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Jrgen Klopp learns scouse

There's a lot of love for jrgen klopp out there right now because let's face it, he's boss! so it's about time that i went to melwood to give him the kop kids treatment, i think i can teach him a thing or two.Hi guten tag guten tag! oh! hi, nice to meet you.Would you like to sit down and have a chat yeh if you want.Thank you for being here, in my office laughs being a kid these days can be hard work, have you got any advice for me for getting through it.

My biggest advice, enjoy being a kid.It's a good time and maybe sometimes it's not the best thing to be nine years old but it's much worse to be 48 years old i can tell you so enjoy school too, i've never missed one day in school is because i always thought i would miss something they will do something special at this stage so i was ever there now and it was a good time you've been in liverpool for a couple of weeks now so how are you settling into your new surroundings.

Yeh liverpool is much more beautiful than i thought, good place, nice people.Yeh best city in the world laughs come on say it again! it's the best city in the world! laughs that's a commercial for liverpool, thats good.If you like i could teach you a few couse phrases that might come in useful very very useful for me because if you speak to scouse to me i'm off no chance ok so here's the first one.Mi head's choka mi heads chocka.Headache well it just basically means that you can't think straight.

Ah my head is full not my mi mi heads chocka.Mm ok! the next one is.Givin it biftas laughs it just means basically trying your best.Givin it, and biftas is for best ah, biftas, and how do you pronounce this givin it biftas! givin it biftas! and to smile like you.In scouse accent givin it biftas! oh my, it looks like the name of the snake.Ok.Gorra, gorra cob on brilliant! brilliant yes.Well basically gorra cob on it means your just not happy if i'm not not happy i say gorra cob on.

In scouse accent gorra cob on and there's the final one boss tha boss tha.Hello boss no it basically means that its just really good boss is ahhhh yes.I heard about it.That's boss tha! aah! and now i'd like to set you a challenge nobody told me something about a challenge.To use a scouse phrase in one of your press conferences.We win against man city and.That was boss tha or the lads.Givin it biftas now let's talk football, why do you love it so much.

I love this game because you can win against better teams if you work better together than the other team that's what i really like and thats why i love to be a manager and love this game and lets talk about you then, what three words would you use to describe your personality not too smart, but silly, not too funny, but not too serious.I'm a nice guy i would say, most of the time.The three words i'd use to describe my personality are, fun, enthusiastic and hard working.

Laughs that's great! if you stay like this you will come through and we will sit here in a few years and you'll sign a contract if that if he's a hard worker from now on we sit here in six years and sign a contract.I'd really like that! i would really like that! and now what is your biggest strength i can speak like a waterfall but only in my own language laughs ok in your words, i'm a hard worker, very ambitious very enthusiastic.I didn't have the best skills for the things, but i think.

Whether sometimes i wanted it more than all the other people and so i come through and what is your one biggest weakness even the might jrgen klopp must have one.My left foot laughs from here to here the whole leg it's only to that i can stand.Sometimes i'm not patient enough.In football i'm patient but not in normal life.We all have a few weaknesses and thats not a problem.We are not in the world to be perfect.We have to try to get better every day that's important, or to make the world a little bit nicer.

More beautiful, things like this, but nobody has to be perfect.Everyone keeps bringing up your quote about heavy metal football and i can tell you are bored of speaking about it lets just talk about music instead, who are the best three bands of all time the best band in the world, my mother said it and my father said it, number one the beatles yeh we agree i'm sure.Especially the songs sings penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes laughs maybe you should sign a contract as a singer!.

I like genesis and long ago kiss, the lead singer had a very long tongue and he went like this.It was crazy we have to cut this! that's who i would say are my three favourites.I've got something for you, open it at the page that i have marked and read the bit i have highlighted.Quiet laugh normal is an adjective for usual, regular or typical laughs ok, i know, because i am the normal one.Well jrgen i've only spent a couple of minutes with you and i can tell, you're not that normal are you.

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