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Jiangsu's education department plan to make football lessons compulsory for all primary and middle schools.Which means that all children will take football lessons as a matter of fact, jiangning's zhushan primary school already started football lessons last year.They invited a football coach from england to teach their students football to let the students experience the joy of the football yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock most of the year 1 and year 2 students at zhushan primary school have already finished school and headed home.However, 13 students have taken their school bag and headed to the football pitch.

They have gone to take their 'afterschool football lesson.' do you like football yes, i do when did you start to like football in year 1 why do you like football because i saw a football competition on tv and then i thought it was really interesting then i just wanted to play myself we started with year 1 students this is already the third or forth semester every week we arrange two sessions of football the children really love playing mr zhang told us that the schools pe lessons involve playing football.

But each semester each child only has 15 lessons so it is very difficult for the children's footballing ability to develop significantly last year, the school asked for some of the parent's opinions regarding some of the the year 1 and year 2 students starting football classes at present, there are two groups, with a total of over 30 students who are playing football after school each tuesday and thursday he really loves playing and when we heard the school was organising this activity, we were keen for him to join in.

Whether or not he chooses to go down the career path of playing football or it is just something he does for fun us parents are really supportive at the moment the children finish school quite early and there aren't a lot of fun clubs for the children to join for the school to organise this kind of activity to let all these children play together the parents are all very supportive zhushan primary school's football lessons have a special about them that is, to invite a football coach from britain to run the lessons.

In this way, the children can enjoy a different approach to learning football and the students really like their football coach really cool! how is he cool he plays football really cool he teaches me that when playing football only when you pass the ball well can you win we have to play as a team i normally have them playing some football minigames to start just to let them warm up i want them to have a lot of the ball then we'll learn a few new skills let them practice some techniques.

For example controlling the ball or passing the ball he coach really loves playing football himself and he also has an 'england fa coaching certificate' i feel in england they pay more attention to cultivating children's interest in football meaning that more and more children want to play chinese coaches pay more attention to practicing skills in a repetitive and dull way i think that their way of coaching is more advanced than ours from this 'overseas' coach's view, football is not all about winning and losing it's about enjoying the process of playing.

For these young children, we shouldn't focus just on improving their skills but actually let them have fun after all, it's in every child's nature to play in britain, kids can play football freely with their friends each day after school kids can also go out and play football together in china, the kids don't have as much opportunity to play football this is probably the biggest difference between the two countries i also really enjoy allowing the kids to have some fun every week they are so excited to come and play football.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball 3 Soccer Kicks You Must Know

Hey guys.Matt here from epic soccer training.I want to take you through a lesson that's basic.It's how to kick a soccer ball.Ok.So there's a few type of kicks that we can do but i want to teach you kind of the three basic fundamental kicks that everybody should know.You should be able to do them with your right foot and your left foot as well.So let me take you through some of those and kind of give you the fundamentals of how to do them properly.

You want to make sure that you actually have the correct form because a lot of people always ask me playing professional soccer, how did you actually get that rocket hard shot i'm a pretty small guy.And one of them is just having the correct form and knowing where to actually kick the ball and a lot of coaches don't really teach you this.So i want to kind of give you the basics of how to do it.So i'm going to go here and the first one that we're going to go over is just a basic.

Pass and what you want to do with the pass, you want to remember, is you're going to be kicking with the inside of your foot.Most of you are righty.If you've been watching my tutorials, you know i'm a lefty.So again, what you want to do for you righties is you want to kick the ball at the base of your foot.A lot of times, where people make the biggest mistake is they kick the ball more on the end here and that's what you want to do for more of a chip which we will get.

To in a second.But what you want to do is you want to hit it at the base of your ankle because not only is there more surface area but you have more power because it's where your foot can actually lock in place.So what you want to do is you just want to lock your ankle and you just kind of want to drive through.Don't just hit the ball and stop but get your foot in and really drive through.So let me show you one right here.When i kick it to chas is you want to put.

Your foot up, lock it and follow through and it should just be a good one on the ground.And again, we can get some loft too but we're going to work on that one in the second one.So here you go, chas.I can't wait to see the comments for this guy.Ok.So again, if you're going rightfooted here, so you guys can see, you're going to lock your ankle up and you're just going to drive through.So i give it a nice, little a lot of torque,.

A lot of quick so hit it at the base of your ankle.Here you go, chas.So again, that's one of your basic passes.It's going to be very effective and it's going to leave your teammate with an easier ball to track.Now the next one, here you go.The next one i want to teach you is going to be just a basic chip and that's where we're going down the foot more to where you're getting to it's like a golf motion.You want to go underneath the ball and just kind of sweep underneath.

And you want to do that more with your toes.So as i come through, you want to be on the inside part of the ball whereas when we did a pass, your foot is completely behind the ball and the ankle.See your pass is going to be right there.Your chip is going to just be kind of swiped underneath like a golf club.So again and one of the easiest ways to do that is to actually take your foot and instead of leaving it flat, you actually want to kind of tilt your foot up a little bit and lean.

Back so you can really get under it kind of like a golf club.So again, i'm going to kind of do a quick chip for you.So again, when i do a chip, i like to chip on the very inside of the ball and you want to just lean back, drive through it and you will get that little backspin.And again, you know you have one of the better chips.That one had a little bit of curve which when you want to start getting into bending a ball, you're going to start seeing the spin go this way.Let me see the ball,.

Chas.But until then, what you want to do to get a nice ball let me actually see if i can chip it up top is you want to just drive through and just get a plain backspin.See how it's just going basically backwards that's what you want to do.So the third one that we want to do is going to be a driven shot.See that one too and what you want to do with the shot is ok, so just to recap, we have the ball here.That's.

A pass.On the inside, that's more of that backwards chip that we want to get.When you're doing a regular shot and you want to drive through it and get the most power possible, what you want to do is plant your foot a little bit out wide because what that's going to do is when you come through because you're going to want to stay and keep your knee over top of the ball and you still want to go more towards the inside of the ball.And again.

When you get into the epic soccer training course, i'm going to teach you absolutely how to do this where you can get the hardest shot that you possibly can.But what you want to do is kick on the inside of the ball and really drive through it.So i'm just going to do a light one here so you can see.But lean forward.Kick it on the inside of the ball and then as you if you want to keep going up more, just go up on the ball.So that's just a light one right there but you really want to stay back, lock.

Your ankle.Hit it more on the inside of your foot right here because that's going to be the most power and the most surface area as well.Let me see that.So again, i want you to work on those three things.Work on them with both feet.That's a lot of the problem with most people is they don't work on them with both feet.Work on getting in the corners.And again, so those are the three basics.I'm going to have more tricks where you can do different kicks, all that type of stuff but until then, go through those and then.

Also don't forget to comment, like, subscribe.Let me know what you guys want to learn.I'm here for you guys.So, also just rate.Do whatever you guys do and i will come by and personally answer them for you.And if you want to get more information about how i went from just being an average soccer player to actually becoming an allamerican and playing professional soccer player, just click the link below the tutorial right now and you will see a great tutorial i did for you.All right.Take care.

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