids are getting it and every shot is right, right into the goal.Then my thinking different player comes up and does it right, left.I say, good shot, but it's right, right not right, left.He says, yeah coach.

As he's running back to the line.Next turn for him he scores right, left again and i'm starting to get frustrated, but i immediately at this point think maybe it's me, not him.Did i set this exercise up wrong so i decide to use the repeat it back to me trick.I say, buddy, it's right, right.Repeat that back to me.He says, yeah coach as he continues to run back to the line.So now i'm like he clearly isn't hearing me because his mind is going so fast.

So i say, come over here.I get him in front of me and off to the side of the exercise and say, the exercise is right, right.Repeat that back to me.He then says, right, left.I start smiling right away because in his mind he had been doing the exercise correct the whole time and he had.He scored his two shots both right, left and they were nice.I then say, no buddy, it's actually right, right.Repeat that back to me.He repeats right, right back to me correctly.

And his next shot was perfect.Right, right.So i know it can be frustrating in those moments when you feel like a player isn't listening to you, but try to take a deep breath and figure out how to fix the problem versus just yelling at them.Try the repeat it back to me trick.Key point three don't yell for mistakes.We all make mistakes.Even top pros do.Great coaches don't yell at players when they make one mistake.Ideally if a player messes up you want your player reacting positive.

And hustling back on defense without even thinking you are mad at them because they know you support them.If your player messes up and immediately looks at the bench area scared you are about to yell at them that is not good.You don't want your players playing scared.Now if they make three mistakes in a row because they aren't paying attention that is a different story.By all means be firm with them and let them know to wake up.Just imagine your boss or coworker yelling at you every time you have a typo.The anxiety of trying to work with that person would be.

Awful.Don't create that feeling for your players.Key point four no long lines.This is a classic.If you have a line of ten players doing one exercise figure out how to make it two lines of five.Shorter lines lead to less standing around and less standing around leads to less chances of players getting bored and getting into trouble.Key point five make it fun and remove pressure.If you watch some of the top pro teams in the world they look like they are having a blast at practice.Laughing, cutting up and.

Then when it's time to get serious they get serious.Do your best to create a fun environment.Create fun, goofy type warm ups to get players to loosen up.Tell them it's okay if they make a mistake and then of course when they do, don't yell at them.These types of actions from you lead to removing pressure for them.When the pressure is removed, they play better.Naturally they will put a little pressure on themselves, but if you can help keep them loose that will do wonders.

For your team.Key point six be positive, not negative.Yes, there are times when you need to talk about negative moments like mistakes with players and that is okay, but do it in the right way.I was coaching a sevenyearold little girl once in a defending exercise.She was smiling big and trying so hard, but the player she was defending just kept running right by her and she was diving in on defense.I could of said, sarah, quit diving in.She is beating you every time.You have to do better!.This is negative and would.

Have dampened her smiling spirit and caused her to put her head down and be scared on the next play.Instead i called her over and started with a positive.I said, sarah, i'm so proud of you for how hard you are working.I see you smiling big.Are you having fun.She replied with a smile, yes and then i said, great! why do you think the defender keeps running by you even though you are working so hard she didn't really know, so i re explained to her how to set her feet and.

Not dive in.She ran back to the line with a smile and her head held high.The very next play she won the ball with confidence! two different styles i could have used with her, but for me, more times then not choosing the positive not negative style usually leads to faster, better results for your players.Helpful tutorials! we have lots of tutorials to help you coach! tutorials on creating a pre practice plan, sessions to do, tips on how to teach juggling, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.Plus we cover what could go wrong and how.

To fix it on most techniques.All the tutorials are free.Enjoy them at onlinesocceracademy! bonus tip! thanks for being a coach! i know it's not easy to coach and lots of you volunteer your time.Thank you for giving back.I hope your players and their parents appreciate you the way they should.Hope you enjoyed this online soccer academy tutorial! here to watch our incredibly helpful 200 free tutorials, go here if you want a believe in it shirt and go here if you are a coach and want to host an osa soccer.

Youth Soccer Preparation Coaching How to Coach Girls Soccer

Hi, my name is jill weiss, and i'm going to give you some tips on how to coach girl's soccer.Main thing is, is you want to treat girls, not as being girl soccer players, but just as soccer players.You know, soccer is one of those sports where it's not so much on strength but more on timing, because everything is about timing.So, that's the good thing, you know, that men, women, boys and girls can, kind of, all play.Second thing is, is you want to kind of pay attention to emotions.Young girls, especially, they're going to.

Take things to heart.They're going take things a little bit more personal, so you want to just pay attention to that and how you're talking to them.I mean some girls are going to cry if you're yelling at them.So, you know, it may not be a boy or girl thing, it may be just an individual thing.You've got to get to know your athletes, your players, just on an individual basis to know how to coach them, how to talk to them.Pay attention to generalities.Boys, when you say something, they're just going to take it face, right.

There.Girls, again, they're analyzers, they think about things a little bit more.They, again, they might take things personal.So, those things are definitely things that you want to remember when you're dealing with coaching young girls.Also, with any athletes, praise.Praising is, when you're just starting out, beginners, young, young girls, get excited for them when they make a goal.You know, just make a big deal about it.Girls, especially do better with praise.Telling them they're doing a good job or way to get a goal! or.

An American Coach In London NBC Sports Premier League Film Featuring Jason Sudeikis

An american coach in london nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,Check out the return of coach lasso here youtubeirqypm7jb5y coach lasso jason sudeikis has just arrived in england to coach tottenham hotspur. The return of coach lasso nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,After being fired by tottenham hotspur coach lasso jason sudeikis is back in the usofa looking to make the most of his premier league experience. Tottenham soccer star harry kane shows off his american football skills madden 16 nfl,Professional soccer player harry kane shows off his american football skills with some encouragement from nfl players subscribe to the nfl youtube.

Jason sudeikis talks about his comedy football tutorial for nbc an american coach in london,Jason sudeikis joins andy bush on absolute radio for an interview about the fantastic short premier league football film he made in which he plays a fake. Behindthescenes with coach ted lasso,Youve seen the nbc sports advert with coach lasso as a manager in the making well we spoke to hollywood star jason sudeikis when he was shooting the. 2011 mens soccer coaches interviews american coach todd west,The patriot leagues james greene interviews american coach todd west in this edition of the patriot leagues 2011 mens soccer preseason interview series.

American soccer coaches analysis by claudio ranieri italy,The american soccer coaches analysis by claudio ranieri actual fc inter coach during an aiac football soccer coaching course in trigoria as roma united.

Portuguese american coach in iran the mixer,Fmr us international jimmy conrad interviews assistant coach of the iranian national team dan gaspar a former goalkeeping coach with the portugese.

Youth Soccer Preparation Coaching How To Coach Girls Soccer

Youth soccer preparation coaching how to coach girls soccer,Coaching girls soccer requires treating players equally paying attention to feelings and giving praise coach girl soccer players successfully with tips from a. Nbc sports network english premier league an american coach in london,Project film online film to promote nbcs coverage of barclays premier league football matches featuring jason sudeikis. Klinsmann introduced as new us soccer coach,New us mens soccer coach juergen klinsmann believes his mix of international experience and american knowledge will allow him to improve the national.

Coaching kicking ch 4 how to coach kids to kick a soccer ball types of kicks,A series of six tutorials by michael karlin a coach with nearly three decades experience as a coach in the american youth soccer organization ayso in beverly. Tibetan nomads an american coach and basketball,Norlha textiles basketball team trains for the first time with their first coach ever willard johnson coach johnson played and coached basketball at mit and. New american youth soccer club minneapolis with coach abdul,The training field in minneapolis.

How to coach soccer,Learn how to coach soccer in this tutorial focusing on coaching tips subscribe yi0ful show more for key points more we help. Head mens soccer coach todd wests 2011 summer update american university eagles,Aueagles recently had the opportunity to sit down with head men soccer coach todd west to talk about his memories from the 2010 season his. The return of coach lasso nbc sports premier league film featuri,Jason sudeikis is back starring as head coach ted lasso in the latest nbc sports premier league soccer advertisement the football coach turned futbol.

Jrgen Klinsmann Coach Of US Soccer Team Journal Interview

Jrgen klinsmann coach of us soccer team journal interview,Changing sides can jrgen klinsmann make the usa a soccer power jrgen klinsmann says his goal as the new coach of the us soccer team is to make. Jurgen klinsmann at the 2012 us youth soccer workshop,Us mens national team head coach jurgen klinsmann spoke at the 2012 us youth soccer workshop klinsmann brings a unique perspective to evaluating.

Germany coach joachim lw sniffs his balls ass,Subscribe for more sports coverage subtofumble drunk soccer refs stumble piss on field drunkrefs argentina trolls. Coaching kicking ch 3 how to coach kids to kick a soccer ball the kicking foot,A series of six tutorials by michael karlin a coach with nearly three decades experience as a coach in the american youth soccer organization ayso in beverly. American soccer coach clip,Shorter version of original tutorial. Funniest football fails compilation failarmy,What is football is it the one with the black and white ball or the one with the yellow uprights you guys can debate in the comments but here are our funniest.

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