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Ex Notre Dame Coach Questionable Comments At RNC

Gtgt lou is a former football coach at notre dame and he is a staunch conservative who also supports donald trump.Naturally he is here at the rnc.During an interview he had some choice words for immigrants.Take a look.Gtgti wholeheartedly endorse donald trump as the next president of the united states.The main reason i am endorsing him, i have played his golf course, i have stayed in his hotel, he does nothing then do first class in everything.He wants his country to be firstclass as well.Thank you.

For listening.Gtgt there he is supporting donald trump.At the convention while he was being interviewed he had some negative things to say about immigrants and about he is tired of putting up with them.Let's take a look at his quote.So that is a really interesting quote coming from lou considering the fact that melania trump was just in the middle of this huge scandal, and some of the excuses that people made for her was that it is not her native tongue.Supportive of some immigrants and not the.

Supportive of others.By the way, lou holtz, no one is asking you to speak any language.No one has ever asked him to do anything.You have a nice christian life, you are a nice football coach, you are talking about going to golf courses and enjoying your time with donald trump.You have lived a good life, immigrants haven't hindered your development or progress in any way, shape, or form.Gtgt obviously i care about sports and lou holtz has a grandfather, every day likability on tv in part because like donald trump.

He didn't seem like a tv analyst so he stood out.He wasn't a pretty boy, he seemed to be candid and seemed to be speaking off the cuff.The overwhelming majority of americans don't get to play golf and donald trump's golf courses or stay in his hotels.He is not going to do anything firstclass when he cuts taxes and jeopardizes the economy and the brunt of that economic failure is going to be felt by the working class and the poor.Which is what every analysis of donald trump's tax.

Cuts show.How out of touch are you about staying in this nice hotel he has the best sheets, that is what i want to vote for him.I love to make fun of soccer.I regret it instantly now because i don't want anything to do with lou holtz.Do you know what i want i want to cheer your soccer team.Gtgt that is a hell of an admission.Gtgt lou holtz, just the arrogance and dismissiveness of all people that are not like you meaning who are not white men who were not celebrating like it.

Is the greatest year on earth is disappointing beyond belief when the guy that you admired turns out to be a gigantic jackhole.Gtgti feel like i can speak to this because i am a firstgeneration american.I was born in the ukraine, my parents came here when i was a child.I have experienced people discriminating against my parents for their accent, or for not understanding how the customs work.This guy is saying i don't want to speak your language or celebrate your holidays.You don't have to.That is the whole point of.

Coming to america.This dude is crapping all over it and giving saying these terrible things about immigrants which is what this country is literally built upon.Gtgt i once heard that somebody came up to him and said speak ukrainian, we demand that.Gtgt by the way, he quit before the end of the season, three in 10, loser lou holtz.Gtgthis original argument is i am rich, donald trump is rich, and we play golf together.By the way, if you don't know donald trump apparently spies in on the people who stay at his hotels.

That is a new story that came out.Lou, he might have some dirt on you.Onto the most important part, he says i don't want to speak your language and all that stuff.I was on with a conservative radio host that said you have all these mexican flags here now, i don't like that.American flags are the only things we should fly.I asked him if he would mind seeing an irish flag in an irish pub.He said that is different.Lou is the coach of the fighting.

Irish.So you didn't mind it when it was the nickname of the school you coached.You were so proud of it.These got them irish, they are not americans.Why are we putting irish, this foreign nationality into our american football team.But you see that is my point.You don't think of irish as white, i know that, i don't think of it that way.But when it comes to mexicans, all of a sudden they are the other.I don't want to speak their language, i don't like them.Well then you begin to get a sense of maybe it is.

Not the foreign thing as much as it is a particular foreigner they don't like.Gtgtthat is always the case.Whenever they talk about immigration it's always directed at mexicans.Gtgt i don't want to imagine an america without mexicans.I just don't.Gtgt if we had it the lou holtz way, first of all the irish wouldn't be here.Second of all we would not be america.I do want to eat their food.I do want to have their culture be a part of american culture.That is what makes american culture.

Great.I like their pasta and their pizza.Who doesn't want a gyro gtgtwho doesn't want to go to a greek diner gtgt italian subs it would be america without them.You can go down the list.Chinese food you want to eliminate that you want to eliminate mexican food why gtgti don't want to eliminate cuban men.Gtgthe is so closed minded and so unamerican.All the other countries used to be based on one particular race or nationality.In america we set up a whole country to be the.

Opposite of that.We are open to everybody.That was what made us america.Lou holtz, you are the most unamerican guy i have ever met and you sicken me.Gtgti just have to add one thing, i know i made a few jokes but when i read that quote the first person i thought about was my dad, and my mom.They both speak english.My mom speaks better english than my dad.My dad struggles but he can communicate.My dad is the most hardworking man imaginable.He is 71 years old, he owns apartment buildings that he paid.

For through money he earned doing handyman work.Electrical work, plumbing, everything he did on his own, saved up everything he earned and bought these buildings.Until this day he refuses to hire people to work on them, he does all the work on his own.He was born in syria, eventually went to armenia then immigrated to the united states.Under today's current climate he would be demonized like crazy.He would be considered a threat, a criminal.All those crazy trolls online would probably confuse them for a muslim just because.

He is from somewhere in the middle east.Demonizing people that want to come to this country for an opportunity to build a better life for themselves is in my opinion the definition of unamerican.Gtgtby the way your dad comes from syria originally.I was on a show with republicans saying that say we have to stop bringing in refugees from those terrorist nations.Who is a terrorist nation they said syria.First of all, there are a lot of different people in syria, including people fleeing from terrorist.Under that ideology he would've been banned.

From coming in.They also would've banned steve jobs dad from coming in.He is from syria.And we would've had no apple.Then we would see the conservatives cry.Oh, we lost money.Gtgt i relate to that completely.I want to add one thing, i believe he also said that i was a scrawny kid, people picked on me, that is adversity that was insane.I was a scrawny kid and an immigrant, i got toughened up and not by people being mean to me, but because that is the.

Person i am and that is the people my parents are.That is literally why they came to america because they could handle changes and new situations.They assimilated to the extent that it would make sense to.It is absolute nonsense what he is saying and where he is coming from is completely insane.It is a white dude.Gtgt if lou holtz had said this, i don't want to become you, i don't want to speak your language, i don't celebrate your holidays.If he had said that from 1947 to 1967 he would've.

Been talking about one group, jews.I don't want to celebrate your holidays, i don't want to become you, i do want to speak your language.Gtgtwho forced him to celebrate anyone's holiday gtgtwe tried to force you guys to celebrate hanukkah.We gave iran.Gtgtnobody wants to do it, it's too many days.Gtgt it is the source of enormous disappointment in our meetings.Gtgti will end on this.I want to celebrate your holidays because you know why they are fun.St.Patrick's day, god bless the irish.

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