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People Try To Catch Passes From An NFL Quarterback

Heavy rock music i'm gonna throw passes to just some regular old joes today who think it's easy to catch an nfl football.I'm a huge football nut.I watch college football all day.I watch nfl football all day.I was a receiver in high school.I did grow up in a football family.My sister was married to a dallas cowboy.I'm from oklahoma.I grew up going to football every friday night.I played four years of high school football, flag football in the eighth grade.

I was the mvp of my team.One year of pop warner.Won my fantasy football league twice.And i do crossfit.I played football in high school for a couple years, varsity.I was a tight end, receiver.I played four years of high school football.I got recruited to play division iii football.Warren moon was the only nonwhite quarterback, when i was growing up, in the nfl.And not only that, he was one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl so he was my favorite quarterback.

i'm so stoked to be trying to catch a pass from warren moon.He was the best and he threw the prettiest football.I am from seattle, warren moon went to u.Dub, he's a commentator for the seattle seahawks.So, do i think i can catch a pass from warren moon i do.Group together one, two, three.Woo hoo! i don't know how outofshape i am but this is gonna be fun.Crowd groans ok.We're gonna go from the ten and we're gonna run a fade.

this is it, the big touchdown.I'm a little scared of him launching footballs right at my face.If anyone out of this bunch is gonna catch a pass from warren moon it's gonna be me.Crowd groans i don't think he was used to my speed and couldn't adjust for it.Felt some of the hacked.I think i can catch some balls is all i'm sayin'.I'm not intimidated whatsoever.Once you get to it, come straight across the 25.I'm gonna make this ball my bitch.

we got this all day.No problem.Voiceover you got it! you got it! crowd moans super stoked to try to catch a pass from him i just hope i don't bleep it up royally.Crowd claps and cheers i caught a football pass from warren moon and i'm going to disneyland, baby.I did some extra calf stretches and i'm pretty sure that's gonna give me the extra edge over these guys.Voiceover you got it! you got it! crowd groans let's do this.

Ready go! crowd claps and cheers i definitely can run fast.I definitely got the gas.I can put it on.You know how you receivers are.You guys are prima donnas.You think you can just take off whenever you want to.Is your name cris cater crowd laughs i got it.Crowd cheers there was literally times when he threw a ball at me and it would hit me right in the hands, like right in the middle, and the spin was so fast and hard.

My hands would move.I've never experienced that in my life.Alright, that wasn't as easy as i thought it was.Pretty sure i collapsed a lung.I really feel like i want to go to the .To be honest, i'm a little embarrassed.A little humbled.There were a couple that slipped though my hands.I'm not sayin' it was his fault but it might have been.I got this really gnarly scar, right here but it's totally worth it to get a scar like this.

When you're trying to catch a ball from warren moon.Doing this made me much more appreciative of the people who are out there every sunday sacrificing their bodies.I don't think i'm ever gonna say a bad thing about an nfl football player ever again.Well, hopefully everybody saw out there today that i just took some average joes and let them run through some routes that we run in the national football league.They did a pretty good job at it but i'll bet you they'll be the first ones to say,.

Football Practice Drills Tips Quarterback Passing Drills

Hi, this is sean hobson, for expert village.We're working with our quarterback here just doing some basic quarterback drop backs in the way that they kind of hold the ball and stuff like that.So, this first drill that we always do with our quarterbacks is, we have them come up to the line of scrimmage like you're going to take a snap and we want him to work in the threestep drop.When you take a threestep drop you want to take long steps and you want to cross your feet as you go back.You don't want to shuffle back, you.

Want to cross your feet and take three steps.And, you want to have good balance when you stop.You also always want to have the football up here ready to lock and load.You don't want to carry the football back here, plus, if you ever get hit, sacked, it's harder to hold the ball down here than it is if you've got it up here tight and secure.So, our quarterback here is going to show you what it looks like.Let me get on the other side here and i'll.

Say hut and he's going to do a threestep drop.Set, hut.Good, you see he's holding the ball up top.Good.Now, the next thing that we do after that is, we want our quarterbacks, when they drop back, to keep their feet always moving.One thing when you watch peyton manning, one of the best things that he does, his feet are always moving and he stays on his toes until he lets the ball go.So, what we want blake to do here is to drop back in his stance.

American Football Training Basic Quarterback Drills Part 1

American football training basic quarterback drills part 1,American quarterback jr artozqui from the danish copenhagen towers teaches you how to play quarterback with basix quarterback drills need equipment to. Qb drills and skills for youth football,This tutorial shows qb drills that can be done in a short amount of time at your practices these drills will help with throwing fundamentals and qb footwork. Youth football quarterback drills and techniques,Youth football quarterback development football drills and techniques university high school featuring auburn recruit sean white university school qb.

Nike football qb drills,Nike footballs instructional tutorial this one is for hip warmup. Coaching youth football quarterback drills 1,Nays this tutorial covers teaching youth football quarterbacks the straight arm drill which will benefit their high release and teaches them the. Usc spring football day one quarterback drills,Usc quarterbacks max wittek cody kessler and max browne go through footwork and throwing drills at the beginning of football practice.

Usc quarterback drills from day two of 2013 spring football,Quarterbacks cody kessler max wittek and max browne go through early practice throwing drills on day two of usc spring football practice.

Robert griffin iii quick release passing drill,Nfl quarterback robert griffin iii demonstrates the quick release passing drill which helps him get the ball out of his hand before hes swallowed up by a pass. Nike football qb drills,Nike footballs qb instructional tutorial this one is for ball grip.

Youth Football Quarterback Drills The 3 Step Drop

Youth football quarterback drills the 3 step drop,Learn the 3 step drop youth football online visited qb coach todd kruegers camp for this excellent instruction yfo allstars daron bryden and dom carter. Football quarterback drills footwork with speed ladder by quarterback coach todd krueger,For private quarterback training go toonlinequarterbacktraining. Armed dangerous quarterback drills,To purchase the full tutorial click here scoacheschoicep2323armeddangerousquarterbackdrillsaspx armed dangerous quarterback drills is.

Qb drills the 3 ps youth football training football academy charlotte north carolina,Youthfootballcoacheshandbook quarterback drills youth football training the 3 ps coach erik saunders of the football academy instructs. Central catholic football qb drills,This is a tutorial of central catholic high schools qb drills. Qb training qb drills w game film mt sac coach ryan ohara,Footwork drills designed by qb coach ryan ohara to simulate or recreate as many game situations as possible improve rhythm timing foot speed weight.

Qb drills,A combination of quarterback development drills collected from coach gary nord at purdue and florida atlantic. Quarterback drill for throwing the deep ball coach sink,Coachsink ron roesink coach sink brings 20 years of football coaching to the training on this site during his 18 years of head coaching he had. Quarterback skills drills and technique art briles,Buy full version scoacheschoicep2704quarterbackskillsdrillsandtechniqueaspx.

Jameis Winston Florida State QB 2015 NFL Combine Highlights

Jameis winston florida state qb 2015 nfl combine highlights,Buccaneers first round pick jameis winston made a bold statement at the 2015 nfl scouting combine where he showcased his arm accuracy and anticipation. Fresno state spring football quarterback drills 31613,Highlights of fresno state quarterbacks derek carr marcus mcdade and myles carr throwing to backs and receivers during a bulldogs spring football practice. Nike football qb drills,Nike footballs instructional tutorials this one is for finding windows.

Nike football qb drills,Nike footballs instructional tutorial this one is for stance.

Football quarterback drills avoid pass rush,Elite quarterback coach todd krueger atplayqb. Alabama qb drills practice 1,The alabama football team has a quarterback battle on their hands between senior blake sims and florida state transfer jacob coker this was the first time. Quarterback academy accuracy fade,Previews from athlete builders tutorial library over 1000 tutorials available join us atathletebuilder like us at.

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