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Hey dffs hello today we are going to be doing another challenge tutorial today we are going to be doing the eat it or where it challenge so basically we have a ton of bags behind us and they either have something good or something bad and we get to decide on whether we want to eat it or do we want to wear it and the person who has the most on their head loses and at the end of this challenge we are going to be doing some shout outs so stay.

Around for that and i have a request okay i can put my hand down now if you guys are going to request challenges from us please don't make us eat nasty stuff i hate these challenges they are so grody i don't want to do it make us do the smoothie challenge make him do the smoothie challenge he is probably not going to get anything bad and it's probably going to all end up on me well then that's okay then i will laugh at that if that is.

The case then i am down sign us up but if i have to eat some nasty stuff bean boozled ruin me guys it really did so well should you go first you want me to go first weight did you have something to say oh yeah you had an announcement to don't you the punishment we will do at the end the boys have a punishment we will be seeing that at the end what was the last challenge the snowman challenge more people voted for the girls because the girls.

Are awesome it wasn't even close thank you girls rock i think there was two votes for the boys one was for me and one was from tyler the rest of you all voted for the girls i didn't vote alright so here it is i'm going first here oh my gosh i'm so scared for you alakazam alakazoo let me get something that won't make me puke you have to be careful because they kinda stick together so you have to be sure to only grab one at a time my lucky.

Number is 18 that is my teacher's favorite number what's in there i purposely didn't look it is a cylindrical can of corn beef hash raw wear it i think of going to eat it it smells horrible but i actually like the stuff so i need a can opener i guess it's right there i don't think that would work i would wear it everyone else get the bad stuff this actually looks and smells just like dog food but it taste like bacon but is a little bit better than that i've never had it before there is like half of the cans.

That go in one direction and half the cans going the other and half the cans are labeled with dog food and the other half are labeled with corned beef hash you guys want to smell it no does that smell good it smells like bean boozled no it is not bean boozled it's not that bad it smelt like skunk spray is that good yes that is more than good i would've done that i'm scared yeah but he likes the stuff you no more no more we aint having any.

More only one put it away it is stinky that stuff is stinky okay my turn stinky stinky i got one she is number one i am number one here your number one numero uno i'm scared it's in a can only know is not its peanut butter i don't like it is there anything gross in here this is cool we can do this all day long there's like one roasting as what mommy usually does she does get one gross thing i don't want to eat it though it smelled like.

Peanut butter guys there's probably tuna in one of these bags you can do it just eat it i don't like it oregon have to stuff them down your pants because they won't stick on your head i don't like it is that mean you have to wear it or what no i just ate one it's all good one you have to eat like a whole spoonful dude it has to be equal to a a spoon you don't like him right you think we like corn beef hash just be one more because if.

I get something really gross i don't want to have to be forced to eat a ton no way yet the half that thing right now you're going to wear it you are crazy it hurts because it's pretzels you can't do that it's not gonna stick then why did you put it in i am going to pick one when she is going to wear it it's just rolling off my head hold on you should've just eaten it how it hurts i got number 12 i got 12 12 give me number 12 you look good.

It's all good she said i look good i was just having some fun here mine is superduper good sardines sardines tyler got sardines if you guys go on my channel and watch the pizza challenge he got sardines then to oh my gosh are you can eat those i got a feeling he's gonna make a mess of those yeah that something that makes a mess let me help are you going to eat it or where how much do i have to eat one whole one that is so gross one whole one.

Look at this i don't know if i'm good do it because is probably going to pour out pour out all the juices and then show them that's nasty how much do i have to eat i think you need to get like a fork yet you need a fork and you have to eat one i think he just needs to eat one bite no he has to eat a whole one that's just nasty yeah that's the point that's the point it's eat it or wear it so we want to see him suffer can i have a bowl in case.

You throw up yes okay get a bowl you can see the fisc at that are still inside their away all just get a bag so there you go just throw up in the bag okay here's your spiritual due in front of the camera they have to see you do it bon apptit it's good are you can i have more all my gosh thank god he got that one that stuff smells horrible i know i think i have to wash my hands because you have that fishy smell everything is gonna smell like.

It now i have peanut butter on my head where and i have to throw that outside then that tasted better than i thought i want to see the peanut butter because i haven't seen it yet dad i thought you'd like sardines no actually i don't i think they're nasty and they are repulsive taste one taste one taste one okay i think that was my biggest fear okay 16 nobody is getting anything on their head you guys are going to be mad i got something on my head i've got peanut butter spam that's a cheesy thing oh gosh i can smell that what.

The sardines they are just sitting there stinking up the room i can't believe tyler ate that that is so gross kirby is going to be like freaking do you just flung spam juice on me will kayla got to where some of the spam eat it or where it it smells gross this is a turkey spam that's gross dude are you going to eat it or where it okay she is going to eat it is that rob i shouldn't be smelling as before i eat it is that raw sorta does that matter.

Is she going to get sick is that gross this is not recommended yet turkey spam is regular spam is good is it my turn again this is disgusting wear it wear it you want to spit it out and where it i don't know if i can swallow this you can always spit it out if you can't chew it or if you can't eat it then you have to wear yeah yet the way your spit no you don't have to wear the spit oh it looks like we have our first wear victim she did it know.

She didn't give her the bag so she can spit it there are bags all over the floor just pick one i can't put this in my hair not to spit mommy is getting frustrated put it on your head don't force it stop chewing it just swallow it yes you are just savoring the nastiness it won't go down your face is covered by your bangs i am so sorry i hope you guys don't have to try that i swallowed it yucky okay magic number two well that's heavy another.

Can beefaroney what is beefaroni do you want to wear it he's gotta wear something yes if nobody's gonna wear anything they are going to kill us i will wear something for the vine do it for the vine are you going to eat some no i will do it for the vine are you going to wear it i'm going to wear it you get a take a spoonful and dump it on your head just dump it dump it but it is juicy now i'm getting chills is going to be cold nothing yet there.

You go sir that's it okay fine you want more to stop the whole can dump it down a bit dump it oh god that feel so gross gosh eating her where it okay my turn okay thank you for taking one for the team yeah you got it you got to get out of the way sorry but moms taking up my seat it smells gross to i got number three i think i should just dump that stuff on my head it was nasty now you can have that nasty taste in your mouth all night i got mms they.

Are share size can i shower someone yes i need some yummy i will give you guys one mark as i gave daddy two by accident i gave everyone mms because i am nice thank you thank you kayla y is number three in there when number three is already been pulled kayla just ate number 3 oh why did you put it back in there sorry yucky i can still smell those sardines i got pepperoni oh no i got crackers and other cookies they are spanish cookies goya do any.

Of you guys know what goya is goya i think we have some bilingual dffs that can help us out with that is it good it sounds like crackers it's not good it tastes like cardboard i think that's what goya means in spanish cardboard it doesn't even smell like a cookie it smells like cardboard maybe they are stale that does smell pretty gross it doesn't smell like a food tyler is still eating it it smells like chemicals or something is like something that goes under the kitchen sink it keeps away rats mommies turn what is this all treats.

Except for the can of spaghetti on my head what's going on here number seven pickle relish pickle relish isn't that bad it is kinda bad if you have it in a large portion yeah i don't know dumping on your head see i am thinking if i don't eat this my are you getting any got it good job ty good job tyler i thought you had that down that cracker was horrible sorry oh wait you need more water it's a cookie not a cracker okay go get some water if i.

It is i would be way better off because if i wear it i will smell like pickle relish forever yeah pickle relish is yummy that is the new chanel number five all the cool cats are doing it i can't believe i ate the sardines what would you do wear it wear it wear it wear it aha mom is going to take my advice okay we will see you could always try it if i could get something that i think that would taste good and would smell good at the baby.

Amount i'm not done yet i know you're not there you go that's more like it you have to eat it all the whole thing this is deceiving the whole thing this is gonna take me a minute i'm in a eat me some more mms it's really strong where it i'll give you an mm if you finish it okay so we had a little bit of a technical difficulty there i think we got it all taken care of who's next you me mom just went i just did the pickle relish sorry.

Guys about the little mishap i think it's okay no i had some jalapenos for dinner oh yeah sure that's what it was you weren't sneezing for like two hours sure that sneeze was real i am lucky number 13 oh i never even thought about that i wonder if it's true i know i said that at the beginning cat food i guess it is true unlucky 13 needed it's got turkey and cheddar cheese we think kayla should he eat it yes maybe he should eat it and where.

It yeah eat it and where it what i think it's my choice your are the reason for the technical difficulty okay you have to eat it and wear it it's like the sardines i picked out a good flavored at nine what does it smell like this actually doesn't smell that bad it smells like the corn beef and hash would you guys he cat food no i want to smell it oh my god it smells like the corned beef and a hash doesn't it oh my goodness next challenge can.

We do the babyfood challenge know i would be scared because it stinks that i would be worried that i would smell that even if i washed my hair i would be smelling like that at the to come out through your pores is gonna make me smell like that for a long time while i ate sardines yet but you're the crazy cat lady yeah but i didn't get it so i don't have to worry about it you are the crazy cat lady that's awesome eat it and where you have to.

Eat it and where it he is the reason for the technical difficulties he's going to eat it eat it eat it eat it actually in this case i would say it would be more daring to eat it then to wear right who eats cat food the crazy cat lady does next time we have a gross food challenge i am just going to operate the camera equipment i'm not playing anymore you guys are mean man eat it eat it eat it pretend you are a cat if you think about it.

You're going to suffer and if you're going to throw up go that way this time now for all the rest on you are you to go for seconds you ate that a lot faster than i ate mine i say go that way what he doesn't have to wear it if he's going to eat it don't move me right now i'm serious aim that way yet throw up over there yet you are breathing on his i said go that way i swear i will kill you i don't like the cat i don't want to cat.

Kirby is enough i think that is the grossest thing i think i've ever eaten in my life worse than bean boozled yeah i don't know it's like a bottle of some sort maybe it's vinegar chocolate syrup why can't i get that kind of stuff man always but it's chocolate syrup maybe you should just wear it i got number eight are you aware yes i will help you but i gotta get stylish mommy is the artist somnolent mommy do it make me look stylish it's a halo it's cold and it's dripping down my face not the eyeball that would probably sting how.

Was i feeling i am worried for you hook me up a little bit on there for me you need something to wash it down the kitty juice you're looking good kayla i might have to partake in this i feel like i have do do on my head see if i were to do something like this i think i would rather have chocolate on my head then cat food what is this baby food did you pick your number i got number eight how many have we done and how many do we have left nobody.

Knows and it doesn't matter what is this we got one left what is this it is tapioca what is that it's a yummy putting i like tapioca mine where is my spoon it is dripping all down my zone shirt i don't feel so good go that way no way you guys maybe do it go grab a bag seriously kayla cut my sneeze really good maybe if i blow chunks she will catch that to you open that i will be right back i can't open my stupid thing where she going.

I don't know the spaghetti o stuff is dripping down my neck it's not spaghettios i know but whatever it is it's dripping down my neck is all i got do do dripping down my face wait till the answer we all have stuff on her face that was thumbnail time there that way oh my goodness you don't like it it's weird it's got yobi balls and it it does have like yobi balls in it i think i'm okay now kayla i just needed to get past that and if i didn't have.

Cat food on mine i would totally try to take some i love tapioca it is actually kind of plan the really good kind is the kind you make yourself number six we all get one more after this mms is just in a different bag what's up with that dad there you go pick another gross one it's back to dad working to be in so much trouble somewhere down the road here i don't know if i can eat this i've got number nine oh my god that is so disgusting.

I have some oh there was to tapioca's this is my last one so i am so excited i'm so excited and i just can't hide it i'm about to lose control and i cannot fight it i love tapioca i am really hoping i don't get something bad for my last one number 10 that doesn't sound very promising number 10 oh it's a can oh no i probably should've picked sticky stuff karachi peas guys i've got number five let's see what kayla does it's a cam with the lid.

When you need a plastic lid for if it's an open up can because after the opening you're going to need to lid were just gonna throw it away than right you might like it i'm scared for the it is just some weird spanish what if it's super spicy it smells very spicy as smells like it's great stuff jalapeno sediment deepfried like deepfried peppers well that just poor them on your head you get stuck in your head at the chocolate is getting in my eyes i can't see anymore what while she's doing that i'm in to see what i got in number.

Five i just tried to wipe it away yeah but you just got jalapeno in my eye can't see nothing you i just touched a spaghettios i got oysters you are so good kayla but you need to see i got oysters you got oysters oh my gosh that would've killed me to hear fix your eyeball you can eat the oysters i don't want to splatter everywhere oh man is the shell in their this is not as bad as the other one the cat food note the sardines were.

Pretty bad all right there you go i gotta feed myself that's yours let's see show him it's not a problem he's stepping on show rock appease one left marshmallows i'm calling foul here connie is the one who said all of this up here and she doesn't have a single drop on her he's the one that cut up the numbers and put them in the can so why does that matter she cheated i'm just saying okay kayla here you can do me really yes go ahead you might.

As well i feel like i'm being left out here i'm scared what a good sport i'm in a make you look like an ice cream you know where you get those fancy cookies and they put the sprinkles on top beautiful and tyler is going to join the fun with some catch up alright that's my boy i feel it coming down it's cold my eyelids are like frozen because of the sticky chocolate syrup i'm taking a shower in catchup okay should there be a punishment for this challenge who lost kayla lost why she had the most stuff dumped on her well.

We can make it creative can me and mom get a prize but i was the good sport who did put stuff on their head i'm giving myself a mohawk a catch up mohawk nice i like it look at that boom chicken soup all the kids in school are going to be doing that now you watch tyler started it right here you saw it catch up mohawks make sure your parents give you one we all pitched in and decided to join in on the fun of getting stuff dumped on our head.

Here's the shout out list even you guys got stuff dumped on you i hope i can read this bless you tyler i got chocolate syrup step up in my nose i love it thank you so much i react anisha ariza and gymnastics emma thank you georgette davidson data mar and l reesec sorry for jumping you on your head the papers a little heavy i was my turn now okay fluffy cookie thank you so much for being a great df f caitlin fluffy cookie 17610 my bad caitlin.

Schumacher and emma thank you so much we love the love we love that you love our show kenneth tello robin royden and jenny guess soon and all of you people out there on twitter whose twitter do we have a twitter in a house kevin gilbert taylor laments torrents lets men nicole and ariza tanaka yeah whatever he said thank you so much for sharing our tutorials with your followers and spreading the word were almost at 6000 scriber's noun that have been really fast all because of you guys spreading the word out there and we really appreciate it.

And don't forget were trying to get the 10,000 subscriber now and once we do we're going to go live on you now and these guys are going to shave his head and i really need a haircut right badly and they won't let me cut my hair and so we do this challenge on you now so please i don't want to look like a shaggy dog for the rest of my life and i need a haircut really bad especially now that i have all this junk in here not to mention we have a.

Giveaway and were also going to give out a couple of photographs with autographs all we need is 10,000 which is all of about 4000 more and were get in there it's moving along quickly so have all your aunts and uncles and moms and grandmas and grandpas and friends and neighbors and dogs and cats everybody needs to sign up and subscribe that they don't cassio need to sign up to subscribe that's what all the cool cats do and dogs and we cannot forget these guys still have their punishment for the land as punishment we beat.

Them in the snowman challenge i would come on and the boys lost the boys lost by a landslide and the girls one we got three votes we can completely lose so time for the punishment thank you for vanessa for your vote you are the only one other than tyler than i i didn't vote so apparently tyler voted for the girls to oh my gosh it's alive is it alive they both have to take one bite of octopus i think it's expired octopus if i die because of you.

When i eat this wait i want to feel it it is so gross it's slimy look at this weight are the suckers still sticky are the suckers still sticky let's see are the suckers still sticky are they still sticky well kinda a suction a little bit there actually pretty hard this looks so gross hey tyler i was thinking that they would be really soft but they're kind of stiff they been in the fridge for a while oh my gosh this smells horrible oh my gosh daddy took a big bite tyler's biting it do i have to swallow it i don't know i.

Threw up you threw up okay i guess it was too disgusting to swallow that's pretty good though i need something to watch this out it's so gross this one yes you to spit out here i need a bag to so that was a little bit too disgusting i think what we want so now they know not to lose all remember that i have octopus skin all over my hands i don't all you kids at home if your parents try to make you eat octopus runaway pack your bags.

SPRING CLOTHING HAUL 2016 We Are The Davises

Howdy! howdy partner! there's a snake in my boots! we are on our way to home depot and its gonna be a lot of fun.Ya.And we came up with a name for you guys.It's gonna be dff.For davis fans forever.Yay!! davis fans forever! wooo hooo!!! dff's!!! you are dff's! we love all our dff's all of them.Every single one of them.Even you.Except for the haters.We only like the haters.We only like the haters no.We only like the haters.We love.

The fans.Oh.We like the haters but we love the fans.That totally makes sense.It does.What do you think tyler blow kisses!! ok.Tyler is being crazy.Anyways we are on our way to home depot.Every 1st saturday of the month they do a kids club workshop and they make something different every single time.And its free!! so have your parents take you because you will love it and we are on our way right now.We are going to see what project we are.

Gonna get the year.Or ah.This month and it should be fun.We are coming up to the workshop right here you can tell all this hammering is going on and there is a lot of little kids here.Its kinda like santa's little help workshop.It is a butterfly house.It's a butterfly house! oh my gosh that's perfect!! what are you going to make today buddy so what is this its a butterfly house.Yes.It is perfect! these are the directions on our to put it together.It is going to be really loud in.

Here.On its side.You have a screw loose! it is on the loose.Where did it go right here.We found it.Push down and turn at the same time and hold it form the top.I remember when me and shawn would race with the kids to see who could get done the fastest.Who used to win kayla i don't remember.You don't remember it was always mommy because every time daddy puts something together he has to take it apart 3 times before it is finished right.

I don't care.It can be anything.It could be a computer desk.It could be a chair.A couch.A bed.It takes 3 assemblies but it is perfect when i am done every single time.Alright so now its time for painting!! does that turn yes.Ya.So like when you trap a butterfly you got to turn it to let them out.How does the butterfly get in there can they squeeze in through that whole oh.You catch the butterflies and you put them in there.

Ya.I don't think you call this a butterfly house.It looks more like a butterfly prison.A butterfly prison ya.It doesn't look like butterfly house.It looks more like a butterfly prison.You put fruits inside of it to attract the butterflies.Is that what it says ya.Done here.What kind of fruit bananas.Stuff.So a ripe banana, banana peel or other ripe fruits.So they do squeeze in through those slats and then you let them out.So they can squeeze through there and it keeps the birds out and other.Rain and stuff.

So it actually keeps them safer.So what you got man i made it orange for some reason.Put it in the comments.Finished!! its beautiful.Its a butterfly house! it kind of fades down into yellow.It starts orange at the top.And then it was supposed to be this color but then there was some yellow streaks in it so now i think it looks prettier.So now we are going to do this like it is home and garden network.Today we are going to be featuring the butterfly.

House house here.Now this is a multilevel extraordinary complimentary tuscon style antique spanish home that you have specifically.Have what about me for butterflies and you are going to love it.I know we are supposed to be shopping for the kids but we are in a close store!!! this one is pretty.Look.Butterflies for you butterfly house! i'm not perfect i'm original.This one is cool.Its on sale!!! its on sale!!! party in the elevator! party in the elevator! party in the elevator potty in the elevator.

We are freaking out at the $5 and under store.Let me see your googles that you picked out.They have sprinkles on the eyebrows.Oh my gosh they are so beautiful.Something tells me those are kid version ones because why would an adult have sprinkles on theirs.I don't know.You got water guns here for $5.You want me to pick a gun pick a gun.Pick a gun.Any gun.Did you pick your gun tyler ya.They have five nights at freddy's toys.Whats that its a game that is really scary.

Its a really scary game ya.Mommy.Look at my big gun.Kayla's got guns.I want to try this one one.Oh what what hey kayla.What do you got there nice.Oh well.It is a self inflating whoopee cushion.Mommy does it look good oh ya that one is a good one.Let me see.Oh ya.That looks really good.Do you like it should i get it ya.Awesome! these too!! it says $3 so that's not bad.What $3 so that's $6 for two head bands.

Blue for zone which is mine.Zone cheer blue.What do you think is it time to get a clock i don't know.Is it time to get a clock what is this its a whoopee cushion.Oh my gosh!! its the biggest whoopee cushion in the world.Its a humongous.Wait put it up next to you.Look how big that whoopee cushion is.Compare it to my face.And daddy was just playing with a baby one.I wonder what this one would sound like.Ooo slime! i fell asleep from here to marshall's.Or marshall's to here.

Marshals is right there.And tyler fell asleep.Lucky for us he is awake now though.That was a power nap.We got to get a quick snack here so we can get our energy up to do a little more shopping.Oh look at this.All soups are clean because i really don't like dirty soup i don't know about you guys.Look how good that looks.Ya.We are getting that big fat cinnamon roll right there.Yummy..Oh look at that! that is so so bad! so good but so bad.

Good food.Ya its a hologram.Its a projector.Hologram projector.That is cool!! we are at best buy right now.And we are camera shopping.We love this store.It is so much fun! the 360 i wanna see its cool because you are just looking into a phone.I don't understand what is it supposed to do.Try it on.Oh so you need one of these right there.And you wear these.Oh wow.Ya you guys are looking through one eye hole so i can show you inside the virtual house.

You can basically walk around in circles.Look up and you see the ceiling.Then you look down.Let me see if i can try this.There that might help.Now i am looking over to the left and to the right.Now we are looking over to the left.Its just a big.Its like a japanese kind of place.Hey dff's.I'm just showing my clothes i guess that i got from marshall's, kohl's, and i forget what else.Ross.I don't know if you got anything at ross but.

Ross! there is this shirt.It looks plain.A nice, simple, everyday shirt.Yep.Then i got this kylo ren shirt.Star wars.Star wars.That's pretty cool.I didn't really see that.Here is a beach shirt.Put it up.I want to see.That's a nice simple shirt.Another one.Here is like a spider shirt.Is that like spiderman ya.Hold the shoulders out so we can see.And let me see it up against you.Ok.And here is the last shirt.It is just like an everyday shirt.

Cool hurley shirt.Its like a workout shirt.Oh let me see.Nice! alright so that that's all i got.That's tyler's haul.Kayla has a lot more though.Hello everyone.So i am gonna show you guys what i got at the stores that we went to.So the first hing i am going to show you guys is this shirt that i got.I like it because its like dark and it has a little lighter parts in it and then it says xoxo and the final x is a heart and then there are hearts all over it.So i just thought that was really.

Cute.And then.I have this adorable shirt and i love it because it has glitter all over it and if yo didn't know i am obsessed with puppies.So that's a puppy if you didn't know what a puppy looks like.And then i have this shirt.That says i'm not perfect.I'm original and its got sparkles and all this cool stuff around it and then it came with this infinity scarf.It shows all the stuff on it.Ok.That's my infinity scarf.

I got these cute shorts that has like the cool thread patterns on it and its got the x on the back and it comes with this cute little stringy thingy.Mud shorts.Ya.And then i got these short shorts which have like the cool flowers on the bottom of them and then its got like the little baby pockets, a big pocket, and these little splatters of bleach and stuff it looks like.Its just really cool and artsy and i thought it was really fun.And so ya.

And then i got this shirt, which is blue, which is just really pretty and it has like a white whatchamacallit on that.Maybe a lace ya.Like lace.It reminds me of a doily.Whats a doily a doily is like a lacy thing that you put on a dining table so that you can put a vase on it so it doesn't leave a mark.Ya.I just thought it was really pretty.Its not a doily though.It just reminded me of one.Ya.And this is like a good shirt that i will probably wear a ton during summer time.

And then i also got this one.Oops.That one just slide off.Then i got this one which is still on the hanger.I will just put that over there.This one is really pretty because it is just like a summer shirt and its got tie die, its blue, one of my favorite colors is blue and its got this x kind of thing on the back.So that's cool.And then i got these cute leggings which have the orange and purple going across it and.

Then at the bottom it has like paint splatters and i thought it looked really artsy and cool.So there's that.And then i got like a jumper kind of thing.I'm going take this off.And its got like a floral design on it with lace at the top.And.Ya.Its like blue and its got like spaghetti straps so it will be good for summer time when we will be going to the pool and stuff.So.Ya.I got that one.And then i got this cute tank top that says love laugh smile and its bright pink so.

It really stands out and it is just really bright and fun and cool and that will be good for summer time.And then i got this one.Which is a really pretty blue color and then it has like a definition of besties and it says besties.You favorite person that you text all day besties you share your secrets, dreams, and ice cream with and definition three is who dances with you and loves you forever and i thought that was really cute and that would be good summer time when we.

Go to the beach and stuff.And then finally but definitely not like last but definitely not least is this cute dark blue shirt that has a kitty on it and in sparkles it says 4evercute!! and ya.So.That's my spring shopping haul.I hope you guys liked it.Oh wait.There's one more thing.Let me see if i can find it.And then i got this cute leather lace kind of thing its like a braid and it has cute big blue and white flowers and its got a big bow in the back.And i just thought it.

Was really cute.Hey! that was our spring shopping haul.We had so much fun going shopping huh yes.It was very fun.Thank you so much for watching.Hope you guys enjoyed it.Yes.Thank you thank you.Tyler is not here.He is at a birthday party now so otherwise he would be saying good bye with you.Ya.With us.Yep.He is playing tutorial games with his friends.Daddy is out gardening.So until next time.Bye!!! hey everybody.Thank you for watching our.

Tutorials and being such just great fans.We have gotten a lot of love from you guys and we are just growing a lot faster than what we really expected and we weren't really prepared for everything that was coming up.Like everyone that wants shout outs.That is just in the last two days.Ok.That is everyone that wants a shout out and we really love you guys and we want to do our best to acknowledge that you guys are fans because you go out there and you comment and you post and we love that.And we are so.

Grateful.We just really cant spending a lot of time.Literally that amount of shout outs that come in every single day our tutorials would be nothing but shout outs and you guys don't want to be bored with that so we are going to change things up.Everybody on this list is getting a shout out today because i promised you would get one one and i am not going to let you guys down.Moving forward however what we are going to do is we are only going to do shout outs once a week.You can request a shout out.

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Football Controlskills SFA Coaching Clothing

Football controlskills sfa coaching clothing,Practicing skills to improve touch control and technique wearing the old sfa coaching clothing a number of different tricks on show 123 is a cool trick. Unc football 2013 uniform unveiling and reaction,Unc footballs coaching staff surprised the team with the unveiling of new uniforms for the 2013 season. Worlds worst football coach a bit of fry laurie bbc comedy greats,If youre a parent and you want your child to be a premiere league footballer you want to send your children to the dave wilson school subscribe here for more.

How to wear soccer socks soccer coaching more,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehowsports watch more ehowsports soccer socks need to be. Madden 17 news new equipment cleats helmets facemasks coach appearance,Madden 17 new equipment details there is a lot of new gear in this game madden 17 news playlist 1os5d13 madden nfl 17 equipment news. High school football coachs radical punishment for entire team gets surprise reaction from parents,92513 in these days of helicopter parenting particularly moms and dads who view their athletic kids as superstars who can do no wrong the jobs of.

Dont buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football boots before watching this tutorial,Dont buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football boots before you watch this tutorial before you buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football.

Back to school clothes haul 2016 we are the davises,Check out our 2016 back to school clothing haul we shop at several popular stores such as academy sports and dillards we are now ready to tackle the new.


Eat it or wear it challenge we are the davises,By popular demand we did the eat it or wear it challenge dont forget to listen for the shoutouts and watch shawn and tylers punishment from losing the last. Spring clothing haul 2016 we are the davises,Its time for the kids clothes to be refreshed with some spring styles for school the day starts off with a trip to the home depot workshop for kids then kayla and. Best youth football camp proforce pads camp 2013 highlights,Proforce held their annual youth football pads camp open to all tricity area football players this year we brought in three current nfl athletes that trust only.

7 year old football phenom champ brown utr youth baller,7 year old phenom champ brown utr youth ballerz 2015. Hugh jackman plays host w david beckham on the graham norton show,David beckham discusses retirement and refereeing his sons football game while hugh jackman tries to steal the show dont miss this all new episode of the. Best football training drills,Workout programscoaching furiouscoaching subscribe to the daily vlogs subfurioustalks limited furious apparel.

Baseball wisdom warming up with kent murphy featuring indianapoli,Likesubscribe written bystarring nick hall nickhallcomedy directededited by heath benfield heathbenfield coachkentmurphy tshirts available. 8 best running back qualities football recruiting,You already love spotify but do you know how to get the most out of it here to learn all the spotify tips and tricks you never knew existed. Face paint party football and attack of the puppy we are the davises,We have a very busy day starting off with harley going to the vet then getting his tags a pet smart tyler gets his top of the line football gear from xenith shawn.

Jim Harbaugh Discusses New Nike Jumpman Uniforms

Jim harbaugh discusses new nike jumpman uniforms,Visitmaizeandbluenews for all the latest on michigan football basketball and recruiting follow us on twitter at maizebluenews. Soccer tryouts advice soccer tips online soccer academy,View new improved soccer tryouts advice tutorial at syoutubecjoyt1el6hq soccer tryouts advice what do soccer coaches look for at soccer tryouts. Youth football coaching learn from steve christy,Youthfootbaldrills dear coach if you care about your kids and the game you will read this four times its that serious my name is jamie lewis and i.

Arnold works at golds,Enter hereomazearnold to support afterschool allstars and spend an afternoon with me i wanted to have a little fun and raise money for a. How to run faster speed and agility drills for football players,Twicethespeed how to run faster speed and agility drills for football players if you are looking to learn how to run faster you need to be. Head football coach interview qa,Coach ruckman talks about the interview process for high school head football coaching jobs the basic structure questions and potential responses are.

Rudy 58 movie clip this is for rudy coach 1993 hd,Rudy movie clips jmp1bczzeb buy the movie jmpqcmxip dont miss the hottest new trailers 1u2y6pr clip description. Top 10 players turned coaches,Even after retirement from playing these famous coaches couldnt stay away from their sports joinwatchmojo as we count down our picks for. Gareth bale how to hit a knuckleball gamedayplus episode 6 adidas football,Gareth bale shows us how to hit a knuckleball freekick with the help of the micoach smart ball adidasgamedayplus tune in on monday when its a.

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