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Dude Perfects Office Edition

Three, two, one.It's a beauoh! he's done it! what's up guys welcome to the brand new dude perfect headquarters, otherwise known as dphq.Let's do some trick shots.Here we go! cody's office shot! this, is the no looker bullseye time trial scooter, office here we go come on! hey.Where's the camera oh.Go cam, coming in hot up we go.This is the lazy boy there she is.Turf burn nothing like a little dp office bowling.Y'know, with our custom ball we're about to launch that rc car over that there panda.Here we go!.

Are you kidding me are you kidding me are you kidding me are you kidding me this is the selfie shot.He's on fire! one! two! three! what is happening this is the long distance target smash.Yeah! bullseye! 8 ball out of my pocket, into the corner pocket.But i'm swapping this, out for this.How are you doing, gamers thanks for watching.Make sure you comment below and let us know what we're missing in the office.Y'know, maybe a hot tub, a pet giraffe, something along those lines.

Anyways, shoutout to our buddies at lg for sending us a couple new lg g3 phones.Hey, if you noticed we used the angles in some of our shots yeah we did.Actually turned out pretty well if i do say so myself really did.It got this really handy knock feature, opens it right up, how about the quality on that candid shot dope.Great quality.Yeah, that's pretty stellar.That should be your profile pic.And they also got a little laser focus to help you make sure that you stay in good while you're making the shots if you move,.

Diving Finals

Gtgtwelcome back to the five meter diving ncaa national championship.Our finalistsltemgt are bryan lance and jason gray.Shannon, what will the judges be lookingltemgt ltemgtfor gtgtperfection matt.Ltemgt ltemgtwhen you have made it this far, every mistake will beltemgt ltemgtpenalized by the judges.Gtgtbryan is going first.Ltemgtyou can see the magnitude of this moment weighing on him.Ltemgtbrian and his coach have been working on this ltemgtdive for a long time.I believe the two of them have been together ltemgtsince brian was six.Gtgtuh, yes, before that brian had a childhood.

Splashltemgt well it's certainly wasn't perfect, but not a terrible ltemgtway to start.You see he does a good attempt at a front arm ltemgtstand somersault, but he didn't hold his ltemgtarm stand as long as he should have.And not to mention he splashed about five ltemgtdrops of water, there craig, not going to cut it.Ltemgtgtgtas expected the judges were not impressed.Decent, but is it good enough to win ltemgtgtgtand here goes jason gray.Not the favorite but definitely a strong ltemgtchallenger.Oh and there goes the towel.

Ltemgthe's used it as a grenade.Ltemgt splash gtgt ltemgtthat was amazing.Ltemgtgtgtthat was like watching an angel glide into a pool of cool whip.Cheers ltemgtgtgtfantastic scores craig.Gtgtbryan seems to be confused with how he's ltemgtgoing to compete with the flawlessness that is jason gray.Ltemgtgtgtwell there are still five dives to go there, craig.Splash ltemgtgtgtbrian's backward rotation, i've seen better.Ltemgtgtgtjason gray attempting the cannon ball.Ltemgt splash ltemgti have never seen better! cheers splash ltemgtgtgta lot of flips.Ltemgta lot of flips.Gtgtnot one for variety there.

Ltemgtgtgtno.Oh, the floaty! ltemgti haven't seen that used since '86.Gtgtperfect call back.Ltemgtgthm.Gtgtsigh gtgtoh the pirate ltemgtwalking the plank! gtgtbrings tears to my eyes, this however brings ltemgtyawns to my mouth.Gtgtindeed.Ltemgtwhat does he have this time gtgtohoh! ltemgthe's attempting the wriggle.Gtgtoh we are all witnesses! cheers ltemgtflawless entry.Well this last dive is just a formality for ltemgtjason gray.He is so far ahead in points he can literally ltemgtdo no wrong.Gtgtunless he tries a back one and a half ltemgtsomersault half twist like that fool bryan lance.

Laughter gtgtgood point, but is anyone that stupid gtgtoh, uh sorry to cut you off craig, but we have just heard ltemgtthat jason gray is ltemgtgoing to attempt the belly flop.Ltemgtgtgtfrom that height that's suicide.Gtgtyes it is.Ltemgtbut if he pulls it off, his collegiate legacy ltemgtwill be complete.Gtgti don't know if i can watch this shannon.Ltemgtgtgtyou have to craig.You're commentating.Ltemgtgtgtoh yeah.Gtgthe looks like he's going through with it.Ltemgtgtgtshaking it off.Ltemgtoh, perfect approach.The crowd holds their breath.Splash ltemgtgtgtis he alive gtgtthe belly flop.

An American Coach In London NBC Sports Premier League Film Featuring Jason Sudeikis

An american coach in london nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,Check out the return of coach lasso here youtubeirqypm7jb5y coach lasso jason sudeikis has just arrived in england to coach tottenham hotspur. Longhorn extra soccer seniors reflect on careers oct 30 2015,Longhorn network interviews the 2015 texas soccer senior class. Texas worst great job in football the herd,After the longhorns fired athletic director steve patterson colin cowherd explains why texas is the worst great job in football subscribe to get the latest.

Through the eyes of texas texas soccer head coach angela kelly oct 18 2012,Longhorn network takes a look at texas soccer practice through the eyes of head coach angela kelly. Inside a texas high school football coachs 16hour day,A day in the life of arlington martin football coach bob wager who spends 90 hours a week on the job tutorial by jared christopherfort worth startelegram. Boys first soccer game bee cave texas 92012,I came to film my neighborhood friends sons playing the first soccer game in bee cave texas september 2012 they killed it boys team name is destroyers.

Who wants to be a millionaire fail,Are you sure about that answer watch studio c mondays at 10pm et8pm mt on byutv watch full episodes of studio c online here byutvstudioc.

Texas am bands final performance of 2015,Texas am band has done a great job this season sad to see the senior band members go.

Jobs are created in the private sector government doesnt create any jobs rand paul,Senator rand paul sat down with fox news to talk about his economic plan and how he plans to create jobs in the private sector by deregulation paul also. Diving finals,Diving is all about style watch studio c mondays at 10pm et8pm mt on byutv watch full episodes of studio c online here byutvstudioc like studio.

Head football coach interview qa,Coach ruckman talks about the interview process for high school head football coaching jobs the basic structure questions and potential responses are. Soccer recruiting tutorial alan hernandez pearland texas class of 2011,Top division 1 soccer prospect in texas alan hernandez from pearland high school some of his soccer highlights from freshman to junior year this tutorial. Richardson tx soccer city soccer equipment store,Soccer city has locations in richardson and frisco texas to serve all your soccer equipment needs they offer shoe fittings team uniforms custom school.

Soccer athletic training in focus sept 6 2012,Assistant athletic trainer gabe perlaza discusses his role with the texas soccer program. How to get a job with criminal record,How to get a misdemeanor expungedremoveddismissed off your record how to get a felony reduced how to get a job with a misdemeanorfelony do all jobs. Bully cop trips and pushes students after girls soccer match in georgetown texas,Austin vandegrift beat wylie east 10 in the texas girls division 4a soccer championship saturday students stormed the field in celebration and officer george.

Unforgettable Moments Caught On Live TV

Unforgettable moments caught on live tv,Top 10 of the most shocking moments in live television that shook the world subscribe to our channel 9cwqhg for copyright matters please contact. Epic security vs mascot dance battle like a boss,Most epic absolute win security guard vs mascot dance battle like a boss astros mascot orbit loses danceoff to security guard between innings during.

Breaking guinness world records on the dude perfect show,The dude perfect guys were all about breaking guinness world records on the the dude perfect show watch the full episode here. Miami cant pay for a great coach but its still a great job the herd,Fox sports college football insider bruce feldman drops by to discuss miamis head coaching vacancy subscribe to get the latest colin cowherd content. President obama speaks on the american jobs act eastfield college mesquite texas part 1 04oct11,President obama speaks on the american jobs act eastfield college mesquite texas part 1 now teachers like kim are why i came here today teachers like.

Dude perfects office edition,We go crazy in the new dude perfect headquarters aka dphq huge thanks to lg and the whistle see behind the scenes the. Soccer highlights texas tech sept 26 2014,Watch longhorn network highlights of the longhorns 10 ot upset of no 6 texas tech in their big 12 conference opener on friday sept 26 2014. Auburn vs texas am special teams 2013,Every special teams play 330 pm et october 19 2013 kyle field college station texas.

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