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Football Basics How to Play Defensive Back

Hi my name's otis st.Clair and i'm here today to talk to you about how to play defensive back.Now when we talk about defensive back, we're talking about three positions.Cornerback, free safety and strong safety.Each of them have a different characteristic, each of them play, each of them play different part of the field.So let's walk over to the board and go over each one individually.First let's talk about the cornerback.Cornerback's responsibility is 1 to defend the pass, 2 to stop the run.So as the cornerback, you need to read pass.

First, run second.So when the ball snap, you need to take a couple steps back to make sure that it's not a pass play, and then come up to defend the run.Two types of coverage you can play as a cornerback, is a man coverage, where you have this man all alone by yourself, and you just follow him wherever he goes.Or you can play a zone coverage, where you get help with either the free safety or the strong safety, meaning that, if it's a cover three zone, you have a third to field back here and the free safety has a third of the.

Field.Or if it's a two deep coverage, the strong safety is hid back here with the free safety and the cornerback will play out here in the flats.Now going over the strong safety, the strong safety is almost like a fourth linebacker.You may have three linebackers sitting in here, he's almost like a linebacker, maybe a little bit faster.What he does is he does run support up here.In pass coverage, if he plays man, he covers the tight end, if it's a zone coverage, he'll stay out here in the flats, with another linebacker that.

Sits in the flats over here.Then you have two middle line, two linebackers who cover the middle.And then finally with the free safety, on sometimes he's all alone, all out there by himself.He's covering either this deep part of the field, if it's a man coverage, if it's a zone coverage, again, he can have help with the corners on a three deep zone, or he can have help with the strong safety, with the two safeties back there.Free safety as a defensive back, normally spots the quarterback, and reads the quarterback wherever he goes.

O if it's a pass play, he's going to break on the ball, depending on where the quarterback's throwing the ball, and he can help with run support, because he can see the run develop quickly.So those are your three different positions for defensive back, corner, free safety, strong safety.Again each of them have three different types of characteristics, three different types of responsibilities on the field, but the main thing is to help your defense win ball games.My name's otis st.Clair, and that's how you play defensive.

OneonOne Charles Barkley interviews Nick Saban

.And we are rolling.Where are we going, tuscaloosa charles, why don't you tell them why we're going to tuscaloosa we're gonna go and spend a little time with coach saban.It's gonna be pretty cool for me because i've only met him in passing.Hope my shoes don't get dirty down here.Did they paint this dump it wasn't.It wasn't this clean.These have got to be new seats.Saban i brought you some stuff.Barkley coach i can't wear that stuff! barkley good to see you thanks for coming saban here you can you give it away.

I can only wear this at the house.Come on let's go have a seat barkley coach, how's your summer going saban it's going great before all the fun starts um yeah i'm going.We're going back to the lake this weekend first of all i got to tell you something.This thing is uncomfortable how do you get away with that well first of all you got to shape it up a little bit when you get the front to come down and the back to come down you look like a cabana hat.

So you go to the lake and just relax before all the fun starts just always the last weekend i give the coaches a long weekend so when they come back i guess everybody's charged up because you know what the season is like it's a lot of hard work you don't get many days off and everybody's gotta grind but now you just chill at the lake.Or are you fishing i play golf which i guess we can talk about a game i don't like talking about golf.Golf is.

Not my favorite.The only thing good about golf is drinking and smoking maybe but yeah it's good athlete as you are though if you wanted to be you could be a really good player you you can get it fixed you could be a really good player.I believe that 'til the day i die well let me tell you this.You know i think you're an amazing coach if you could fix my golf game i put a statute you at my house like if you you because i've tried everything to.

Fix my golf game and nothing seemed to work but if you, as great a coach as you are if you can fix my golf game, anytime you come to arizona there'll be a statue of you outside of my house you know i'm not a golf coach though i have this perception is always interested in trying to judge somebody who's successful from a distance i have this perception perception tell me if i'm right or wrong that you are master griller you're wrong i'm wrong my wife gets so mad at me.

Because i don't like to cook on the grill that's the only way a man can cook you're right about that and i will do it on occasion but.That's not my deal so that's when i was in louisiana at lsu you know everybody cooks.You know, every man cooks i mean they they bring their own cooking apparatus when they come visit you so those people could cook so well they always cooked so i kinda got out of that that world you know.When i brag about you to auburn people they go crazy and they always.

Say why, i say well number one he is winning, but the one thing i want to say to you as a black man, i really respect when you give other young black men opportunity after they've screwed, screwed up because i always tell people everybody's an idiot when they're 18 young kids are going to make mistakes but as a black man, i just want to say thank you for giving these young black guys an opportunity, and i know you have taken some heat and i thought it was unfair.

Because we don't need to just throw kids away when they do something stupid, but why do you feel that need to give kids a second chance well i i think that look at the coach when it comes to football players we're trying to change their behavior make them better, 'aight as people we're trying to change their behavior making better and i think everybody can understand if they ever have children of their own how your children sometimes disappoint you they do things that you wish they didn't do that embarrass you.But we don't throw them out of the house.

You know we try to come up with ways that we can change their behavior so that's where i always focus on the guys where i think a lot of people see discipline as punishment, 'aight and they want punitive action you know kick the guy off the team how does that change behavior you know suspend him for a bunch of games well he did something in march now we're going to suspend him for games in september i mean where there's a lot of things that you can do in between to help a guy.

Understand or change his behavior, and i've had a lot more success helping guys yeah by doing that than just being punitive.'aight, now what people in the media sometimes think is where you just don't want to suspend him because he's a good player well that's not true because i do that with every player on our team i and sometimes when guys do things in it and that happens over and over and over and maybe you have to take playing away from them and that's something meaningful to them and that's the only thing that will change your behavior but.

I don't think that's always the first step and most of our players respond very well to it and and appreciate it.As a coach you've been coaching for a long time.What is your biggest regret as far as missing some family oriented well i think probably the biggest thing, if i could go back and try to change things you know when my kids were, i tried to do it as much as i could but i never did it as much as i should yeah when they were whether playing sports or kristen was a cheerleader or.

Whatever it was i did as many of those things as i could but i still wish that i would have spent more time doing those kind of things to support them when they were growing up rather than worrying about the hundred guys on our team.As a grandfather, have you changed any diapers yeah i have to answer that honestly no you, you said something earlier.You play basketball yes sir how often we play from signing date until we start spring practice so so you play a lot.

We play pickup three days a week but i'm the commissioner of the league now you know my age i get to pick my team uhhuh and then i pick the guy on the other team who guards me..Which probably would be now as big and fat as i am.Naw, you'd be on my team do you pass the ball absolutely i play the point when avery came here you know i know he played 13 years of the point guard but when he came and i should look if you won't play.

Noontime basketball with us you gonna have to move over off the ball cuz i'm the point guard you have to play two guard so you just a passing guy, you're not a threepoint shooter they didn't have a threepoint shot when i played.They have it now! yeah but i can shoot it i mean i grew up playing where you got to get a good shot what if somebody takes a hard foul on coach saban well, most of the guys i'm playing with work for me so you could get fired!.

Better Coaching Job Alabama Or Texas CampusInsiders

Better coaching job alabama or texas campusinsiders,What are the repercussions if nick saban takes the job in texas as the college footballsphere awaits his decision we debate the better program our sec. Nick saban on former assistants getting head coaching jobs,Alabama head coach nick saban said hes always happy for his assistants to get head coaching opportunities. College football strength coach alabama,Here is the much respected strength coach for the university of alabama he works them hard on the weights and sports training watch as he takes them.

Spanish fort football coach resigns,Spanish fort ala wpmi no word yet on who will replace spanish fort head coach mark freeman coach freeman resigned friday after leading the school. Oneonone with alabama head coach nick saban,If youre new subscribe vop1zo ryan fowler sat down for a oneonone with alabama head football coach nick saban during sec media days. Oneonone charles barkley interviews nick saban,Charles barkley interviewing nick saban has instant appeal why two sports figures at the pinnacle of their respective professions a hall of famer who played.

Nick saban press conference after kirby smart accepts georgia job full,Nick saban spoke to the media on tuesday december 2nd but it was far from an ordinary day as his longtime defensive coordinator kirby smart was named.

Head football coach interview qa,Coach ruckman talks about the interview process for high school head football coaching jobs the basic structure questions and potential responses are. Highenergy alabama lb coach tosh lupoi leads 2015 spring practice drills,Alabamas new outside linebackers coach tosh lupoi instructs april 14 2015 in tuscaloosa.

Nick Saban Interview Coaching The Greatest Profession There Is

Nick saban interview coaching the greatest profession there is,Nick saban discusses the 2015 alabama crimson tide life away from the football field family and the legacy he hopes to leave in tuscaloosa wiat42. Alabama coach nick saban,Alabama coach nick saban addresses media at sec football media days. Scott cochran bama strength coach in action,This guy is a great example of the attitude coach saban has brought to alabama football coach cochran is a huge asset to the program because of this staff.

Nick saban goes indepth on his evolution as a coach,On monday al released a tutorial highlighting a very candid oneonone conversation between two of the biggest figures in sports today former auburn. Miami dolphins coach cam cameron doesnt deny alabama job,During a interview with miami dolphins webmasters cam refuses to deny his interest in the soon to be available head coaching job at the university of alabama. Steve spurrier talks nick saban alabama,Former south carolina head coach steve spurrier talks about his relationship with nick saban.

Uga football coach kirby smart holds news conference,University of georgia football coach kirby smart is addressing the media for the first time since arriving in athens following alabamas victory in the college. Nick saban directs kirby smart coaching rumors to his bottle of cocacola,Alabama coach nick saban directs questions about kirby smart reportedly taking the head coaching job at georgia to his bottle of cocacola classic. Nick sabans rant on alabamageorgia southern game in 2011,Alabama coach nick saban goes off on a rant about the 2011 game against fcs georgia southern in which his crimson tide defense stocked with nfl talent.

Reuben Foster A True Mike Alabama Highlights

Reuben foster a true mike alabama highlights,Height weight 10 mlb university of alabama story book films stwitterstorybookfilms junior 2015 an instinctive linebacker and big hitter. Inside college football who has the toughest new coaching job,Our inside college football analysts discuss which head coach took on the toughest job when going to a new team this season subscribe to cbs sports. Watch nick saban talk qbs more after first scrimmage,Nick saban talks quarterbacks and other skilled positions after the crimson tides first scrimmage of fall camp saturday aug 13 2016.

Rich rodriguez to return west virginia wvu mountaineers,Richrodsreturn wishing all the best to our mountaineers and the current coaching staff but theres no place like home and this is richs home. Mark gottfried recalls lessons from legendary mentors coaching the coach,Coaching runs in the blood of nc state head coach mark gottfried following a playing career at the university of alabama gottfried accepted his first head. Football practice special teams scripting,Visitfootballcoachingsecrets for a minutebyminute football practice plan plus many more coaching tutorials in this episode we show you how to run.

Highest bidder wins arkansas state coaching job campusinsiders,Have you ever thought you would make a good football coach for one lucky fan that dream has become a reality ray crawford chats with nick bhardwaj who. Kirby smart takes over football program at georgia,Georgia has its new football coach it may be a while before hes a fulltime employee alabama defensive coordinator kirby smart was set to be introduced. Nick sabans best press conference moments and rants nsfw,Its hard out there for a journalist especially when your job is to ask nick saban the tough questions watch the tutorial above to relive some of sabans most.

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