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Nike Academy vs FC Barcelona

You're playing barcelona u19s.They're very very impressed with that they've seen.So they'll be cuing their guys up and saying you're in a game today this is not one they'll be taking lightly.We need you to be a strong team today, then the individuals within that will perform.We play with our heads at all times because the game is about showing what we've learnt.Close the gap! close the gap! squeeze.Played.Go on then, now you've got it.Go on.Yes ben, yes ben! unlucky.They're in, they're in.

That can't happen abou, too easy abou.Penalty.Probably if you're watching up in the stand, it's a little bit of a game of chess.Maybe they've had possession, but they haven't had penetration because our organisation is good.Ok, maintain the level of concentration.It's hard work mentally and physically but stick at it.Abou, you are much better than that, right.You are that reliable player, give us the strength in there.We need that player.Now you've realised that you can beat them.We knew.Hopefully some of you knew as well.

I can see now on your faces like me, this is happening.Now you have to go there and finish off the job.Well done, abou! good boytime abou.Patience now.Now we go! good.Go on, go on, you'll do it.Well done! there's your man, find your man.We've had some good results.That's the best one because i think you showed a real good understanding of how to press, how to attack, and how to stick to a game plan.During the first half, i wasn't at the top of my form.

And edu told me that but i already knew it.At half time i got my thoughts back in place and we did everything we needed to win in the second half.I think that the best way to develop a player is simply to play against the best opposition.We knew that they'd press us no matter what.But we coped with it very well.This whole trip has been an educational process for our players.To come here and learn about barcelona football club their philosophies, how they work, how they develop individuals, how they collectively work as a team.

Budweiser UK Open Trials Bud in Association with BT Sport Ep 1

I thought when i was a young kid i might have a chance at being a footballer one day never really got there and kind of thought that this would be one last chance.I've always wondered if i had the ability.People who had probably thought that their chance had gone, it gives them a chance of a bit more glory doesn't it.Footballs a cutthroat business, you're golden boy one minute and you're out the door the next.There's still hope for these guys, they've just got to believe in themselves and really.

Go out and have a go like it really is your last chance.Trying to get that chance i never got, and maybe get to play on a big stage.If theres a golden chance, or last chance, you've got to take it and grab it with both hands.Some of the players that i've played with, i know i was better than them, they've made it.This is where the coaches and i will find out whos really good enough, the prize at stake let me tell you is absolutely fantastic.

I'm here to prove to my old coaches that didn't rate me, i have what it takes to go through.Theres a lot of pressure when you're younger, but at this age, you can relax a bit you've been there and done it at a decent level.Still got a loving passion for the game so.You've got to find something to replace that buzz.20 years ago i'd say, it's now or never id say.Every year, millions of fans experience the magic of the fa cup, and for some the dream.

Of playing at wembley is the ultimate fantasy.For every steven gerrard and wayne rooney, there are legions of players participating in amateur leagues across the country that once had dreams of making it in the professional game, but never quite made it.When i was about 16 years old i went to newcastle united, i was there for about 2 years.I played for aston villa from 8 to 16.I had trials for england under 18s i missed that by one place and i'm just glad that i had the opportunity today.

In 2014 budweiser decided to give these players a second chance to fulfil their dreams by staging 6 open trials across the nation to find out if they still have what it takes, the prize and opportunity to play in front of professional talent scouts.One last chance to prove to themselves in a nailbiting football match on the hallowed turf itself.Wembley.I joined the forces, did two tours of afghan, and played for the raf.I played at york city up until youth team under 16's and got kicked out.

I keep myself a bit fit, but i'd like to see if i can see how i'll do against some of these younger lads.Maybe should have retired three or four years ago, but too immature to retire and do something sensible with my life.Through a process of elimination, the best players from the regional trials will go through to the final national trials at st georges park where they'll be whittled down to just 32 and get the chance to play in front of professional scouts at wembley.My little girl, shes only 9 shes got to have a heart transplant so.I'm gonna try and prove to her that i can do it.

It's a second chance, you know it's a chance to make a dream come true.Obviously ultimately to play at wembley.The trials at each venue are officiated by top football association coaches who have a clear idea of the level they expect to see.Today we start with the fitness testing, agility testing, shooting, passing.We need them to be physically fit, as far speed, coordination, strength and power.But we need them to be good decison makers.To add pressure, the coaches are assisted by a selection of fa cup legends who have all experience the thrill of playing in the.

Worlds oldest cup competition.Special memories from when scoring against tottenham, one of our rivals when i was playing for chelsea to stepping out in the final against arsenal.I've been very lucky to play at some great stadiums and wembley's right up there with the best of them.I was fortunate enough to play three fa cup finals, and my average wasn't too bad.I won two out of three.It'll be the coaches and fa cup legends who have the final say over who goes through and who goes home.

You want to shine, you got to give a reason why the coaches want to pick you.You can notice in the warm up, how they turn, how they twist you can normally tell very early.Go! come on ellis! come on steve! power! power! brilliant! all the way through! well done! the trial is out of a series of exercises devised by newcastle assistant manager john carver, to test the key skills required to play at a professional level.Sprinting.Agility.Dribbling.Passing.And shooting.All the way! come on miguel, all the way through!.

For many of these players the chance to rekindle their childhood dream was something they could not turn down.I used to be at nottingham forest academy when i was a kid, got released there, didnt play for a while and then i went out to america on a four year scholarship.Played for the sporting lisbon academy, went to amsterdam to join the ajax academy and now i'm here to see where i am.For others who have never gone beyond the sunday leagues, this is a chance to see just.

How good they really are.I've never had any trials, to be honest i've always just played for my local team i've never left my mates! my name is charlie snares and my number is 66! confident sort of! good.3.2.1 go! for essex lad charlie, this is his first ever trial and wife lucy is on hand for morale support.The morning trials were a tough first test for the hopefuls and for some, it came with added complications.I've got a pace maker fitted.So it's just like sending out a message to everybody, if.

You've got some kind of illness related keep with it.For some the experience of the trials will be enough, but for others theres still something left to prove.Kenny dalglish gave us a two and a half year pro contract, i was playing in the reserves, playing with the likes of philip albert, and david batty and people like that, and gullit came in and just said, its time to go, you know what i mean agbonlahor played a year below me, but he was always talked about so i had the opportunity.

To go to other clubs when i was released, and i regret it now 10 years later.But when an opportunity came like this, i thought, maybe this is your chance that you didnt take.I'm a full time football coach, i have a football academy in west london and we train over a thousand children every week.I started off at wolves, probably till i was about 15 from the age of 10.Had a few trials and wasnt successful in those trials still playing now for daventry, still got a lot.

Of passion for the game, but as i say, playing at wembley is every kids dream, so.Thought i'd give it a go.As the first sessions drew to a close, it was starting to become apparant that the day had already taken its toll on some of the players, but it would soon be the final part of the day and the trialists would get the chance to showcase their skills in a match situation.I've seen plenty of good training ground players, but when it really matters is when you get.

The ball at your feet and you've got to get your head up when you see a pass.The big test is when you're playing the game, when you've got other people pushing you around.When you've got other people bullying you, when you've got other people kicking you.Thats where its important.Did you enjoy it all i love it to be fair, it's great.Feel tired are you ready to go again no, i'm ready.Ready to play some football now.Brilliant, congratulations.Well done.Maybe there's a little bit of pressure on them, because they want to get to st georges park.

But that's what its all about as well, handling pressure and coming to the fore.Right back, adam fisher hopes he'll be able to handle the pressure, but he'll also need to get over his rejection by york city.Just a bitter grudge against york city, and a few of us should have got picked but just picking big lads, but they usually do, lower league clubs.Straight in, a few of us were just like.For billy texeira today was all about seizing the moment and just maybe taking the first.

Steps in what was a seemingly impossible dream.Basically i work as a fork lift driver now, but i'm 27 so i don't think i'm going to end up playing for man united any time soon.The games kicked off around the country, and it wouldnt take long for the coaches and ex professionals to notice the talent on show.I've not been here too long, but immediately you notice one or two players.The 34 there, you can see players who create time for themselves.It's just that little bit extra that you need.

25 year old adam randall had certainly caught the eye of peter shilton and this initiative was a great opportunity for the young midfielder who'd once been within touching distance of the pro game.Played sort of district county level as a young lad and was at kettering town while paul gascoigne was manager there so that was a bit of an experience.Unfortunately i broke my leg and never really had the same interests as when i was a young lad really.You've got to be organised, you're a center half.Organise that part of the field!.

Well done.Well done.With the matches coming to an end, the players had done everything they could to impress and while the coaches exchange notes the players could do nothing but wait and hope.I've enjoyed the day the test was great.You normally did this stuff when you was 16 to 18 didn't ya you don't get time to shine but you just have to do what you do.Don't try and do too much! it's a bit difficult, just going into a game with a group of people that you dont really.

Know and playing football.From your point of view, did anyone catch your eye did anyone catch your eye this morning when someone else is making the decison, you never really know really, so all you can really do is hope for the best there was ryan hall and craig flowers,both really impressed me.We spoke about 102 didn't we what i like about him is that he's direct.36 if im honest, he was awful from mine.The wait was over, the opportunity would mean so much for all of them, and it was now time.

To find out who had made it through to the national finals at st georges park.I think i've done enough i've put 100 effort in today honestly im confident im going to go through.I know it sounds a bit big headed but fair enough.The numbers up for addressing.Are number 6.Well done mate, well done.The first person i've picked out, number 34.Number 82.Number 30.Pure joy for the lucky few chosen to go through to st georges park, for the rest heartbreak.

I'm gutted! i'm annoyed! they choose it don't they i would have chose myself! i guess the thing that was a bit more shocking was the fact that graeme le saux came to me and said that he'd thought that i'd be in but i wasn't so.Yeah.For those who have made it, their focus turned immediately to the next stage and being one step closer to their dream.Cant believe it! it would be a good day out.I think its a march isnt it so better facilities.I think obviously the standard at st georges park will be a lot higher, so yeah see how.

Nike Academy Vs FC Barcelona

Nike academy vs fc barcelona,After learning from the best at their joan gamper training ground it was time for the nike academy lads to take on the best they didnt disappoint here are the. Footballcv over 18s trial barnet fc boxtobox midfielder,Footballcv trial match for over 18s played at barnet football clubs training ground on 12th october 2014 this tutorial contains highlights of the performance of. Pro chance barnet trial match,My names mahir omar number 6 for the pink team right back position scorer of the 3rd goal enjoy.

Corey stewart highlight clip showcase game at barnet fc training ground,Via youtube capture. Uk football trials official west london football trial qpr training ground february 2015,Football trials in london harlington qpr do you want to be a pro footballer want the chance to get scouted check out the highlights from day one of the.

Barnet fc crossbar chaos,Edgar davids side were in fantastic spirits ahead of their home match against salisbury city and they decided to attempt a crossbar challenge contest at the end.

Barnet reserves,Barnet v qpr at the hive training ground by the stadium the game was attended by myself and my friend francis game ended 42 to barnet. Toshiba and barnet fc open medical imaging academy at the hive,Toshiba medical systems announces the uks first of its kind medical imaging academy at barnet fc equipped with stateoftheart radiology equipment from.

Barnet FC Afro Beat Skanking Sessions

Barnet fc afro beat skanking sessions,Barnet fc players clovis azonto kamdjo charlie taylor sam cox start dancing to a collection of afro beat tracks during a gym session at the hive training. Fifa 16 youth academy regens barnet episode 8,Stepping up to legendary the youth academy family cutzy susercutzygamingchannel sjhsports. Chelsea fc training ground news,Neil barnet brings you all the latest news from the training ground.

Uk football trials edukick manchester international football academy,Uk football trials edukick manchester international football academy principal mick brennan interviews technical football director neil garside about uk. Highlights barnet 3 1 dag red,Watch the highlights as the bees put together an impress display to beat fellow london opponents dagenham redbridge by three goals to one at the hive. Barnet fiveaside,Highlights from barnets small matches in training yesterday.

Tyler freestyler stuns barnet and crawley fans at the hive,Tyler freestyler was invited by barnet fc to come and show off his tekkers at the centre of their pitch during their half time fixture against crawley see how he.

Fairclough Takes First Training Session

Fairclough takes first training session,Paul fairclough takes his first training session as interim firstteam manager. The first ever penalty save at the hive barnet fcs new temporary ground graham stack,Via youtube capture. Football education training academy football summary 201415,Football education training academy football summary 201415 with paul mcguire head of youth football at macclesfield town football club and.

Barnet fc new years resolutions thecoxshow,Barnet fc players of the 201112 season talk new year resolutions at the hive training ground january 2012 liam obrian ricky holmes sam deering. 201314 the journey begins,Barnet football club begin their quest to regain football league status at the hive this saturday against chester fc ill be there will you come on you. Wycombe wanderers football education academy,Develop your football opportunities through playing in the plfl national league against premier and football league opposition and gain 3 a levels in btec.

Uk football trials edukick manchester football academy interviews harry price,Uk football trials edukick manchester football academy interviews harry price if a non eu student football player is enrolled on an edukick. Captain tobi coker 2015 16 season with barnet fc,Tobi cokers had an amazing season with barnet fc.

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