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NJCAA Lacrosse Harford CC at Howard CC TV Coverage

It's time for more region 20 lacrosse.Howard takes on harford.Last year's howardharford game had a huge impact on the dragons' season and should provide added motivation.Howard was losing by four goals with six minutes remaining when an altercation occurred, so serious that officials ended the game early.The incomplete game went down as a region 20 loss for howard.Fourteen howard players and three coaches were suspended for the following game, a region 20 loss against essex.This is a game fans have been waiting for all year, coach, what do you expect to.

Serious that officials ended the game early.The incomplete game went down as a region loss for howard.14 howard players and 3 coaches were suspended for the following game, a region 20 loss to essex.This is a game fans have been waiting for all year, coach, what do you expect to see from the dragons i think the size of howard's offensive players, especially the riley brothers and austin mitchell, are gonna play a big role in today's game.I don't think harford has seen opponents with that level of size and skill.Howard.

Got back to their basic offense in the second half of the anne arundel game, we should see more of that today.After leading harford to nationals in 2013 and compiling a 2112 record in his last two seasons, head coach hugh donovan resigned in january to take the job at division 3 immaculata university.Allamerican attackman julian jackson also left harford, transferring to essex.In the wake of those losses, harford has struggled, they enter the game with a 26 record, coach, what do you expect to see from the fighting owls today.

Tough season for harford losing their coach at the beginning of the year, transition is always tough in a program.If harford can concentrate on the little things passing, catching, ground balls, they should do okay today.Howard and harford battle it out next, lets go to the dragons lair.Action from the first quarter, the teams traded turnovers, harford's on offense.Pete vasilas, up against tyler workman nice back check there by workman.Dylan riley, top of the box, challenging the harford defense, runs through the short sticks and puts it away.

Simple dodge from up top for dylan riley.Hard to stop a big body like that.Owen winstead won the ground ball off the faceoff for harford, and here he comes.Good individual effort by winstead on the clear, howard forgot the most important thing, and that is to stop the ball.Austin mitchell draws the pole behind the cage.There's only one winner there.Mitchell uses his height and size to shoot over the top of the harford defenseman.So far individual talent has prevailed.Jeremy scranton, up against zach mcelroy.

He knocks it out.Rese williams delivers the hit howard's defense playing very physical, causes the turnover.Nice ball movement on the break, and a good finish by cody martin.31 howard, martin with his 18th goal of the season.Dragons won the next faceoff, but pagnotta and martin can't connect after the fact.Ground ball in the corner.Martin chases it down.Cody martin scraps for possession, outworks the harford long pole.Tremendous effort to stick with that ball.Martin, completes the pass to riley.What a play from the dragons offense.Riley runs right over to embrace.

Martin after that display of hustle.Harford got a goal back, now it's 42 dragons.Tyler levandoski dodges.Mcelroy forces him to rush the pass, peter emery picks him off.And here come the dragons in transition.Anthony pagnotta secures possession.Into the box.To rese williams and he buries it.Harford seems a little intimidated by howard's size and speed.Very evident there on that transition goal.Next howard possession, riley, dagnanleach.Sneaky little play by cody to backdoor the defenseman.Great heads up feed by scott dagnanleach.Second quarter, 63 howard.Martin draws the pole and beats him.

Simple cut to the back pipe leads to a canadian left finish for jarred riley.Howard won the faceoff, here's dylan riley.He lowers his shoulder, storms into the box, and feeds it to his brother jarred.The harford defense seems to be losing track of players, making it easy for howard to find the open guy.And that open guy has been right on the crease.740 remaining in the half, dragons have scored three unanswered.Here you see howard's classic offense.Two passes on the backside, quick dodge and shot.

It's just simple lacrosse.Howard's extra man units goes to work, riley, martin, makes em pay.124 howard some fancy stick work there from cody martin.Looks like something you do at the beach.Howard's on another three goal run.Anthony pagnotta, 1320 at the faceoff x in this game.Pagnotta wins it tby himself, takes it up the middle of the field, and lets it fly.That's pags doing what he does best.At this point it looks like the harford defense isn't even engaging.Mitchell has all day to take a room and time shot.Howard's size.

And speed is definitely intimidating the harford defense.Howard gets the win, 206 is your final, let's go to matt stovall.Alright mr.Workman, i know harford is a big region 20 rival.What do you tell the team before this game i told them we had to go out there and finish business from last year because we uh, we got into it with them and it was uh, really heartbreaking.This year we had to get in there and just finish what we started last year, get the win.

How far off do you think your team is, um, from really competing for this national championship i know anadaga, that was a tough loss, nasaw a tough loss, how far off do you think the team is right now not that far off, uh, those games we came out slow, and then we kind of gave up quick i thought, so i mean, if we started hard like we have been now, and just kept fighting and battled for the ground ball like we have been now, and just focus on ourselves it would be a much closer game.

Mr.Rourchman, how about you how do you feel what's it going to take to beat nasaw, to beat essex, to beat anadaga uh, i think to beat those new york teams, um, we just have to play hard like dylan said.We came out slow and we just need to ramp it up before every game and just come out hard and fired up.Gentlemen, congratulations on a huge win today.Thank you.Thank you.For dragon's lair update, i'm matt stovall.My first guest was the team captain at western.

Michigan university during his playing days, he won the us lacrosse michigan coach of the year at university of detriot jesuit high school, and the us lacrosse howard county coach of the year at wilde lake.Head coach erik foust joins me now.Welcome coach.Thanks for having me.So how did you feel your team did against harford i think that was the best we've played all year.Um, talking with the coaches after the game, we all thought that each quarter we played well.Um, we didn't really have any.

University of NebraskaLincoln womens basketball coach Connie Yori resigns

Andy the most successful coach in nebraska women's basketball history is stepping down.Connie yori resigns in lincoln after 14 seasons, seven trips to the ncaa tournament, and 280 wins with the husker lincoln journalstar, broke the story first this afternoon, reporting yori mistreated player the result of a twomonth internal investigation.The university released a joint statement, with no mention of the investigation.Yori says it's been a challenging time.She's going through a divorce.And that this is the right decision.And then shawn eichorst thanked yori for her years of dedicated.

Service.And he's begun a national serach for a new head coach.Some former huskers are coming to yori's defense.With more here's ketv's thor tripp with more in lincoln.Thor lindsey moore played from 20092013.She is the alltime leader in assists, minutes and game slave.It is a longstanding relationship with the coac that the allegations are false.Lindsay she never did anything personal.She never made it about anything like, you are stupid.You know, she would never say the things to you.For me, the whole bullying.

Thing, it is just that what is considered bullying and what is not it was never rude in a sense it was, my gosh, i'm going to cry.She said stuff to challenge you and make you better, but nothing super personal.Thor i have spoken with five other former huskers who came to her defense.Including emily, the says she thinks she is a great coach and did not deserve for this to happen.In my years in nebraska, i never saw mistreatment.We would have hard practices.But at this level, it is.

Expected.Both emily and lindsay say they have spoken with several past and present huskers who are saddened by the news.As for lindsey moore's future and the coaching vacancy and nebraska, she said he will not rule out in assisting coaching position.But he also says she doesn't know if she is quite ready for that step in her career just yet.Reporting in lincoln with the huskers, thor tripp, ketv newswatch 7 sports.Andy so, a couple possible names to consider.Amy williams at south dakota.She's a former husker player.

Whats It Like Being The Only Female Coach Of A Mens College Soccer Team Pretty Cool

Whats it like being the only female coach of a mens college soccer team pretty cool,Thirty years ago kim wyant played goalkeeper on the first ever us national team this fall after nyu mens soccer coach joe behan had to resign for personal. Coach grant on us college soccer csub roadrunners bonus tutorial,Meet richie grant the inspirational head coach at the helm of the mens soccer program at cal state bakersfield in this short preview taken from the. Womens soccer head coach erica walsh on the 2015 world cup,Head coach erica walsh talks about penn state womens soccers role in the 2015 world cup.

Hendrix mens soccer jim evans september 9 2015,Hendrix college mens soccer coach jim evans talks about the start to the season and the upcoming weekend in memphis for more information on hendrix. Soccer coach resigns following team prayer,Eldorado high school girls soccer coach tom hirschman was put on paid administrative leave and later resigned after allegations of misconduct surfaced. Steve spurrier resigns clemsons dabo swinney reacts,Steve spurrier resigned as head coach at south carolina and rival head coach dabo swinney shared some insightful comments and reactions to the news.

Fifa ii last week tonight with john oliver hbo,After the arrests of numerous top officials john oliver decided to give an update on the state of fifa connect with last week tonight online subscribe to the.

Wps raphael martinez resigns heads to midland university,William penn university will be on the hunt for a new head mens soccer coach this spring and summer penn athletics director greg hafner announced the. Meet new head mens soccer coach sean hughes,Meet new head mens soccer coach sean hughes.

Inside The Spartans Episode 2 Coach Tobin

Inside the spartans episode 2 coach tobin,In episode 2 we meet simon tobin san jos state universitys new mens head soccer coach and find out about his collegiate coaching career at california. Andre mcgee resigns as assistant coach at umkc the herd,Andre mcgee has resigned as an assistant coach at umkc after news broke about his involvement in the louisville recruiting scandal subscribe to get the. Jonathan law football coach resigns,News 8 at 6pm.

Fatal high school fight iowa teen cleared of charges teen in single punch death caught on camera,The iowa teen who delivered a blow that took the life of a classmate was cleared of criminal charges on wednesday after newly released surveillance footage. 2015 manhattanville college volleyball preview,Assistant sports information director tyson agler talks to the valiant head coach amanda alayon about the upcoming season and building off of last years. Fc wichita hires john markey,November 17 2015 wichita ks fc wichita has announced that a new head coach will join the team for the 2016 season john markey born in myrtle beach.

Inside the spartans series trailer,An exclusive behindthescenes look at the san jos spartans mens soccer team as they round off their first season under new head coach simon tobin.

Coach McIntyre Georgetown Postgame Press Conference

Coach mcintyre georgetown postgame press conference,Head mens soccer coach ian mcintyres postgame press conference following his teams exhibition opener against georgetown. Coaches corner july 22 2015,The gsc coaches corner from the pioneer grille with gsc assistant womens basketball coach ginny mills and head gsc softball coach kristen tunno. Mens soccer spring 2015,A compilation of the william penn mens soccer team training sessions from this offseason.

Chattanooga update november 22 2013,A head soccer coach at baylor school has been charged in a prostitution sting 44yearold jimmy weekley coached girls varsity soccer at the private school.

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