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Hartpury Elite Football A Day in the Life

I got released at 16 with cheltenham.It is a big knock to be told that you're not good enough.Hartpury helped me bounce back.If not for them, i don't think i would be playing for gloucester first team now.With the training, we do the training in the morning, half eight in the morning, so that everyone can come.There's no excuses for anyone missing out on that.Obviously we all want to be professional footballers here and they try and push you to drive you to go to that path.Obviously, to play football for me is a time where you can get.

Away from get away from that and take your stress out and enjoy, have fun and enjoy yourself.And then also have our lectures throughout the day at the moment, we're in this sports hall doing one of my practical sessions with principles of sports coaching.They gives us a chance to coach and learn from our experiences.They do encourage you to get your academic work done because that is the priority at the end of the day.We're here for that reason but also we're here to develop as players as well and we can.

Do both without having to choose between them.Hartpury offer optional courses to take such as the fa courses, level one, level two coaching badges, youth module.Everything that is relevant to your course, you can take and they offer that for you.So on the thursday and the friday, we can bring the players in as individuals and go through their strengths, their weaknesses.We have every touch they've had, and also the key events of the game, just making sure that they know because then you can see it and listen, and especially for football ism.

And elite athletes, the more they can see things, the better their understanding.As a sports team, we offer strength and conditioning sessions.We have the power gym and the gym that we're near.The strength and conditioning helps towards prevention of injury, like your recovery sessions and all that.I've never, never had an injury and i feel that hartpury has helped me through that as well.For the strength and conditioning and all that, they make sure they check everyone's timetables and check where we are all free so that we can attend.

Those sessions.With the physiotherapy before games, we can have massages to specific areas where we feel a bit stiff.They provide ice baths and the hot tub.That's to prevent stiffness and all that because that can contribute towards injuries which we try to prevent as often as possible.And after that you've got spare time to do what you want to do.Or if you need to do assignments and that, you do that.We all want to be professional footballers here and they try and push you to strive to.

EDC Football Academy tutorial East Durham College

Music gtgt steve my name is steve howey and at the moment i am acting head coach.Gtgt chris my name is chris swailes i'm a football coach at the east durham academy.Gtgt brian my name is brian honour, football academy coach.Gtgt stuart stuart brightwell, football academy coach.Gtgt chris it's open to women and men of course, and we have a successful women's team as well as three lad's teams.Gtgt brian we go through the whole raft of trying to be a professional footballer really fitness work, a game on a wednesday, match.

Analysis to find out where they've done right and where they've done wrong, individually and collectively.The aim is to produce young, good footballers.The coaching team are all ex professionals.They're all fully qualified and they've got a raft of experience of working with footballers at professional level and semiprofessional level.Gtgt chris i've had 24 years as a professional footballer, i'm uefa alicense qualified.I'm also at the same time assistant manager at blythe spartans.Gtgt brian i was a professional football player for 20 years.I played for hartlepool and darlington.I've managed in the northern leagues.

With durham city, bishop auckland and i'm currently manager of horden in the northen league 2nd division.I'm also academy coach at newcastle united and got me own little coaching school in and around the east durham area.Gtgt steve i 've played under some really good managers ossie ardiles, ruud gullit, kevin keegan, sir bobby robson, terry venables, so, you know, one or two half decent ones there! and learnt a lot from them.Gtgt stuart the facilities here at east durham are second to none.I've been to all of the college round the area and none of them compare.

To this.So you know we keep telling them day in day out that they're so lucky to have what they've got here.They've got everything they need here, from astro turf, 3g pitch, to carpet pitches out there.And then they've got all the weights, etc, in there so they've got everything really.Gtgt steve we're geared up for both boys and girls.The standard of the girls since i've been here has been quite good.We've had girls that have gone onto represent the country, gone on to do well in a higher level of football.

Gtgt tania my name's tania shires and i'm in the football academy for the girls.We work on fitness and technique with the ball and a lot of passing drills.My favourite thing is playing on match days and working on my skills.When i finish college i want to go on the uni degree here and being part of the academy will help me.Gtgt christopher christopher daily, and i'm a member of team east durham football academy and i'm a goalkeeper.Gtgt lewis lewis lines, east durham football academy.The best part of the football academy is meeting.


Launch event for cais at loughborough university for sports coaches coach educators,Axiscoachingtechnology coaches coach educators can get their free ticket for the launch event at loughborough university on the 21st november. Cais the app to transform coaching in all sports,The coaching analysis intervention system or cais developed at loughborough university could shape the future development of coaching in all sports. Leicester city fc performance analyst peter clark talks about performa sports loughborough seminar,The performa sports knowledgeshare seminar at loughborough university included a combination of sports technology player and coach development and. Football coaching degree meet your tutors and fellow students,Tutors and fellow students on our unique online bsc hons coaching for performance in football talk about the benefits of studying with anglia ruskin.

Ciaran beattie george chuter loughborough students rugby,We caught up with the new loughborough students rugby coaches ciaran beattie ex scotland 7s and george chuter ex england leicester tigers hooker.

Rfu performance analyst austin fuller talks about performa sports loughborough seminar,Rugby football union performance analyst austin fuller talks about the performa sports knowledgeshare seminar at loughborough university that included a.

Edc football academy tutorial east durham college,For more information about the football academy please take a look at our website.

Harry welch high school football coaching legend,Harry welch high school football coaching legend. Lborofamily loughborough sport documentary 201415,This is the story of one of the greatest chapters in loughboroughs sporting history within one year loughborough became the british universities colleges. Loughborough students rugby preseason 201516,Loughborough students rugbys preseason 201516 footage filmed by loughborough rugby players till sieberth mike silva music by lost frequencies.

Loughborough students rugby preseason 1314 week 1,Episode 1 of loughborough students preseason tutorial.

IMS 201213

Ims 201213,All the action from hall sport at loughborough university. Saq cricket coaching speed agility quickness saq,This tutorial features preseason training with saq at loughborough university speed agility and quickness are improved with saq training techniques.

Mcdonalds grassroot coaching masterclass,12 grassroot football coaches and their teams were treated to a mcdonalds coaching masterclass at wembley stadium this week run by football legends. Summer camps,Contact let me play and book your summer camps in loughborough universityletmeplay call let me play on 0203 475 7511 and book your. Clip of half time analysis solent football studies course,Via youtube capture.

George chuter thinks that you should read the tab,Chuter played rugby for england 24 times and is currently coaching loughborough rugby. Bucs wecanplay episode 7 coaching,Wecanplay ep 7 how many female coachesmanagers are you likely to see across the four highest tiers of professional mens football this weekend watch. Nike academy 3 1 corinthians u19 nike academy cup 2016 fabian senninger ben partridge,Subscribe to jd football 1stb6eq with the best unsigned players in world football all coming together to develop under the guidance of some elite.

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