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Football agents are an absolute must for anyone looking to become a professional footballer and recently i had the luxury of doing an interview with the player's agent need it to marks of total football soccer agency he's a top agent he has professionals plane in different countries all around the world now she was kind enough to take some time i was busy schedule to do an interview with me when i have free today is just a minute clip from this interview is about an hour interview that i did with beer and sit in 15 minutes or so extremely.

Powerful piece of wisdom that if you choose to use a will benefit you in your pursuit of becoming a professional footballer if you want to get access to the full interview and interviews i've done with other player agent scouts and coaches will be more information on that coming out in the near future so keep your eyes so let's get in it is interesting to talk about how to contact an agent and what specifically he likes to see and what states to see what turns them off right away so when i gave you his contact information at the end of.

This tutorial if you want to contact him make sure you follow the advice that he gives you otherwise you're just wasting your time your deadly wasting his time and you're wasting my time as well so please pay attention and let's check it out let's go in and get some great stuff about what you want to see and maybe just talked about how to approach and then you can go age you know who your general information and then that's going to soccer or actually i actually do their situation and dan el nino should be so.

Nice and per se just again contact you specifically not a hundred other agents to your name what your situation is what country you're in what age you are where you playing what you would like to achieve and then give the goods the resume in exactly five page essay about your problems in your struggles and where you were when you so as far as what are we looking roughly one page all ages 5 to 12 years old a long story about 425 wolves you're saying he should include europe.

Collegiate experience experience in semipro teams so that i think those are the main point obviously you're younger i mentioned loved ones club against get down here while you're speaking this what if they don't have any semi pro collegiate just speak about their amateur experience and again don't go into under 2000 when you're really young because i really doesn't matter but 16 17 yes cd with london authorities and what i sent it send it to you ok good on the resume want to speak to you know with 20 pictures of there may.

Be a small picture on top ok so just to recap onepage you don't want anything longer tonight you wanna precise you are you want them to put their physical attributes as far as weight and absolute and then also also a picture is also good to show that the player just one picture though i guess so agent can get a look at you so they see your not fat granny and then yeah and their club with clubs they played for club achievements and personal achievements notable the best ones don't put a huge list of all these minor.

Honours just things you think might be very important again be four saves the waste time with the best up on one page correct exactly good ok move on to the next thing that probably by far the most important to you to me this is the best tool to get somebody's attention it's gotta be a good did you write this is a way to market i don't care about me and i gotta go and show ads other landowners i gotta show them something when i convey this is a player uses the right.

Way if i cannot find anything about it i'm not gonna do it figures amongst ok we got a quality tutorial and the 5d seven minutes in length of daylight saving because those people have mentioned very very very little that they cannot stand the people you know from nineteen so they get so many miles on a daily basis from the best players at 830 so you should not be a giant and coaches are busy and catch a quality player should do that do not read more than one or two.

Pitches a lot of people standing punching policy doesn't help your cause i guess so but i get really annoyed in general so again no need in one studio cool picture in the beginning no need to make sure that the quality is it is clear the qualities make sure that it was clear when you have so i know if i dont no other player is really hard to put in my right to make sure there is some sort of arrow or whatever you choose to highlight the player a little bit of tutorial editing will go a long way.

In just making sure that he knows exactly which player you are exactly the right to try and avoid training tutorial prior to joining i just don't think doing all those skills in straight and then again you've dated sunday june is here very shortly along we use a good quality games tutorial games private training tutorial integrated private training but he doesn't you and we can both agree what exactly what you doin training doesn't mean what you can do in the game which is most important exactly that that some of that no one will replace ok lets people send me and.

Every single play on the tutorial has a reply double yards this is not a highlight this is not highlighted by p well maybe i'll give you another looming i'm not saying what i'm saying over and over again just yeah i know that's why i'm actually the first time again we can replay of another a girl getting replays again that i could lose my patience move on the player that has them all three yards summary please give generously dribble through player should i get annoyed ok no need of global states we.

Know how to see the games lifetime celebrations after close to thirty forty second the whole situation you know though she be very very aware every single minute or so its second of your tutorial is being used to show so it's ok ways is looting likes things like simple passes warplane little combinations ok just to have the clip but then move on rest of it exactly it's fine to show that you are as a player and only time you should do replays maybe score legislative fantastic all quick replay.

And then move on if you did beat nah not even if you did play like an incredible passer some amazing technique quick replay and again you know if north dakota belated but there's also has played with a clear example ok you know this is especially the case was ok so anything else you'd like to talk about a tutorial that's pretty much i think i heard everything ok so let's recap that quickly so again five to seven minutes is under five oh ok or you want at least five minutes it's ok don't do things just within the quality.

53 minutes is falling as long as i can understand your quality is very important they're less is more as long as the good quality raid don't just build up space whatever you have just make sure it's not waste anyone's time it's ok to show little clips of small passes or making tackles are showing good skill or just show the skill and then move on or near replay very important things and even still when you're free plane just one replay we're just very quick replay and then let's move.

Yes very important as well so if you doing tonight in and there's lots of programs i'll talk more about that with with my followers but you can have a good little arrow or you can even highlight your so so there's like kind of a low around you just so he knows exactly who you are because a lot of agents or coaches will send back the tutorial and say i don't even know which you are on the field ok lots of good stuff in there ok so when you're contacting again.

Dress you directly put all that stuff in very short and to the point about your story then give it resume resume onepage talking about your attributes as far as your height your way to your plane experienced your personal achievements club achievements and maybe one picture of yourself and then a very precise tutorial high quality lots of fast good clips with your best stuff that you have don't waste any time no fluff good ok so that's some good some very good stuff let's try to go through the.

Big thing you want to talk about in this day with my biggest thing comes from knowing that we really are players that short interview as you can see there's lots of power but use it so you can use any player agent or you can contact itamar specifically if you go to total football soccer decency dahab and i'll put the link in the description of this tutorial so if you want to contact him please please please please please please please do not waste his time make sure you follow the exact information that was outlined in this interview do.

Not contact him if you don't have a tutorial do not contact him do not have arrested me case you don't have those two things ready to contact an agent so no mind when you contact in very short precise simply out like your name age what country you're located and what you would like to achieve next attach your player resumes your player resume should have one picture of yourself your name your height weight your nationality what passports you may hold and here playing experience as well as your plane shipments work sessions if you wanna.

Example of a player also put a link in the description of this tutorial for example finally and most importantly the player tutorial if you don't have a tutorial know he is going to give you a second of their time so make it a very major sure that the tutorial again short and precise it highlights the best deals and it doesn't waste lots of time i'm gonna put an example of a player tutorial player tutorial in the description of this tutorial so please that information again make sure you are visible in the tutorial he doesn't know which way you are talking.

To spend time trying to figure it out case i'll make sure it's easy to see which players on the tutorial so if you don't have to sing yet if you don't have the tutorial if you don't have to resume don't waste time work on developing those things also got over fifteen or sixteen years old jesse i dont contact him right now work on developing your tutorial make it better and better and when you get to the age thing you can contact him ok so before i leave you please do not send him a message if you are going to.

Fall 06 do not send any player a message to follow that trying to you do not waste his time given the facts up front cost sure precisely player player tutorial free watch this tutorial to i resent exactly what he wants to see what players want to see very important stats if you do you're going to get yourself a much bigger chance of success at achieving your goal of becoming a professional player ok so if you like this tutorial please please share social media please please comment below let me know if you have any questions.

Football Tricks That Actually Work Realistic Football Tricks Tutorial

Football tricks tutorial so recently i've been getting a lot of messages from people asking if i could do more tutorials on the topic of football tricks and how to beat defenders so if you've seen some of the other tutorials they did on this topic i think they were called three ankle breaking soccer tricks to be defenders or the other one was called soccer moves that drive defenders create the i'll put links to those tutorials in the description below and check out these tutorials but what i was gonna say is if you watch those tutorials.

The skills in mtg with the tricks in mtg need to use their very simple case they're simple but they're effective and whenever i do these tutorials after stir by saying don't worry about being fancy dory boat embarrassing guys ridiculously triple not migs and doing crazy skills ok on if you search soccer skills are tricks or whatever you can get tons of it is really doing is creating skills and they're really cool their sweet but the truth is they're not reliable they may work every once in a while you may.

Pull it off and you'll be so cool but they're not gonna be reliable not gonna work for you every time you're in a oneonone situation and that's what i want to give you okay so that's three moves for you first move is pace not even a move not even a skill not even a traditional do this and go there no just pace k just use your pace when you get no one on one with a defender and i want to start by saying when i was younger i used to be.

Into all those tricks ok trying to be guys with a triple step over trying to not make too often can't be too fancy ok so i would get in a oneonone with a guy and you would be like ok i know you gonna try to do something fancy so i'll just wait for it and then i'll tackle home where i would do something fast and i would go nowhere i just say in front of a when i started being more direct start looking at great dribblers and saying what are you guys doing gay.

They're not doing fancy tricks they're just being very direct and the first thing they were doing just use your pace hey if you know your fashion that guy or you know he's on his heels all you have to do is push the ball costume in run ok seems silly for me to say but that's the truth and that's where you need to start glad i'm away from her and accelerate away ok so use your pace a lot of times i don't even need to be together hey if i need to get to that space i don't have to beat this guy over here i.

Can just print their printer that speeds first ok so number one is pasted if you see their space you want to get into space where you can put across in the book for space reading your shot off for space we can get free to make a defencesplitting pass ok just use your pace be very direct touch at your feet there faster than the defender and your body beat on you don't even have to be to me just had to get to that open space quicker ok so number one is pace new.

Number two is yes i do still use stopovers ok it's a very good skill cancer that's going on the defender jeff over now how do you do a good step for you gotta sell it so if i know i wanna go raid on a fake in there and then push but if you look i'm not just putting my foot around the ball and come back over here i'm not just putting my foot around the ball like that i'm definitely not standing on the spot and going nowhere just doing this going nowhere.

Hey i'm really trying to push him that way and then go this way pushing that way so i'm throwing it not only with my foot my whole body my chest my shoulder is my head in my eyes anything alliance he's gonna go oh and you're already gone that way and he's going to turn and chase you and then again you pace to get away ok so what's left over and think about the timing if i'm getting into the defender like this and then i do it's too close yet tackle you it's better to.

Do it early too early than too late is better for me to step over here even if he just moved a little bit can open it up for me ok so think about the timing do it early rather than late you can do a double and one thing i want you to add that will help you specially if you like in a standstill so seriously tomorrow where it stands though sometimes happens he and certainly do this i like to do like attached and then spring away okay so it's almost like you're faking a.

Matthews matthews you know you touch when we go the other way touch touch inside big touch the tightest basically what you're faking this year news without them all without the defendant but i'm touching and then stepping ok so the ball is a growing up in order get the ball rolling and it just gonna sell it harder for the defender not abide by that ok to step over there are always going to do this one because this is really the best you look at the best in the world.

Nasty demaria robin for some reason all leftfooted what do they do they just go left they just cut left everyone knows he's just gonna go left left yeah but winning the house he you know he's going to let you still can't stop them ok so when you left here a foot in hopefully you're both put it the best move still cut its the best move the most simple move came but it's the best in the hardest to defend as long as you get you touches rate before coming here.

He have to have to london for me if i'm this close so cut away and then for you coming in for cutaway this focus on your cuts cuts to skip away get the best move just glad on one side and then paste cut he lunges you pace by a couple other guys again if you watch the tutorial i did on how to dribble like messi example here how many times do you see him pick up the ball on the wing and he cuts inside robin fame thing cuts inside and beats three guys just doing.

Cuts just doing simple moves my defender through cancer he received the blood here comes with pace cuts inside inside inside and then he lays off a pass or he gets a shot off we're pleased a little clip over the top it's a cut be very direct just cutaway cutaway cutaway get your shot off these very direct if i'm dreaming slow it doesn't matter if i could just gonna move and stay with me know when you have the speed when you live with speed he's on his back heels it's tough for me.

You're coming out me fullspeed i'm on my heels like this you get past me how can i keep up with you i have to start running i stuck to accelerate to catch up to you you're already going at top speed so when you can receive a phone call at the defended be very direct to sprint out in with the ball even if you spend at him and your your texts are so bad you probably do better if maybe we'll bounce off your knees and popular front of you because you're going with.

Speed with pace hey you're in control if he if you're coming out of the nation's flow and he can call you down he can push in a direction he wants you to go where he could trap you in the team a ok he's in control when you got the pace you put under pressure he's going backwards you're in control ok so use your pace so we talk about we talk about pace no move just who would have thought we talked about step over and we talked about and also the little.

Touch for this paper before the step over and then we talk about the cut the best move in the game right now so again like always i suggest that you go and watch great dribblers like i said go watch those leftfooted massey rob bryn all the thin exact same thing when you're right we don't want to see the rain where you should be able to go both ways k i'm a rightfooted player but people don't know that they think i'm left with it and sometimes in the game will be like he's only leftfooted and then i'll.

Just come in red and blasted a rightfooted and they're like oh my god what happened ok so you need to be the same type of player be able to go both ways collectible rate cut go to rate cut left a space both ways you'll be unpredictable so hard to defend you know way more success in oneonone situations re thank you so much like always for watching this tutorial please like a quick thumbs up please comment below and please share this tutorial with your friends on facebook twitter or pinterest wherever you want to share this tutorial.

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