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Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

What is up everyone! gamer jh here, and in this tutorial we are going to be talking about the left 4 dead 2 characters.Now i'm only going to be talking about the survivors in this tutorial, and there are four of them, so lets jump straight into it.I'm actually getting this information from left4dead.Wikia because they've got some pretty good information on the characters i never knew so let's start with one of my favorite's and that is coach! coach is a fortyfour years old physical education teacher at the local high school in the town.

Of savannahhis home town.A prospective professional defensive linesman, a careerending knee injury suffered at college led coach to take up teaching as an alternative pathway into a possible procoaching football career.He wears a polo shirt in the yellow and purple colors of his high school employer, training gloves, beige slacks and gray sneakers.He is the oldest of the left 4 dead 2 group and serves in an unofficial capacity as its leader.He is a religious man, stopping the survivors for a group prayer before entering liberty mall, and shows his weak point to be his stomach always ready to stop when.

A food joint is nearby.Ingame, he shows preference for tier 1 and tier 2 shotguns, while in official media the chainsaw appears to be his signature weapon.Next up is ellis! i love ellis becuase of the stupid things he says! ellis is a twentythree years old mechanic hailing from also savannah, similar to coach.He wears a yellow tshirt with a logo, a white and blue cap, with a truck towing logo that is also seen in the car alarm section in the parish, halfremoved coveralls with the sleeves.

Tied around his waist, and black work boots.Ellis appears to have a lack of comprehension of the seriousness of his current situation and retains a somewhat goofy personality in comparison to the other survivors.Ellis also has a love interest in zoey when he first meets her in the passing.Ingame, ellis has preference for the sniper and hunting rifle, while in official media, the grenade launcher appears to be his signature weapon.Next on our list is nick! in initial development, nick was an thirtyfive years old exprisoner who escaped in the wake.

Of the infection and celebrated his newfound freedom by stealing a white suit from a high end retailer.He later developed into a shady con man and gambler drifting from city to city who bemoans his bad luck in happening to be passing through savannah and not las vegas when the current crisis hit.He wears an expensive white suit with a blue buttondown shirt, several gold rings and brown leather shoes.Nick holds negative and pessimistic views towards both the situation he has fallen into and the three strangers he is forced to join up with.Over time, despite his hardboiled attitude towards his fellow.

Survivors, he softens and mellows as he increasingly learns to trust them.Ingame, nick shows a preference for submachine gun and assault rifle variant weaponry.And the last of our four man group is the only girl in the group, and that is rochelle! rochelle is a twentynine years old minor associate producer for a news station with a high reputation, though her job had more to do with moving cables and coffee duties.She was in savannah producing a segment about the evacuation center when the area became overrun with the infected.She wears a pink tshirt with a depeche mode logo, silver hoop.

Earrings, blue jeans, a thin studded belt around her waist, two silver bracelets on her left arm and kneehigh brown boots.Rochelle has the most realistic grasp of the situation and is very caring towards her fellow survivors.Her and francis show romantic interest in each other when they meet in the campaign the passing, ingame.Rochelle has preferences similar to nick she prefers submachine gun and assault rifle variants.So there you have it guys! the left 4 dead 2 characters! thank you so much for checking out my tutorial,and if you enjoyed please smash the thumbs up.

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