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David Lopez Soccer Dads 1

I started david lopez football academy because i believe in children.I wish i had me when i was little.In mexico we would play with a ball made of cardboard and duct tape.We used the orange mesh bags that fruit comes in to make the goal.It was a magical time.But then an injury to my acl took me out of the game forever.David told me that his first memory coming home from the , watching tv all day long, most babies, they don't watch soccer.If it wasn't for his injury,.

He could've been a super star.We're very proud to sponsor his team.We own the chavez brothers mortuary so much gratitude, you know we still struggle every day, but we wouldn't be here without them.Saturdays we can't practice at the park.So gilbert and johnny let us practice on their, um, their field.He has some unconventional coaching methods, sure.Um, i mean, the team's sponsored by a mortuary.It's a little creepy and weird.But, uh, i mean hey, he gets results.Kindness, generosity, discipline, respect for elders,.

None of this was going on until we met coach david.Every team needs a captain.And this year's captain, david, wait, wait stop! david, i need you to move aside.Jana, team captain! come on up! yeah! 'cus she's better than him.Generally there's lots of love between the parents and i.But, we don't always get along.Are you kidding me! you're gonna charge me a trophy fee how are you gonna charge people for a trophy it's a nice trophy! no, no, you know what.There was an issue with the participation trophies.

You know, high quality trophies are hard to come by.And, uh, it wasn't in the budget this year.And, you know, i had to improvise.You know, i had to think on my feet and i think i did pretty good.It's ridiculous, this is duct tape.I paid 150 bucks for this i don't think so.I had to say something.It's a nice trophy! you know what it's not! it's a piece of crap! come on, seriously oh my.These are handcrafted pieces of art.I mean they're for participation trophies,.

David Lopez Soccer Dads 4

Listen.Today is probably the biggest day of your lives.And i've waited my whole life for this moment.You waited your whole life to play in the losers bracket you know what you're real joy kill.The only thing that seems to motivate you guys is pizza.Oh pizza! i want pizza.Stop! there's no pizza! we have to win this game.We can't lose in the losers bracket i mean i don't think i can continue coaching if we lose to losers half time so we're down 30.But at least.Oh who am i kidding.This sucks.We suck.I suck.

Think coach david's losing it.I'm not surprised.I just didn't think he'd be crying that much.Didn't think anybody would cry that much.Guys come on.Let's win this for coach david.Yeah! come on blue team, score! for once in your life.We scored! ahhhh! we scored! c'mon! let's do this! that kid's on steroids.Look at him! somebody! sometimes things don't always go as planned.It's not like the movies.It's not like tv.This is real life here.And sometimes teams.Just suck.Or maybe i'm just not a good coach.

David Lopez Soccer Dads 1

David lopez soccer dads 1,David lopez plays a youth soccer coach trying to maintain control at all costs subscribe to mas mejor 1ofyiuv latest from ms mejor. David lopez soccer dads 4,Coach david david lopez and his soccer team play the losers bracket at the tournament subscribe to mas mejor 1ofyiuv subscribe to david.

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