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See how big that pitch is you'll get lost out there, you will.Hello young man.I've been playing football from when i was, maybe, as i can recall, from six years old.My mum tells me that when i was a toddler i was kicking cans and kicking everything.I remember playing for a team called rippleway, which is based in newham and i remember getting scouted by an arsenal scout which gave me the opportunity to play for arsenal when i was fourteen yeah fourteen years old.It was something which made me think this is where i want to be.

To be with the other boys.It's not only because they had the arsenal tracksuit, and not only the facilities.It was just the way how we was being coached, how myself i was being coached.The amount of technical information i had to take on board, i've never received that before.It's amazing seeing some first team players walking around and even arsene wenger walking around.It was a dream come true.I was like, wow, these are stars.Me walking past them, it was just a brilliant feeling.People used to say, 'he's at arsenal, he's.

At arsenal' and obviously, knowing that people was buzzing off me being at that club was, it was great.I've always thought i can be a professional footballer.Obviously it wasn't meant to be but maybe i thought, alright then, the age that i'm not going to make it is when i went to university.So that's when i thought, you know what, it's going to be a bit difficult 'cause you're seeing boys my age and i'm going to uni and some of them are playing first team football.Obviously it made me angry inside, knowing that your dreams might be taken away.

From you.There was something i didn't want to accept, i didn't want to accept not being a professional footballer.At uni there was an opportunity to do my coaching badges which was fa level 2.I that's what i done, i start coaching.My aspiration now is probably to be work at an academy or centre of excellence to develop and work with the elite kids.I think they look at me not only as a strict guy but someone who they can come and talk to.There's going to be sessions or drills that they don't like.

Coaching Tutorial Self Analysis Part 1

.Nearly there.Observing your athletes and providing them with feedback is an essential part of coaching.Youre aim is to help your athletes improve.But who observes you in action who provides you with feedback alright, were going to do another 100 backstroke another because you all did it so well we have to do it again.Alright, so youre all going to be good at backstroke.Alright lets go.This is where a tutorial can help.Making a tutorial recording of youre coaching lets you see yourself as others see you, so that you can evaluate how effective you are and identify.

What needs to be done to improve.Off you gogo.Tutorial self analysis is a powerful method for monitoring and improving youre coaching effectiveness.The process has 6 stages.You begin by recording an episode of you coaching, then you take a close look at the tape, reflecting on youre coaching so that you can identify areas to improve.Then you consult with a mentor coach to check that youre on the right track.Plan a specific strategy of improvement, implement your plans, and then record yourself again to see how things have gone and what more needs to be done.Thats the process.

In a nutshell lets see what it means in practice.Well follow two coaches through the process and see the benefit tutorial self analysis provides to their coaching.Let her come back to the middle each time.Hands back.Make her come back to the middle each time, put the ball some where else.Well theres always just so much going on in training that its difficult to even remember what ive done let alone analyse it.So using tutorial self analysis is really good to look closely at everything ive done.

Good lisa.Up tall.Ok, yeah not too bad.Were going to have to do a bit of work on those.Well, coaching isnt really just a science, ah, often its about communication and your communication abilities and techniques that you use.Ah, so thats where i think tutorial can become quite useful in providing information on how affective you are being as a coach.Ok well what well doill be standing on the sideline, try to get some of me and then but make sure your getting whats happening on the court as well.Alright but im going.

To be mainly on the side the first step is to record one of your training sessions.Youll need to get hold of a camera and someone to operate the camera.Youll also have to decide how you want to record the session, where to put the camera and what to show.Well i just didnt want to be thinking about the camera, i just wanted to get on with the training session.So best place for it seemed to be in the sideline on a tripod.Ok come on keep your chest up, up on the balls of your feet, lets go, and keep it.

Tallhead up.Yeah when im out coaching its quite difficult just to put the camera down and set it up on a tripod and leave it in the one spot.Ah, often your running backwards and forwards looking after a couple of athletes here and there, or were in a large outdoor setting so theres a lot of room there to cover so i think a handheld one is much better where someone can run around, and ah follow you around, capture everything.After recording comes reflecting, the stage where you analyse, and evaluate you coaching.

And identify things to improve.The first step is to review your tape and target a specific sequence for analysis.Yeah come on push those hips forward lisa.Up tall.Yeah, lisa is one of my athletes and ah, she has an intellectual disability, and weve been working for quite a while with trying to get her tall when shes running.And i just want to look at ah, how effective i am at getting the message across to her.Good work ney positional play between our centre and wing attack has been a problem all season so i.

Just really needed to look at myself when i walk on the court and see exactly what im doing when im speaking to them about it.Ok, just hold it for a sec, hold it, hold it, and hold it.You need to know what youre doing before you can properly evaluate your effectiveness.This is where systematic analysis comes in.It helps you pin point youre coaching actions demonstrating, commanding, informing, explaining, monitoring and so on.How those actions relate to the general coaching tasks of managing, teaching, and communicating.The context in.

Which your actions occur who are the participants what part of the season is it how does the context affect your coaching youll find specific information about how to analyse your coaching in the home study pack.But leats have a look at how brett and nicole analyse their targeted sequences.Nat and kylie, um, whats, your always in the same space.What are you doing whats going on i dont know well the context of this is its a state league netball training session.Uh, most of the players are in their late teens, early 20s and were leading up to the finals.

At the moment, so trying to get things right before the finals.Um, this training session was mainly looking at a positional problem between to players in the centre court, uh, getting in each others way a little, and its a space awareness problem as well, so i really got to look at how i deal with this problem.Ok, just hold it for a sec, hold it, hold it, hold it.Commanding nat and kylie, um, whats, your always in the same space.Criticising what are you doing whats going on questioning.

Alright well can you just really be aware of each other and make sure your looking for spaces.Correcting youre always in the same spot ok.Criticising just be a little bit more aware.Correcting lets take it back and go again.Alright, play.Commanding well i was doing a bit of managing at the start umm, but mainly it was about teaching and communicating.Alright girls were going to do some walking as, um, sorry some skipping as first and i want you to do the over about 15 meters, and were going to try to be um, tall ok.

So we want to get up as tall as we can and keep our heads high and our chests up, our hips forward yeah, were still working on lisas technique and uh, weve been working on it for a while, and ive been having some problems just getting her to understand exactly what it is that i want.And i think maybe its my, my communication methods, and my teaching, the way im going about with communicating with her and teaching her the requirements of what it is that i want.So i think that that might be the key to improving her performance.

Ok, now that wasnt too bad.Praising we still got to try to get taller alright criticising so i want you to really focus on getting your hips up high, ok, and keeping your chest up and your heads up.Correctingdemonstrating one more time, lets try and get as tall as we can.Look straight ahead, keep your heads up, chests up, really extend at your hips, come on.Chest up.Commandingcorrecting ok, we still need to get taller alright criticising still need to get taller, so keep out heads high correcting.

Football Association Coaching Level 1 Find A Friend With 5 Progressions

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Football Training In London By Sports Linx

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