Football Interception Drills

How to Intercept the Football Back Pedal for Interceptions in Football

This is sean hobson, for expert village.We're talking about making an interception on a player.One important thing is the back pedal.Every time you cover somebody, it always starts with a back pedal and then you read and adjust.In order to have a good back pedal, we've all ready talked about you've got to be in a good stance to start with.If your feet are too close to you, you can't back pedal.If you're standing flat footed you can't back pedal.You've got to be up on your toes, you got to be up on your toes, be good a balanced.

He's got his butt down, he's ready to go.Now with his hands.Hands are a big part of back peddling.When you take a step back, you step back on your toes, you don't step back on your heels, because what's going to happen is, you're going to tumble backwards.And your receiver is going to go right past you and score a touch down.So you've got to stay on your toes and you want your head out in front of you to keep good balance.You don't want your head back.And you want to pump your hands as you are back peddling.

How to Intercept the Football How to Get a Tipped Ball Interception in Football

Hi, this is sean hobson, for expert village.When talking about making interceptions, we tell our guys that you want to stay around the play.Always be active.Never give up on a play.If the play is on the far side of the field you don't want to just stand there and watch what's happening.Try to get close to the play.You never know what will happen.One of the most opportunities to get an interception is when the ball is tipped up.If we have a receiver who's going out and, let's say he got burned on the coverage,.

And this guy runs a slant on him and he's behind, he still want to stay in the play.Our quarterback could throw it and it could go through his hands and get tipped up.If this guy stays in the play and stays close he has an opportunity.Let's show what it looks like tutorial demo.He's going to back pedal and get beat to the inside and the defender is going to try to stay around the play, stay active and hopefully get rewarded.He had an opportunity to make the pick because.

The receiver missed the ball.Now we'll turn these guys into linemen.One other way we see this happen a lot is when you're driving in on a quarterback to always get your hands up.A lot of times you'll see that when he's driving in and has his hands up, this quarterback will throw it through his hands and it will be tipped up.So, if we have our defensive backs and our linebackers active around the ball they'll get a lot of interceptions.It might look something like this tutorial demo.He has his hands up and the ball is tipped.

Next Level Training Ultimate Defensive Back Skills And Drills

Next level training ultimate defensive back skills and drills,Donovin darius is a former defensive back for the jacksonville jaguars that knows the key elements to a strong pass coverage force the receiver to reroute by. Gallaudet football crazy tip drill interception tony tatum shelby bean,The ncaa division iii football tutorial highlight shows gallaudet university breaking up a pass by castleton state college in the third quarter on saturday sept. Alabama defensive backs interception drills ole miss week 93014,If youre new subscribe vop1zo the alabama coaching staff has put an emphasis on creating turnovers the past few weeks the tide dbs.

Flagfootball drills,Coaching tutorial. Football safety tips how to do the cushion drill with steve gregory,Steves protips4u page stevegregoryfootballtips facebook sfacebookprotips4u twitter stwitterprotips4u purchase. Alabama safeties interception drills 32815,If youre new subscribe vop1zo new alabama secondary coach mel tucker throws passes to his safeties to practice intercepting the ball.

Richard sherman tip drill interception seattle seahawks 2014 nfc football sunday,Via youtube capture.

Football soccer drill interception game,In comotreinarfutebolblogspotpt by pedro mendona. 13 soccer drills to improve touch ball control and footwork,13 soccer drills to improve touch ball control and footwork download a free soccer training course at progressivesoccertraining.


Coach jules montinar interceptions drill tape,Jmu cornerbacks led the country with number of interceptions returned for touchdowns 4 this is how we did it key drill step in front. Marquette interception drill,This is a defensive drill the passing player turns to make a pass and the defender must make a decision of which way the pass is going this is good for 1v2.

Bowling green incredible tip drill interception vs idaho,Bowling green defensive back josh pettus finally comes down with the interception after two of his teammates tip it back and forth the play is a week 2. Csu safeties work an interception drill with dc tyson summers,Csu safeties work an interception drill with dc tyson summers by mike brohard sports editor at the loveland reporterherald covering colorado state.

Vance cuff tip drillrambos interception against tennessee,Vance cuff reads the tennessee qbs eyes and makes a play on the ball tipping it up for bacarri rambo to make an interception. Camp highlight jimmie ward interception,The thirdyear defensive back continues his hot start this offseason with this interception during team drills. Individual defending tactics soccer italian style academy training dvd,Get more info at shopsoccertutorindividualdefendingtacticsitalianstyledvdpstd004htm individual defending tactics italian style this.

Tip Drill Trae Waynes Picks Off Russell Wilson Seahawks Vs Vikings NFL

Tip drill trae waynes picks off russell wilson seahawks vs vikings nfl,Minnesota vikings cornerback trae waynes intercepts seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson in the third quarter of the nfc wild card game subscribe. Brent grimes optimus grimes,Spatreonuseru2567217tyh please support this channel on patreonboredfilmgrads. Brees 2 minute drill ends in interception by rafael bush saints minicamp 2015 training camp,Intercepted in the end zone 6172015 sam 5179.

Josh norman career highlights,I hope that josh can play better next year and it looks like hes on the road to success let me know what other highlights you want me to make if you are. 2001 peach bowl interception,Karlos dansby intercepts the ball out of bounds and tosses it to dontarious thomas before he lands. Best trucks in football history,Follow hf on instagram 1u8sagv like hf on facebook 1hujtrv3 follow hf on twitter 1puvje0 song really really.

The bump and run technique with tj ward,Tjs protips4u athlete page 1momq0y like us on facebook sfacebookprotips4u follow us on twitter. Odell beckham jr and jarvis landry practice crazy onehanded catches catching odell nfl,Odell beckham jr goes back to lsu with former teammate jarvis landry beckham talks about how the two former tigers push each other to be the best and. Highschool football player makes an interception funny celebration dance,Tip drill interception.

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