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Hi i'm josh ellsworth general manager with stahls' cadcut direct.If you have a heat press and a vinyl cutter, you have a lot of versatility at you r finger tips.Today we're going to customize a polyester based jacket and also a hooded sweatshirt that would be the perfect fit for high school students as they're going to the football games this fall and winter.Nice and warm.So what we'll do, we'll combine 2 special effect materials.In this case we're going to utilize the 3m reflective material which is really popular.

And also carbon fiber which is a trending effect that i think you'll really like when we do a tone on tone finish here on the jacket.So to get started we're going to go ahead and set up in the roland gx24 first with our reflective material.Music music music music trim off this cut and then i'll unload this roll and i'm going to load the carbon fiber material for my other cuts.We'll trim this one off and we'll weed both of the materials.Music music music music.

Music music now i'm using the hotronix fusion swing away slash draw heat press which is really convenient for pressing hoodies, jackets, jerseys, all types of garments cause i can split the garment and thread it on.Make sure all my seams are hanging off so i get a good pressure.And thicker cotton fabrics tend to hold a lot of moisture so i'm going to preheat it a little longer then i usually would.Just to get that moisture out of there, it's going to give me a better adhesion to the garment.And the first thing down is going to be my 3m reflective.

I've designed this in a way so i'm even going to do a little drop here underneath the line on the hoodie.I cut those 2 apart.I'll use a cover sheet just in case.And i'm just going to tack this down for a few seconds to get it into place so that i can line up my carbon fiber.So i gave it about 3 seconds the backing just releases off really nicely.And now i can line up my carbon fiber.This is going to give me a really nice effect.Now i'll.

Cover the whole thing especially since the reflective is exposed directly to the heat of the press and i'll press them both together for the full 15 seconds.Remove my cover sheet and release my backing.And i have a completed hoodie that parts done.So let me throw that to the side, we'll show you a close up momentarily and let's load the jacket on.I'll unbutton the jacket.The first thing i'm going to do is a back print on it.And i'm going to have to load it sideways across the press since my design is a little wider then the width.

Here of the press.It needs to layout this way.So i'm going to stand on this side of the press layout my jacket make sure i have my cover sheet for all my preheats and everything.Once again i'm dealing with a synthetic fabric in this case so i definitely want to preheat it.Going to adjust the pressure up a little bit.You can see the steam rolling out of the fabric while it's preheating.So i preheat that get the moisture out of it.And for this particular one i'm just doing straight on the jacket this tribal design.Hold this up.

To make sure i'm on center here feel for the tag.Need to come a little bit to the left.Make sure that my design is receiving pressure on all parts of the heat press.The edge of the heat press is her so i'm going to slide it up a little bit.Once i have it in position.Another tip is you can lay out your jackets since this materials sticky you can actually position it down while you can see the whole jacket.And then i have a little placement.

Of 3m with the warriors that i wanted to drop right here.And cover everything up.And since nothings overlapping i can just do 1 full press for the 10 to 15 seconds.And we have a completed jacket.I'll do a front placement here in a second but something some people like to do just for a nicer presentation you can kind of see the heat press line here where this was heated.So a lot of people would take that and just cover it with a cover sheet and just give it another press for presentation.Just a few seconds to try to get that line.

Out of there.That way it looks like the same surface when you deliver it to the customer.Now let's do the front and then we'll show you a full view of everything.We're going to do a left chest print here on the jacket.Once again the fusion is really helpful because i can slide the jacket underneath i can line up for my left chest print.You can see that if i press it down now we're going ot be locking down on these buttons with full pressure so.

I'm going to grab myself a pillow or print perfect pad depending upon what i have here to help build up that press area.I may not have the exact right tool but we're going to try this pillow to see if it can fit.And it does.So i put that pillow in and basically what it did is i'm going to raise this whole area up where i'm going to do my placement and you can see the buttons are falling down over the edge.Now that way they aren't getting.

The direct heat.And once again i'm going to do a 2 color application.Make sure that's receiving the pressure from the pillow cover it up especially because there's buttons there.When you add a pillow or pad you need to adjust your pressure back which i failed to do so i did it on the fly there.I'm going to give that a few seconds now i'll align my foreground color of the carbon fiber right over top.Cover everything.Make sure no buttons are making direct contact with the heater and press it for the full 10 to 15.So let's show.

You some close ups of the garments we created today.Music music music music music music now i don't normally put the garments on after i'm done with them but i wanted to show you the completed look.And how good the hooded sweatshirt looks with the jacket as well as the design on back.So with materials, the cost of the garments and also the cost of materials the cost of the carbon fiber and the cost of the 3m reflective to produce these, i have about $40 total.When you are utilizing special effect materials like this that are.

Very popular and students want.Then you can sell this hooded sweatshirt for upwards of $30 and the jacket close to the 60 plus dollar range.So ultimately i'm going to turn $50 in profit on every single set i sell.If i line up a team of let's say 20 football players then i'm going to land somewhere around $1000 in profit.So this could be very profitable.So order some special effect materials in and experiment with them.Order in some jackets, this particular ones from holloway sportswear.Do some practicing put these in your sales.

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