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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout SHREDDED CORE AND MORE

Like him or hate him, one of the best in the world.Today's it's time to look under the hood at what makes cristiano ronaldo exactly as good as he is.What's up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Com.As i said, like him or hate him, cristiano ronaldo, one of the best soccer or football players in the world.Whatever you want to call the game, the guy's an athlete.And again, despite the fact that their team got bounced out of the world cup, the portugal team, earlier than somewhat expected,.

Doesn't negate the fact that the guy is a beast when it comes to athleticism.He stands 6 feet tall.He's got 810 percent body fat, 24 inch thighs leading a lot to his explosivity he has on the field.A 43inch chest.He'll run 6.2 miles in a game, that's 10 kilometers, in a game.His vertical is actually 5 times.He can push off the ground with a force 5 times his bodyweight.That's 5 g's.He can run a 25meter dash in just 3 tenths of a second slower than an olympic sprinter.

From his country.And he'll actually sprint 900 times more in a season than that same olympic sprinter.And finally, his free kick will accelerate 4 times the force of the apollo 11 blastoff.So, we can see here, the guy is explosive, but what matters the most here is, how do you look like him how do you start functioning like him guys, at athleanx, we tell you how to train like an athlete.We're going to show you exactly the 3 components that make up cristiano ronaldo's workout.He's got 3 things, especially when you're talking about his abs.He certainly has abs.

That everybody knows him for.He does functional core work, right.And we'll cover what these are.He does direct core work, and of course, in order to have low body fat levels, you're going to have to do your conditioning, ok.So, with all 3 aspects covered here, i wanted to put together the workout program that you guys could follow with just a couple things.You'll see here, the athleanx bands.If you have any resistance bands that you can use, these will work perfectly for this workout.And a ball.Again, a weighted medball will work perfect, but if you don't even have that,.

A soccer ball is fine.So, we're going to attack each one of these areas in succession.I don't even care what order you put them in.Right here i've got them labeled 1, 2, 3.You can go whatever order you want, but just make sure you mix them up every time through.But you're going to do a functional core exercise, then a direct core exercise, and then a conditioning exercise.And go back and choose one of the ones you didn't, and do it again.And then go back.

And choose the last one that you haven't used, and do it again.You could follow this order if you want.So, let me take you through the exercises, and then i'll demonstrate a full circuit, alright.First off, we have for the functional core stuff, 10 times on each leg for every exercise.Right here i'm demonstrating our wood chopper toe kicks.This is a great way to stretch the core first, and then functionally tie in upper and lower body.Next, the decel lunges, which is a decelerating lunge.We're going to really try to accelerate.

Into the lunge, but decelerate that so that we can reverse direction.Obviously, when you play football, soccer, you have to decelerate and accelerate quickly, changing direction.We're going to do that here and work the core on overtime as we do it.But finally, we have our push up toe touches.Yes, you need upper body strength.Yes, you need to be physical if you're going to play the game of soccer.Well, the push up toe touches will incorporate that, but also again, functional core.As you can see by the leg kick across and through the body with rotation.

Next, we have direct core work.Here, the rule is simple.20 to each side.So, you have the same medball that i referred to before, you're doing russian medball tosses.Not just a twist, but a toss.I mean, you can see, when i get the ball up, i catch it but go through a full rotation, have to decelerate that, accelerate back into a toss.You'll see that common theme through everything we do.Decelerate.Accelerate.Windshield wipers.Again, rotational strength of our abs.We're going to do that directly.

Here with this exercise.Finally, the kobe crunch.Again, a little bit of agility, getting the legs and the upper body to move together, right, to become a little bit more nimble.And again,working the core directly, so we're going to include that as well.Finally, over here on the conditioning side of things.It's 1 minute a piece of all these drills.This here guys, we're going to break out the athlean xtreme resistance band.Awesome thing to actually do resisted bodyweight work and conditioning work at the same time.

Here, you can see me doing our band form sprints.You're working on your form, making sure that obviously, left arm moves with right leg and they move with power and coordination together, and vice versa.Right.We're going to do those and then we're going to move into our cod push offs.Change of direction yet again.We're going to move into our lateral explosiveness.A great soccer player, in fact one of ronaldo's greatest skills is his zigzag 25 meter run where he actually beat this same olympian because his change of direction and his precision.

On his cuts and movement off the ball is unheard of.You're going to do the same thing with this drill by pushing off 30 seconds in each direction, again, against the force of the band.Finally, our lateral squat jumps.Yeah, it's a squat jump that you're doing lateral, you know, sidetoside motion yet again, but now you have to overcome the forward pull of the band which makes this thing really, really cool.So, there you go, this is the cristiano ronaldo workout, again, all 3 areas.We're going to.

Put them all together now, take it through 1 circuit, and let's see how we do.So, there you have it.Cristiano ronaldo's workout.Now, let's see how you do on it.Remember, guys, when you're looking for that functional athleticism, if you want to start building a more explosive body, you got to start training like an athlete.I say all the time, if you want to look like an athlete, you got to train like one.Ronaldo obviously functions as a premiere athlete, but he also looks like one.

Everybody knows this guy for his body, even if they don't know him for his actual work on the field.If you guys want to start looking like athletes, and training like them at the same time, i say it all the time, guys, this is where you got to go.Athleanx.Com.Head over there, grab the 90day program, and start to see what it's like.You'll feel a lot better, you'll feel a lot stronger, you'll move a lot better, and oh yeah, at the end of the day you're going to look a lot better too.

Top 5 Best Leg Exercises for Footballers How to get Faster more Shooting Power

Watch the tutorial until the end, because i'm going to give away the trousers from arys, which i'm wearing in this tutorial.Hi welcome to a new tutorial.My name is konzi and today i'm with benni.We are going to show you the top 5 leg exercises for footballers.If you don't his channel, yet check it out! we start with a squat.It is important that you stand shoulderwidth or a little bit wider.Your feet pointing about 30 degrees outwards.Take your elbows under the bar, not backwards, so that the upper body comes forward.

Starting in this position, the knees always go in one line with the feet.Never let you knees collapsing inward.The knees slide outwards in one line with the feet so that you go parallel in the sitting position.Breathe in when you're up to build up hull stress, go deep down and when you're going up, you breath out.The first exercise has it already all.What about people, who don't have a gym nearby someone who doesn't have a squat rack or power rack, can easily take a dumbbell.

You go into the same position like at a normal squat, and hold the dumbbell from underneath.Breathe in when you're up and then go down.During our first exercise, we have worked on our strength.Now we are going more to the explosive strength and do some box jumps by jumping on a bench.Just stand quite normal.It's important, when jumping up, that your knees don't collapse inwards, but keep standing in a neutral position.Take your arms with like you do usually, when you're sprinting.If you are advanced, you can enlarge the distance or put the bench higher.

It's like a ronaldo header.Exactly.If you wanna raise the difficulty and have dumbbells with you konzi is working here with 2x6kg, just take them in your hands and jump off.Alright.Give me a demonstration.Maximum explosive you already noticed, that it's more difficult, isn't it yes, you can feel the 12kg.Let's come to the third exercise.Ok, now again we're doing something for the strength.Or like you footballers say instep.Bring your feet in this instep position and make a big step forward.In the beginning this looks quit simple, but trust me, it's really difficult.

You start in this position and go deep down and then push upwards.Deep down..And push up again.A lot of football players have different strong legs e.G.The right one is stronger than the left and so it's easier to compensate a dysbalance.It's important, that the sidestep forwards is very big.Go downwards..And go explosive upwards.It's very important, that you don't lay up everything on the cervical vertebra, but on the trapeze like the bull neck with me.Not with me.Alright.Big sidestep.

.And go explosive upwards.Exactly.Breathing is the same like when doing squats.Exercise no 4 is again for the explosive strength.We start with pushups, do a little dribbling, go up like when doing a ronaldo header, and then do a little sprint.You can do this outside or wherever you like to.You don't need a gym for that.We start with two pushups, dribbling, header, sprint.Remember, when doing the pushups, that your ellbows do not go outside.A correct push up look like this.You arms don't go away from your body, but you choose a 45 to 75 angle.

Two push ups get up explosively, start with the dribbling, jump up for the header and then start the sprinting.Two push ups driblling on the spot go for the header explsovely and sprint.Let's come the fifth and last exercise for stronger legs and thighs for footballers.Now we are going to focus on the inner thigh muscles.When doing a romanian deadlift, you can pick up the barbell from the ground or from the rack.We lower the upper body forward and push the hips backwards.But we don't do this with our knees pressed through.The knees are slightly bent.

Slightly angled knees the upper body goes down the hips go backwards once again the upper body goes forwards, hips backwards, the knees are slightly angled.When you are in this position, there will come a stretch in the rear thigh.Keep your back straight up.We don't wanna do a crooked back like this! the tension is in the back.Take care, that your head is always an extension of your spine.When you go down and put your head into your neck, then it's not an extension of your spine.

Always look a few meters in front of you, when doing the romanian deadlift.These are the key factors of the romanian deadlift.If you don't have a barbell with you, you can do the following variation.Same stance width same performance hips backwards, upper body forwards with the only difference that we are now having a dumbbell.That's really good! it's a little bit like stretching, but more extrem.I think that's my favorite exercise.Here are the rules for the giveaway rate the tutorial and let me know in the comments, which legexercise is your favorite.

Full Body Workout For Soccer Players No Weights Required

Full body workout for soccer players no weights required,Fitness is so important for soccer players not only endurance but physical strength as well you can gain great physical strength by training in a gym but. Top 5 best leg exercises for footballers how to get faster more shooting power,Top 5 fitness exercises for soccer players like cristiano ronaldo gareth bale home studio workout how to shoot with more power gain muscles run. Improve your football fitness pre season training camp,The total football performance elite player camps are 7 day residential football training camps which take place from the world class t3 training facility.

Athome bodyweight workout for soccer players,Instagram becomeelite a new drilltutorial posted every day websitebecomeelite customized training programs. Best morning routine for soccer players soccer player routine,Need some motivation then click this link swatchvlljdvyrmyyo get your free soccer training ebook. Strength workout for soccer players,Strength exercises for soccer players free reports soccer training tutorials and weekly soccer tips thetotalsoccerplayer a lot of.

Strength and power workout for soccer players the soccer essentials,Strength and power workout for soccer players the soccer essentials free ebook soccer training tutorials and weekly soccer tips.

Thiago silva conditioning training for football soccer muscle madness,Thiago silva is a brazilian professional footballer see mma fighter in the other tutorial who plays for paris saintgermain and the brazilian national team. Cristiano ronaldo body transformation the workout home studio,Top 7 best fitness exercises to get a sixpack arms upper body like cristiano ronaldo gareth bale home studio workout for soccer football players.

Motivation For Soccer Players Welcome To SoccerMachineTV

Motivation for soccer players welcome to soccermachinetv,Welcome to soccermachinetv follow me on twitter stwittersoccermachine instagram instagramsoccermachine facebook. Soccer conditioning training alex body force personal training for soccer players,Soccer conditioning training at gym for soccer players.

Core workouts for soccer players no weights required,Fitness is extremely important for soccer players not just stamina and endurance but strength as well and one of the most important muscle groups to train are.

Circle home workout for soccer players,This is a czech home workout routine for soccer players number of repeats is individual as you can see everything is possible on 3x3 meters have a nice day. Yoga exercises for soccer players yoga for fitness,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehowfitness watch more ehowfitness yoga can be a great. Resistance bands training for soccer players,Resistance bands training for soccer players.

Workout Like A Soccer Player

Workout like a soccer player,Stamina is an integral part of performing well in any sport wellness specialist lia chiccehitto highlights a few soccer techniques that will help boost your. Soccer workouts beginner soccer workouts for soccer players,Soccer workouts beginner soccer workouts for soccer players download a free soccer training course at progressivesoccertraining. Aerobic conditioning for soccer players,Aerobic conditioning for soccer players is an essential part of training this drill includes use of the ball which is always a high priority for us at 360df when.

Lower body fitness for soccer players,Gotye somebody that i used to know dubstep remix. Individual football training session drills to improve you as a soccer player,Individual training session individual training drills footballsoccer drills to improve your game these football drills can improve a players game if done right. Soccer fitness training tips and tricks to become the fittest soccer player on the field,Soccer fitness training soccerfitnessproduct or 2a5b74mid86q7k8e17gb2eurdhopclickbanktid03092010sept tips and tricks to.

Soccer players running session,Summer preseason training program. Strength exercises for soccer players,Strength exercises for soccer players free ebook soccer training tutorials and weekly soccer tips thesocceressentials soccer.

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