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Nigeria street football players on Africa Cup of Nations 2013

Africa cup of nations only on battabox it's not like they can try, they are going there to collect the cup i support nigeria a little bit , simply because its my country, but i support nigeria i would rate nigeria 60, why is that most of our boys are home boys, and they don't have nation's cup experience our coach stephen keshi dropped most of our experienced players it's because of lack of football pitch , you know there are too many teams here in lagos so we manage the ones we use and as you can see, this is an 8 aside field for us.

Today it's scheduled for us this morning thats why we choose to play here yes right about there, there is a football pitch there, and bariga c.M.S primary school there is a football pitch there so we play to me i don't really bother seeking for a job, because football is in my blood, that's what i've chosen right from time that's why i didn't bother to search for a job out there.Yes, that's what i've chosen , that's why i didn't further my education after my nd in 2006.

If god says so i'd like to yes, i wish to , that's part of my dream that's because our local teams are not upgraded to the standard of our international teams and we can't watch our international or local league on tv , but on dstv we can mostly they do show it, but it's not packaged well not that we can't, we can but we are not spending the money.Sometimes we go and watch our local leagues, we see nobody on the pitch but if you watch europe, the atmosphere, the training, the grass e.T.C, you will love it.

What Makes a GREAT Team Captain Online Soccer Academy

Soccer tutorial, how to coach soccer, soccer coaches, how to play soccer, soccer coach, coaching soccer, free soccer tips, soccer tip, soccer help, soccer advice, how to soccer, football soccer, soccer player, soccer football, soccer world, soccer tutorial, soccer training, soccer tutorials what's going on little dap.It's jared montz former pro and founder of onlinesocceracademy.Today we are learning how to be a team captain.Being a team captain is an honor and a responsibility.It's a lot more then just calling a coin toss.Even if you are not a team captain it doesn't mean you can't carry yourself like a captain.

And be a leader.I suggest everyone watch this tutorial and act accordingly.I've personally never held the official title of captain on the college or pro teams i played on but i've had the privileged to play for some great captains like chris armas from the chicago fire and my college team captain ross lumsden.There are different types of leaders but i believe the best know how to lead by example, communicate well and when they give you a compliment you feel taller and stronger.In this osa tutorial are key points that i believe make a great captain.I'm sure there are more.

So please feel free to post your opinions in the comments about what you think makes a great captain.Key points key point 1.Lead by example.If your teammates see you being positive and working hard, they will follow suit.Key point 2.Be encouraging and positive when teammates mess up.If someone makes a mistake be the first to say keep your head up buddy.We all mess up.We trust you, just get back on defense.Don't yell at players for messing up.That will cause them to play.

Scared and you don't want that because it causes them to make even more mistakes.We all make mistakes, it's part of the game.No one is perfect.Now, if a player messes up three times in a row because they clearly are not paying attention then you can give them a shout telling them to wake up and pay attention.Key point 3.Throw a team party, bbq, watch a big soccer game on tv or have a movie night.Getting your team together off the field occasionally is a great way to build team spirit and chemistry.

My old chicago fire captain, chris armas, would host a bbq at his house 12 times a season and it was good to get the team together outside of soccer.Watch our osa tutorial about how to build team chemistry for more tips on how to bond as a team.Key point 4.Be confident, not cocky and remain humble.Always pass credit to your teammates when you can.Let's say you score a great goal.A bad leader says, yeah my goal was legit, i'm like the best player on the field and i just shot it as hard as i.

Could and smoked it in there.A great leader says, yes, my goal was nice but wow, what a ball from billy.He made it easy for me to do my job.Key point 5.Make the players around you better.You do this by doing all of the earlier key points and encouraging your teammates.Do this and you will be a better player.Coaches want leaders on their team that make others better.Key point 6.Communicate loud and clear on the field saying, man on , turn , switch it , come on boys, let's go , etc.

Key point 7.Be aware of what a teammate is going through and talk to them privately.If you see a teammate is having a bad session talk to her quietly at the water break.More then likely something is wrong outside of soccer that is causing her to play bad.If you don't ask, you won't know.Sarah could be having a terrible day because she failed a big test and her parents are going to be mad at her and that is what she is worried about and it's causing her to play.

Bad.Let her know that you care, tell her you will help her study for the next one and for the rest of practice you just want her to focus on training, have fun and forget about her problems for a little bit.Tell her you will help her deal with it after and she can always talk to you.Players need to feel that support some times.Key point 8.Organize your bench area and keep your fields clean.Make sure your teammates have their bags in a line, with all their equipment in their bags and don't leave any.

Trash on the field.Plastic cups, orange slices, pre wrap, etc all needs to be going into the trash can, not on the field for the next team to deal with.Take care of your park and let your teammates know it's not acceptable to litter.An exercise you can do to practice.There is no exercise you can do to practice.Being a great leader is something you need to do daily.Earning respect from your teammates and coaches doesn't happen overnight, it takes lots of time and it involves repeated actions.

Of doing the key points in this tutorial.Day in and day out.Some things that could be going wrong.If you are trying to hard to be captain or not playing well because you are not captain then you are going about it all wrong.The best captains don't need to be titled captain.They are going to be a great leader no matter what.Be that type of leader and if you officially get recognized for it as team captain then great congratulations.If not, no problem you can still be a leader your teammates look.

Up to.Bonus tip always pick heads for the coin toss! just kidding! i don't think it matters, pick what you like best! hope you enjoyed this online soccer academy training tutorial.Like, favorite and share this tutorial if you did and don't forget to subscribe on youtube or become a member and create your profile for free at onlinesocceracademy.Players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track your progress! post a comment let me know what you think and how it worked for you my name is jared montz and remember if you believe in it.

An American Coach In London NBC Sports Premier League Film Featuring Jason Sudeikis

An american coach in london nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,Check out the return of coach lasso here youtubeirqypm7jb5y coach lasso jason sudeikis has just arrived in england to coach tottenham hotspur. Football manager looking for a job,I have trained as a coach with the fa and im looking for football coaching job with a team in the lower leagues or any team even national teams i can travel from. J1 job coaching soccer in the usa usit unravel travel tv,Usit are looking for soccer enthusiasts who enjoy working with kids and are looking for an experience of a lifetime as a soccer coach you will be training.

Health worker holds second job as football coach to pay bills,Shotlist 1 pan children playing football 2 various football trainer and assistant nurse pedro miguel nunes coaching children 3 soundbite portuguese. J1 job coaching soccer in the usa usit,Usit are looking for soccer enthusiasts who enjoy working with kids and are looking for an experience of a lifetime as a soccer coach you will be training. Volunteer football coach helping in ghana,Volunteer abroad projects abroad pro volunteer dave oswell explains his role at cantonments football academy in accra. Mike wong singaporean coaching abroad,2009 singapore cup winning coach mike wong has taken a road less travelled by local coaches eager to experience something different the former geylang. Former super eagles striker daniel amokachi now a coach in finlands 2nd division team,For african football coaches there are not many opportunities to take charge of a club outside the continent former nigerian super eagles striker daniel.

Soccer coach job denver colorado coaching youth coaches jobs early childhood education search,Happyfeet soccer coach job denver coloradosouthdenverhappyfeetindexcfmprogramid94caae9d5056b802a24a5722604c2143. Kevin bridges scottish kids universal comedy,Get kevin bridges the full story hereamazongpproductb00ejh6lyyrefaslitftltagunivyout29621 subscribe to the channel here.

England manager meet six men linked with the job,News health business finance travel technology home repair computers autos entertainment family marketing law communication e commerce. Best motivational speech ever never give up eric thomas,Facebook sfacebookworkhardfeelgood1473322959555794 twitter stwittergymmotivation45 donate. Hd jambo kenya football and safari 2013 gopro hd hero,Instagram jerometraveller snapchat jerometraveller twitter jerometraveller beme jerometraveller this tutorial is about my amazing trip to kenya in july 2013.

Wage of football coach carlos queiroz about 10 thousand tomans per hour,Parts of tv program varzesh va madrdom aired on friday 17 april containing extract of sport publication in which the wage of coach of national football team. Back to school for south africas football coaches,South africa has just successfully hosted the world cup but footballing infrastructure in the country is still woefully inadequate grounds are dilapidated theres. Henri michel to coach harambee stars,Former french national team head coach henri michel will on tuesday next week be unveiled as kenyas harambee stars head coach by the football kenya.

Enakku 20 Unakku 18 Super Hit Tamil Movie Tarun Trisha Shriya Saran

Enakku 20 unakku 18 super hit tamil movie tarun trisha shriya saran,Enakku 20 unakku 18 tamil 20 18 english i am 20 you are 18 is a tamil romantic film written and directed by jyothi krishna. Johan cruyff 19472016 think different heres to the crazy ones,Heres to the crazy ones tribute to johan cruijff 1947 2016 a dutch football player and coach he played for ajax barcelona and feyenoord in barcelona. Gary neville the new valencia manager latest football news reaction,Gary neville has been appointed the new manager of valencia until the end of the season subscribe for more content here adammckolatv gary neville.

Hong kong colombian football squad,Spanishnat the newlook colombian football squad has been on show following last years disasters the national side was knocked out in the first round of the. The harlem shake manchester city football club,Manchester city the first premier league club to take on the harlem shake thanks to baauer buy the track here. Europe embraces amokachi nigeria looks abroad,Sports analysts in nigeria say the choice of a foreigner for the countrys top football job would be counter productive.

Lets play election football,Hi im ted with lets play elections where we take a look at the worlds of politics and football this week americans celebrated memorial day a day of. Esl tutorials why i chose to travel abroad when i graduated instead of get a job,My channel schannelucizc1y5zz4cyc4qi00iq the obvious question people ask me when they hear i am graduating college is.

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