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6 Baseball Hitting Drills for Youth Players

Hey what's going on guys today i've got some baseball hitting drills for youth players and in fact i've got six baseball hitting drills for youth players that i'm going to share with you today and these are great hitting drills for the younger guy.The first one is going to be the mini ball swings.These balls are small like all golf ball size you can get them in the whiffle ball or the foam type golf ball and they are great to work on handeye coordination for the younger players.What i would like to do is have someone toss.

From out front like a front toss and you can kind of just dart them in there or you can under hand them at first it depends on the player's ability and skill level but it's really great for the younger players because to hit this very small ball they have to really focus on it and work on their handeye coordination.Once they get good at using their regular bat you can switch over to a skinny bat.Now this is just a pvc pipe you can get fancy and put some bat tape on this and make it the same weight this is the actual length.

Of a bat for me but imagine your youth player taking this and hitting this they have to have great handeye coordination.Not to mention these things move around a lot in the wind because they are so light.So if your player can hit this mini whiffle ball with this skinny bat he's doing a really good job.So that's the first baseball hitting drill for youth players that i really like.The second drill let's go over here to the t's.I call this the new fence drill you guys all have done the fence drill where you put.

Your bat up against your belly and to the fence and try to swing without hitting the fence.Well were going to add a few elements into that and this is a great baseball hitting drill for youth baseball players as well because what i see a lot of youth players do is when they start to swing they get real long and outside the ball and end up hitting a lot of ground balls to their pull side because they're getting out and rolling over.So this drill helps fix that.What you're going to do on this drill is the same as the old fence.

Drill but you're going to add two t's to it.You can start without this t and just have the t with the ball but you're going to put it about 4 to 6 inches away from the fence this is going to make sure that your player doesn't get out and around because if he does is going to hit that fence.So it's going to making him start inside with the hands.When he gets good at doing that also the goal of this drill is trying to do hit this.

Ball straight down the fence line okay.So when he gets good at that then you can implement the next t because some guys will get too long back here.So now if you've got this t and you've got the fence here a players cannot get long he's got to stay inside of this here without hitting it and then also staying inside of here without hitting it but not getting inside too much to where he's hitting balls into the fence.He wants to try to shoot a line drive right down the fence line.Let me try right here to see if i can.

Not mess it up.Let me get a good stance.I'm trying not to hit this t trying to hit that ball straight down the line.Not too bad a little bit to the right but i'll take it all day long.The next drill were going to do.Baseball hitting drill for youth players is the stop and contact drill.What we're going to do on this drill is we're just going to take swings into a mat or into a pad and were going to stop at our contact point and check ourselves.So when i get set up i'm going to get it into.

A good stance i want my front foot to have room for a stride but i also want to be close enough to the mat or the tire or whatever your hitting into to make sure i got a good contact point.So i'm going to get set up, take a swing, stop and then check myself.A few things you want to check is your body angle so i want to have this body angle leaning over this way i don't want to be straight up, i also want my back knee to be directly.

Under my head, i want a good position on my back foot i don't want to be too rolled over.I see a lot of young players rolled over on their back foot i want to be nice and strong, straight front leg, hands above the barrel, head on the baseball and just check those things.So i swing, boom go through my check point hands, head, front leg, back leg, back foot, body angle.Good, repeat boom check them and its great if you're youth player can have a coach there to keep an eye on that while he's working on that.

The next baseball hitting drill for youth players is going to be back toss.Back toss is a great hitting drill for youth guys and i would encourage you to stop doing soft toss which is tossing it from the side.So if my coach or parent were right there tossing it here and hitting i would encourage you to implement back toss instead of soft toss.It's basically the same exact drill except the coach is going to be taking balls from here if this is my home plate and my hitter.I'm going to be back here and just tossing.

Balls forward.The coach has to have good timing with this and not try to throw it too far out.The player wants to make sure he stays back but gets his hands extended through the ball.So he's going to try to time it and getting through this ball and hitting it out front and trying to hit the ball on the same plate that the ball is coming in.So if the coach is throwing it straight up the middle this way the batter wants to continue that line drive out to center field.If the coach throws it across the same the batter.

Want to continue with out to right field the coolidge directed across the plate this way the better is wants to continues it out to right field, if the coach throws it across inside the batter wants to continue it out to left field.So that's another great baseball hitting drill for youth players.The next drill is going to be the bucket drill and this is another great baseball hitting drill for youth players because a lot of youth players don't use their legs well enough.In this drill all you're going to do is first.

Have the batter get set up on the plate where he would normally be hitting for me that's about right here.Once i feel comfortable on hitting this ball off of the t i'm going to make sure the bucket is right behind me and then i'm just going to sit down on it.Now what you want to do as a hitter here is as your coming up you kind of loading back but in not over your back leg you still want to stay inside of your back leg but then stay.

Low as you go to hit.I don't want to get here and come straight up and hit i want to stay nice and low and get a good stride and keep everything fluid while i'm hitting.So it's going to look a little something like this.Knees are inside of my feet right here, i come up, stay low, stride then hit.Let me do one more that was a bad hit.Sit down make, sure your feet are good you're not too far underneath you, feet are good here, get.

Set up, stay low, strot and hit.One more that was another bad one.Feet underneath, knees in, stay low, strot and hit.The last baseball hitting drill for youth players is going to be the frisbee drill.I don't have a frisbee here with me today but you can use a bucket top if you have it.This bucket top might not work so great because it's pretty deep but normal bucket tops are pretty flat so if you have a frisbee or a bucket top you can use those.Put your hands together right here you're going to get set.

Up in your normal stance and then all you're going to do is take a swing.You're trying to get this frisbee to fly straight out in a line drive slightly upwards just as if you hit a good line drive to the field.Taking your swing, if your frisbee's too wobbly or dying right down you're probably rolling over.You want to stay through it and extend out just as you would in a good swing.So those are the six baseball hitting drills for youth players.I hope you guys like that.

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