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Our Revolution A club owned by the fans

When we were first setting up the club we were looking around for advice and we were directed toward the cooperative enterprise hub and we found their people, who had been used to setting up coops before, able to give us advice on legals and accountancy and finance as well as the constitution of the club.Cooperative group is investing seven and a half million pounds over the next 3 years to support the sustainable growth and development of new and existing cooperative businesses.Since september 2009 we've been rolling the hub out on a region by region basis.We've worked with over 400 cooperative.

Businesses and this is not an offtheshelf programme this is a bespoke programme for erm every cooperative business.My name's michael i sell programmes at fc er i go to every home game, home and away.There's quite a few families who come to fc united it's a kind of people pleaser club.A lot of people like the way it's set up and all about the club.It's very it's a very communi community based club.We called on the cooperative enterprise hub again since then for us to look at er changes to our.

Constitution and the way that we operate.As we've grown the demands on the organisation have changed.We have done some evaluations through the enterprise hub with clients as well er we get very high satisfaction scores and one of the big things that comes through about the consultants who delivered the support is it was a handholding service.We felt as though we could phone up at anytime.As a football club we believe we're unique cause within our constitution we have responsibility for delivering community benefit so it's not just benefit to the football club and to our members it's also to the community.

In which we live.Every time we put a team on the pitch we've won.Regardless of the result because we, we've it's our own football club.We're not reliant on a corporate person or a big benefactor who if we have a good time he takes all the profits and if we have a bad time he pulls the plug and runs away.It's just our football club run on the budget which we've got.We're not lining someone's pocket it's actually going into the club and the community.If you look at when the rochdale pioneers set.

Ruling lowers chances for college football hopefuls

Night lights go on, hawaii's highschool football stars shine brightest.Big plays on the field can turn into a college scholarship.But soon, those offers may dry up.Mike cherry has more on an ncaa ruling that could limit the opportunities for hawaii's keiki.Tutorial of piaa last year, more than 30 athletes from hawaii earned a partial or full scholarship to play college football.But a new rule could cut that number down.Nats waianae vs mililani the ncaa the governing body of college athletics wants to prevent.

College coaches from working at football camps not hosted by a university.Nearly a halfdozen of these camps are held around hawaii.1811 we have one college football team here and they can't take all the athletes, it's not like they're all going to be able to play at uh.So coaches from the big sky and mountain west and pac12 and their counterparts, we need the mid majors.Doris sullivan has served the needs of hawaii's athletes for 15 years.Finding college scholarships for hundreds of kids through the pacific.

Islands athletics alliance at the piaa camp athletes are evaluated in person by dozens of coaches.2111 they're investing a lot of time and of course their job is win games they want to make sure they're getting the best athletes.Nats of farrington vs campbell if the coaches can't come to the athletes.The athletes have to go to the coaches.In hawaii.That's expensive! an trip to the mainland can run more than 2 thousand dollars for a flight, hotel and camp fees alone.Harold tanaka farrington athletic.

Director 3542 it's tough on our community because family can't just afford to fly kids up to utah and oregon just to get exposure through camps.Exposure is at such a premium, tanaka says there are a few families who take drastic measures.3527 we had a few kids leave our program and move to vegas just so they can be a little closer to mainland schools and camps instead of flying back and forth for these really good camps and it hurt us.Sullivan has petitioned the ncaa for an.

Exploring Careers In Sports With Ali A

Exploring careers in sports with ali a,We visit tomlinscote school with soccer coaching ltd to explore the apprenticeships available in the sport industy this is part of our opendoors series. Rapid fire filling college football head coaching vacancies si now,Si executive editor bj schecter and senior writer pete thamel goes through five college football head coach openings and name ideal replacements for each. We need to talk clinton portis talks college football coaching vacancies,Former nfl running back clinton portis joins our we need to talk analysts to discuss which university has the most attractive vacant coaching position.

Progreso santa rosa with football coaching vacancies,Two of the valleys smaller high school football programs are looking for new leaders as santa rosa head coach josh gonzalez resigns in search of new. We need to talk college football coaching vacancies,Our we need to talk analysts discuss the large volume of college football coaching vacancies at this point in the season subscribe to cbs sports.

Look for opposites in head coaching vacancies,Brian billick on the coaching vacancies in the nfl and how teams will look to fill them.

Goalkeeper coaching vacanies,Goalkeeper coaching vacancies and goalkeeping coaching jobs if you are a gk coach and you want to take your goalkeeping to another level check out. Vacancies on the vols football coaching staff,Coach derek dooley talks about the vacancies on the football coaching staff following the departure of defensive coordinator justin wilcox linebackers coach.

Gottlieb Joel Klatt Talks NFL Coaching Vacancies

Gottlieb joel klatt talks nfl coaching vacancies,Football analysts joel klatt joins doug gottlieb to discuss potential hires for vacant nfl head coaching positions subscribe to cbs sports channel here. Nfl coaching vacancies,On this week in football ryan ruocco and gary myers discuss the current coaching spots available in the nfl. Football association coaching level 1 find a friend with 5 progressions,Football association coaching courses football association coaching badges football association coaching tactics and skills football team coaching football fa.

Southmost brownsville has pair of coaching vacancies,With both porter and lopez high schools in search of new head football coaches and athletic coordinators the state of southmost brownsville football is in flux. Nfl coaching vacancies,John clayton on the big names being mentioned for the open nfl coaching jobs watch more tutorials like this at espnplayer. Origins coaching apprenticeship program,Application tutorials 1 minute in length can be sent to infooriginsparkour with the headline apprenticeship application deadline october 12th 2013. Nfl monday qb jason la canfora talks nfl coaching vacancies,Nfl insider jason la canfora joins our nfl monday qb analysts to discuss the coaching vacancies in the nfl subscribe to cbs sports channel here. Bob glauber joins tiki to talk nfl coaching vacancies,Nfl columnist for newsday talks nfl with tiki subscribe to us on youtube sccbssportsradio like us on facebook.

Football skills trainingapplication game professionals,Football skills training application game professionals in bhp tutorial you will learn how to train skills just here to see prices shown fizichkskaya training sports. Who is the best team in the nfl playoffs move the sticks nfl,Former nfl scouts daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks rank the 2015 postseason teams skill positions defenses and head coaches lastly coach brian billick.

Scottish apprenticeship week,Roseanna cunningham meets sru ma callum ramm as he coaches currie and balerno school pupils as part of scottish apprenticeship week 2015. Ryan giggs interview im serving my apprenticeship again in preparation for future management jobs,Manchester uniteds assistant manager ryan giggs tells bt sport that hes learning every day in preparation for future management jobs credit bt sport.

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