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Hi my name is otis st.Clair and today i'm here to talk to you about a few running back drills.Great running backs have great foot work.Today a few drills that we are going to do and we are going to work on to be able to become more agile to avoid the hit.So the first drill we are going to work on is our weaving in and out cone drill and then we are going to go into our hop cut drill.So let's go take a look at how this is done.

What we will do is we will start here using the football tucked away properly and we'll just weave in and out of the cones working our proper foot placement, planting outside with each foot as we cut back in through the cones.As i do that you watch how i keep my center of gravity low, i plant on the outside with the outside foot and come back through the cone.That is to avoid slipping and missteps.Going down to the next drill which is our hop cut.We are going to start here at this cone, run, hop with two feet, come back to.

The inside, to the next cone, hop with two feet, the next cone, hop with two feet, cut back and score a touch down down on the last two cones.Hop, hop, plant, hop plant, and score.Now you can do a few different things with those drills.At the end you can spin, change up and go the opposite direction.Like i said before great running backs have great foot work.The weave drill and the hop cut drill, practice them at home.Those are some drills for your running back.My name is otis.Have a good day.

Football Training Tips How to Play Running Back

Hi my name is otis st.Clair and today i am here to talk to you about how to play a running back.There are four things you need to know to become a running back.That is proper stance and release, how to receive a hand off, how to read your holds and how to block.So the first thing i want to talk about is your proper stance and release so follow me.Our five big cones represent our offensive line and our other cone represents our quarterback.As a running back you should line about seven yards deep in the back field directly behind.

The quarterback.Some of us use a two point stance which is basically both feet planted on the ground shoulder width apart, hands rested on the knees just like this.Other times running backs will use a three point stance, again both feet planted on the ground, shoulder width apart and hands down to the three point stance.Now let's talk about hand offs.From a two point stand depending on which way we are running the ball determines how we receive the ball.If we are running to our right side the ball is going to come.

To our left side so we need to have our left arm up, right arm underneath it approach the ball, plant down and go.Opposite for the opposite side.If we were going to the left side we would receive the ball on our right side, right arm up, left arm by waist, receive ball, find hole and go.The second thing once you receive the ball we need to know where we are going.We need to know what hole to read so our holes are numbered by odd numbers.

On the right side and even numbers on the left side.So if we are running at 23 there is 1 hole and our 3 hole.So i would take the ball here and run through our 3 hole.And the last and most important thing to be able to block as a running back.Sometimes you don't always get the ball because we pass so you need to be able to pass as well.So as we pass the line of scrimmage to block you need to be looking for a line backer,.

Best Football Training Drills

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Dutch Football Soccer Coaching Methods Training Drills

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