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2 Minute Drill Same Foot Same Shoulder with Merril Hoge

Usa football presents twominute drill welcome to twominute drill in this week's episode we're gonna hit the field and talk about heads up running welcome to twominute drill i'm coach hoge along with coach murray who's going to do this drill right after i execut it but there's really two things going on here first thing that we're gonna work on is ballhandling for running back to be a wide receiver or tight and where we want the ball we want it high and tight to the chest in all of these.

Drills because formulates a habit on how to handle the football when you're in traffic now the main objective to this drill is to generate the most power as a runner to shield yourself and protect yourself from tacklers called same foot same shoulder a rising blow so the technique with these three pad set up i am a runner balls in good position and i'm just gonna come across with my feet fairly active slow initially because the first time i'm going through it and as the pad comes across.

I sink same foot same shoulder and upward through the pad i moved down to the next pad my feet are going here comes the tackle same foot same shoulder rising blow feet feet pad up and through rising blow you start slow because the technique about creating power and striking the tackler is the key in trying to get to so we're going to have coach murray do it now right coach back up a lil bit now bring those pads across give him a target one thing that's important you're holding the bag you want.

To give him a target so that he can strike up and through the pad you can't just lay it there gotta give him the opportunity to strike it so this lines here who want to come across the line as the ball carrier comes there so he can strike up and through the pad high and tight to the chest nice and slow so we get the technique right as he comes go ahead feeder active same foot same shoulder rising blow it's very good same foot rising blow right to the pad.

Perfect excellent he does it at that pace right now and eventually will speed it up as you get better at it but as a runner it not only helps protect you but it breaks a lot of tackles it's very hard to tackle guy whose all coiled and has power here in strikes up and through remember what issue the pads to play behind and to use and this drill will help you use them heads up running is an important part better safer fundamentals we'd like to thank coach hoge for taking time to teach.

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