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How to Kick a Soccer Ball High and Far 8 Key Points Online Soccer Academy

How to kick a soccer ball, soccer kicks, soccer kick, kicking a soccer ball, how to kick a soccer coaches, how to play soccer, soccer coach, how to soccer, football soccer, soccer today we are learning how to kick a soccer ball high and far.This osa tutorial is sponsored by our parent company believeinitapparel.This style of kick can be used for clearing a ball up the field, hitting a long ball over the top, corner kicks, goal kicks and any reason you need height and distance on the ball.

Before you learn how to kick high and far i recommend fist being able to chip a ball properly.Learn by watching this online soccer academy tutorial here.The chip is for high, soft floated passes.Kicking for distance and height will be a similar technique.If you can do the chip with confidence, it will make kicking high and far easier.Key point 1 line up behind the ball and a tad to the side.Key point 2 your shoulders should face your target on your approach and follow through.

Turn your shoulders and the ball will go where your shoulders told it to.Think of your shoulders like the scope of a gun.If the scope is off you aint hitting your target son! key point 3 your plant foot should be 1.5 to 2 steps away from the ball when you make contact.This allows your foot to be formatted properly for your swing.Key point 4 turn your kicking foot to the side, rotate your foot down and make contact with the ball just below the base of your big toe.

Key point 5 strike the lower part of the ball but not directly under it.For a chip you strike underneath the ball.Doing this will get your plenty of height but not as much distance.By striking on the lower part of the ball you will still get height but a lot more distance.Key point 6 have a low back swing and a low follow through.A lot of players look like this when they make this type of swing.By coming down on the ball all that power you created in your backswing is going down in the ground.You.

Don't want that.With a low back swing, now all your power is moving forward in the direction where you want the ball to go.If you follow through high on your swing this will cause the ball to not go up as high as it should when you kick it.You want a low follow through.Key point 7 it's about technique, not power.Don't be all hulk like on your swing! you should be smooth.The best players make this look easy because they relay on technique not pure strength.

Key point 8 make sure you lean back when you follow through.Do not be hunched over the ball.That was a lot of key points.Before we get into the exercise i want to tell you about believe in it.Believe in it is our parent company and it's apparel that inspires you to reach your goal.If you love the online soccer academy and what we do then buy a believe in it shirt.You will love it! its the same quality you expect but the inspiration you.

Want.Message me when you do and i'll tell our shipping team to include a free believe in it bracelet and sticker too! now for an exercise we can do to practice.You will need as many balls as you have, 4 cones and a lot of space.Please don't do this in your backyard and break your parent's windows! start off by taking a few swings without the ball.Get your body use to how this will feel.Once comfortable get the ball out and take some swings.Don't worry about accuracy or.

Distance yet.Focus on technique.You could even start with chipping the ball a few times and then progress to height and distance.When you feel confident with your technique set up four cones as a square target up the field.Try to kick the ball high and far and make it land in the square.Repeat until you master it or feel tired.Make sure you are good and warmed up and don't do this for an hour.I don't want you pulling anything! some things that could be going wrong.

If your plant foot is to close to the ball then you can't get the proper swing.You will end up using the inside of your foot, not rotating your foot down like i talked about in key point 4.If you aren't getting much height check your backswing.Most players have a high back swing.Don't kick your leg out when you step to the ball.Instead take a step to the ball and let your back leg trail behind you.Increase your kicking leg speed as your technique improves.Technique equals power.When your.

Technique is solid then you can add more pure strength to your swing.Do this by increasing the speed at which you swing your kicking leg to strike the ball.This will equal greater distance on your kicks.Hope you enjoyed this online soccer academy training tutorial.Like and share this tutorial if you did and don't forget to subscribe on youtube.Or sign up for free at onlinesocceracademy.Our free, weekly osa enewsletter comes out every tuesday.It features new training tutorials, youth player spotlights, motivational quotes and much more.

Top 5 Best Leg Exercises for Footballers How to get Faster more Shooting Power

Watch the tutorial until the end, because i'm going to give away the trousers from arys, which i'm wearing in this tutorial.Hi welcome to a new tutorial.My name is konzi and today i'm with benni.We are going to show you the top 5 leg exercises for footballers.If you don't his channel, yet check it out! we start with a squat.It is important that you stand shoulderwidth or a little bit wider.Your feet pointing about 30 degrees outwards.Take your elbows under the bar, not backwards, so that the upper body comes forward.

Starting in this position, the knees always go in one line with the feet.Never let you knees collapsing inward.The knees slide outwards in one line with the feet so that you go parallel in the sitting position.Breathe in when you're up to build up hull stress, go deep down and when you're going up, you breath out.The first exercise has it already all.What about people, who don't have a gym nearby someone who doesn't have a squat rack or power rack, can easily take a dumbbell.

You go into the same position like at a normal squat, and hold the dumbbell from underneath.Breathe in when you're up and then go down.During our first exercise, we have worked on our strength.Now we are going more to the explosive strength and do some box jumps by jumping on a bench.Just stand quite normal.It's important, when jumping up, that your knees don't collapse inwards, but keep standing in a neutral position.Take your arms with like you do usually, when you're sprinting.If you are advanced, you can enlarge the distance or put the bench higher.

It's like a ronaldo header.Exactly.If you wanna raise the difficulty and have dumbbells with you konzi is working here with 2x6kg, just take them in your hands and jump off.Alright.Give me a demonstration.Maximum explosive you already noticed, that it's more difficult, isn't it yes, you can feel the 12kg.Let's come to the third exercise.Ok, now again we're doing something for the strength.Or like you footballers say instep.Bring your feet in this instep position and make a big step forward.In the beginning this looks quit simple, but trust me, it's really difficult.

You start in this position and go deep down and then push upwards.Deep down..And push up again.A lot of football players have different strong legs e.G.The right one is stronger than the left and so it's easier to compensate a dysbalance.It's important, that the sidestep forwards is very big.Go downwards..And go explosive upwards.It's very important, that you don't lay up everything on the cervical vertebra, but on the trapeze like the bull neck with me.Not with me.Alright.Big sidestep.

.And go explosive upwards.Exactly.Breathing is the same like when doing squats.Exercise no 4 is again for the explosive strength.We start with pushups, do a little dribbling, go up like when doing a ronaldo header, and then do a little sprint.You can do this outside or wherever you like to.You don't need a gym for that.We start with two pushups, dribbling, header, sprint.Remember, when doing the pushups, that your ellbows do not go outside.A correct push up look like this.You arms don't go away from your body, but you choose a 45 to 75 angle.

Two push ups get up explosively, start with the dribbling, jump up for the header and then start the sprinting.Two push ups driblling on the spot go for the header explsovely and sprint.Let's come the fifth and last exercise for stronger legs and thighs for footballers.Now we are going to focus on the inner thigh muscles.When doing a romanian deadlift, you can pick up the barbell from the ground or from the rack.We lower the upper body forward and push the hips backwards.But we don't do this with our knees pressed through.The knees are slightly bent.

Slightly angled knees the upper body goes down the hips go backwards once again the upper body goes forwards, hips backwards, the knees are slightly angled.When you are in this position, there will come a stretch in the rear thigh.Keep your back straight up.We don't wanna do a crooked back like this! the tension is in the back.Take care, that your head is always an extension of your spine.When you go down and put your head into your neck, then it's not an extension of your spine.

Always look a few meters in front of you, when doing the romanian deadlift.These are the key factors of the romanian deadlift.If you don't have a barbell with you, you can do the following variation.Same stance width same performance hips backwards, upper body forwards with the only difference that we are now having a dumbbell.That's really good! it's a little bit like stretching, but more extrem.I think that's my favorite exercise.Here are the rules for the giveaway rate the tutorial and let me know in the comments, which legexercise is your favorite.

Football Drills For Explosive Power Speed VertiMax

Football drills for explosive power speed vertimax,Vertimax optimal development of athletic speed and power is achieved by maximizing the rate at which muscular force can be generated. Soccer power and strength drills,Great soccer power and strength drills. Football training exercises strength training power drills,Kbandstrainingincreasefootballpowerwithhighintensitystrengthtraining trevor theismann will increase your strength and explosive power.

Soccer drills soccer shooting drills to improve soccer shooting power and shooting accuracy,Soccer drills the best soccer shooting drills to improve soccer shooting power and shooting accuracy download a free soccer training course at. Soccer drills how to kick with more power with abby wambach,Soccer superstar abby wambach demonstrates how to kick with more power abby reviews what to do with your plant foot where to strike the ball and how to. How to improve shooting power football fitness,Please subscribe likeshare subscribe subscriptioncenteradduserstrskillschool learn how to improve power in.

Advanced quickness explosiveness power and first step drills for soccer,Advanced quickness explosiveness power and first step drills for soccer a brief review of advanced exercises to increase your players.

Soccer drills for strength exercises for soccer shot power,Strength exercises to improve shot power for soccer use these as a beginning strength regimen in order to increase the power of your shots perform at least 3. Top 5 best leg exercises for footballers how to get faster more shooting power,Top 5 fitness exercises for soccer players like cristiano ronaldo gareth bale home studio workout how to shoot with more power gain muscles run.

Explosive Power Speed Drills With NFL Linebacker Bobby Carpenter

Explosive power speed drills with nfl linebacker bobby carpenter,Nfl linebacker bobby carpenter shows you his explosive power and speed workout using the vertimax vertical jump and speed training system for more. Lineman drills football training power exercises,Kbandstraininglinemandrillsforstrengthexplosivityandimpact the link above for a workout breakdown and technique tips on my website. Coaches summary 10 vertimax football drills for power speed,Watch football drills on vertimax designed to develop power speed and position specific performance for running backs linebackers defensive backs.

Power step kick step cone drill,Footballtutorials visit my website for more great drills tips and techniques in this tutorial we are talking about a great drill for pass protection. Football strength and power drills,For more information please log on totfbusports also follow us on twitter tfbusports. Football soccer strength and jump drills,Great strength and jump drills dont forget to subscribe this channel music cephalopod kevin macleodincompetech licensed under creative.

How to head the soccer ball for power soccer scoring drills,How to head the soccer ball for power soccer finishing drills that will help you score more off crosses from your teammates in this tutorial coach ben. Power play workout full episode football drills and power strength training real hollywood trainer,Free 40 min workout tutorials new every weekrealhollywoodtrainer real hollywood trainer dulcinea lee hellings workout power. Soccer drills 6 header drills for power and accuracy soccerdrillsdaily,Please subscribe and like free 5 day training guidesoccerdrillsdailytrainingplan soccer motivationsoccerdrillsdailymotivation.

Fresno State Running Back Drills From 3613

Fresno state running back drills from 3613,The bulldog running backs go through ball security drills during every spring football practice check out these tutorial highlights of the fresno state running. Auburn softball monday workout 9 27 2010 speed and power drillswmv,Speed and power drills from mondays workout. Parachute sprinting instructional drills how to run faster and increase speed,Trainingwitheps explosive power speed offers a wide variety of speed power and agility equipment along with instructional tutorials workout.

Speed agility ladder drills exercises for football soccer quick feet,Trainingwitheps we offer speed training products such as parachutes speed ladders resistance sleds hurdles lateral side steppers resistance. Defensive line power rush drills coaching with the colt football block shedding training tool,To buy your football blocking pad with arms visitkrauskollc use the colt to coach youth high school and college dl including defensive. Best speed and agility drills top 4 agility drills of all time,Kbandstrainingfourbestspeedandagilitydrills these four tutorials take viewers through the basics of the best speed and agility drills for high.

Football kicking drills vertical power plyometric boxes ken olson prokicker kicking camps,Vertical power plyometric boxes double leg hop same height three boxes. Plyometric drills for soccer,A series of basic plyometric drills that soccer players can do to increase power for sprint speed as well as help prevent injury to the knees.

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