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P90X Nutrition Plan Daily Sample

Gtgtmonica hi, everyone, my name is monica ward.And i'm one of the founding coaches of team beachbody.I know that when people are looking at the p90x nutrition plan, and the portion approach, it can get really daunting.But i can take you down.I was a former elementary school teacher and, i just wanted to break it down for you so you can find, a very simple way to plan and distribute your portions throughout, your day while you're while you're on p90x.So, i'm gonna give you an example of phase one, level one, the fat shredder.

And, it's 1,800 calories and this would be what my day might look like.So, the first thing that i did was, i want to decide when i'm going to eat.And i wanna be looking at eating meals between um, every two and a half to three hours so i'm constantly, fueling my body and i wanna eat, like, power minimeals.So, about 300 calories, um anywhere from 300 to 400 calories.So, i was gonna write down really quickly the times that i would be eating, and then when dave comes and looks over my shoulder you'll see that.

And then the second thing is based on my level, you get, uh, you know, you can get little pieces of paper and then write down, the, um, number of protein servings you'd have, the number of fats, so it kinda looks like this.And yes, i'm a total dork, so i put them in color coding like, pretty much like you see 'em in um, the nutrition guide.You know, so here is the, uh, fat shredder and the different colors that you see, and, and the page, uh, prior to that, you actually see,.

What number of servings that you get.So, i'm just going to, um, show you how i distribute, them out in my day and then how i play my meals.Okay, so i have written out my schedule and, uh, on the schedule, i started off with my, uh, my recovery formula, which is, part of my calories, so i'm writing,i'm putting in, when i space out my meals, my recovery formula.And then, i,and this is just a matter of preference, i actually like to get my fruit in the morning with, um, a dairy,.

And, and i like to have my protein in the morning.And then, um, about 930, i start to find myself looking for a snack, so i go ahead and have a snack.At, uh, lunch time i'm gonna get a little extra protein, looking for like six ounces, um, and i typically leave my carb, for dinner so that i can enjoy carbohydrates since my family, we'll eat, like turkey burgers or, um, mexican food, or, um, we'll have just some sort of a carb with our dinner.We might have whole wheat pasta, so i like to save that at night for my family.

And so i'll typically have uh, my veggies and protein during the day and then my other snack.I'll have a veggie with dinner, my two proteins.At night, i'll have my fat, either wait with this, but i usually keep my, condiment, because i'll make a salad and then i'll have a dairy for my snack.So, this is what it looks like.Then, what i start to do is i substitute these for actual foods, and so dave's gonna show you that in just a second.Okay, so after i distributed the portions throughout my day.

And, i just want to note one thing, uh, the recovery formula is taken within one hour of your workout.So, if you work out in the morning, you're gonna take it in the morning.If you work out midday or afternoon, obviously within one hour of your workout, that's when you're gonna do it.But, um, so, this is what your menu might look like for one day.Uh, your protein is gonna come from an egg white omelet, you might have a cup of milk, and then your fruit would be,.

Some sort of a melon, um or strawberries or any of the fruit listed.Your snack is gonna be shakeology.Um, you will get your protein for lunch with six ounces of tuna.Uh, you can get a cup of lettuce and then some fatfree dressing, um.For your midday snack, it's gonna be string cheese.Um, and then for your dinner, for example, for the carb, uh,you're allowed three corn tortillas.You could get six ounces of shredded chicken, a cup of vegetables and avocado and make yourself some shredded chicken tacos.

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