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Hello and welcome to yet another tutorial blog about football manager 2014 for pc, mac linux.This week we'll be taking a look at what fans of classic mode can expect this season.Classic mode was introduced last year as a more streamlined fm experience to suit people with less time on their hands.The idea behind it was to focus only on the key responsibilities of a manager, such as tactics and transfers.The reason for this was to allow fans to progress through their career at a much quicker rate,.

So they could enjoy a season on fmc in one evening, and we're still committed to this policy when it comes to adding new features.However, having released the mode for the first time last year we felt there was room for improving the experience for classic mode fans, so we've made some changes that we felt were important to our ethos of what classic mode should be.The first thing you'll notice are some changes we've made to the game setup.Last year we restricted the number of playable nations to three.

To ensure that the game progressed quicker than the full career mode, but in fm14 we've added the option to remove these restrictions and have as many playable nations open as you want.There will still be a limit on the amount of leagues playable to ensure the game progresses quickly, but it gives you more freedom to run the nations you want when setting up your game.You can also change the game's start date and database size under the advanced setup option in the same way as you would in career mode.

Although note that the larger the database, the slower the game will be as all of the extra players have their own personalities and careers to simulate.Part of the philosophy behind fmc is to deliver information in a more graphical way and we have redesigned certain screens to reflect this.Firstly, the match preview screen has been overhauled.You can now see the complete league table, the day's fixtures from your division and a team report snapshot of which you can see a more indepth version by clicking on the detailed report' button.

There are also separate sections for match details', previous match' and team news'.We've also added adaptive layout to this screen.Another screen that has been redesigned has been the manager profile.There is now much more information on this screen including a more detailed breakdown of a manager's achievements and career history.The manager's biography is also included on this page as well as the fmc steam leaderboard.The career stats section has been given a redesign to give it a greater emphasis on the page.The staff overview screen has been given a complete overhaul.

With much more information being displayed about each of your members of staff as well as action buttons to interact or view information on their area of expertise.The training screen has been redesigned to show more information on how your squad is performing in training.There are separate sections of the screen devoted to your squad's happiness with the current training schedule, their current fitness and notable training performances.You can also see an overview of your top coaches' rating and the standard of your training facilities.Oh and speaking of training, if you a playing someone in a position or role that they are unfamiliar with.

Your coaches will automatically train them in that area.The main scouting screen has also been redesigned to include the sort of graphical interface that is present throughout the rest of fmc with more clear information on each of your scout's activities.We've added a number of new features to scouting in fmc.Firstly, you are now able to carry out up to eight scouting assignments at any one time and in specific regions, countries or competitions so you'll be able to gather reports on more players than before.One very noticeable difference between career mode and classic mode.

Is that in classic mode you have the option to create match plans when you instant result a game.These allow you to instruct your players on how you'd like them to react to a range of potential scenarios that may occur during the game.For fm14 we've added a match plans wizard to help you create such plans.You'll also be able to save these match plans and export them to be used in other fmc saves.Also, when instant resulting, the match report from your game will popup over the results screen after the match.

Unlockables have proven popular in fmc, so this year we've both expanded and adapted them.You'll see two new unlockables in the game, magic sponge allows you to get rid of a player's injury, whilst morale boost allows you to give your players a boost in morale.We've also expanded on the son at club' unlockable as well, allowing you to name your son.And one of the unlockables has changed so much we've changed it's name, high visibility is now turn on attribute masking.And because circumstances change throughout your fmc career,.

We've also added in the option to switch unlockables off.This means that if you've applied an unlockable to a saved game and have now decided you want to deactivate it, you can.Team meetings have also been added to fmc.These will occur less often than in career mode but, at a relevant time to stage a team meeting, your assistant will approach you to hold one.Other nice features include a layout similar to career mode when addingremoving leagues, an affiliate clubs sub panel on the club overview screen.

And the fmc leaderboards now display the name of the team that you're playing as on the challenge start screen.Finally, we've added the full transfer deadline day experience from career mode into fmc because those of us at the studio who were playing classic mode and who had previous played career mode really missed it not being there! these are just a handful of the new features for fmc in football manager 2014.With the improvements and redesigns that are included this year, we hope that you'll enjoy classic mode even more than you enjoyed it last year.


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