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How to Train your Players Top Eleven 2016 Tutorial NEW

Hi, and welcome to our new top eleven training tutorial.2016 has just begun and we wanted to kick off this year with a brand new addition to the game.The new training feature will help bring your top eleven experience to the next level.Let's take a closer look at the new training feature and see what is has to offer.Training your team is a key part of any managers journey to success.You can access the training screen as usual via the drop down menu on the left hand side of your screen.

Here you can select specific players for your training session.You can also simply select all or choose players based on their zonal positions.When selecting your players always check their condition first, you want them to be fit and ready for the future matches.Once you have selected your players for training, don't forget to select done and head back to the general overview.Now it's time to arrange a training schedule for your selected players.To this you must select your drills.Here you can create your training schedule from 3 different drill categories.

Attack, defence and physical mental.Every drill improves different attributes so think strategically while making your winning drill combinations.Firstly choose the type of drill you are looking for and and then select and hold your drill to drag into your schedule.The key to a successful training session is to have a good combination of drills.Test a few different sessions and see what works best for your team.Based on the intensity of the chosen session you can see how much it will affect the condition of your players.

On the right hand side of the screen.Level up and unlock new training drills and improve the quality of your sessions.If you are happy with your selection select done and start the training in the main screen.Once the training session is complete, you will get an overview of the effects of your schedule in a detailed training report.Here, you will also notice that we have a new system to help managers understand and analyse the quality of their training and the capability of their players.We will explore this new system further in a more advanced tutorial.

Your teamwork bonuses are a key part of top eleven training.These bonuses will improve different aspects of your teams performance in future games.Check out the bonuses tab in the main screen to read more about what each bonus brings in detail.In the bonuses tab you can also hire a special coach that gives you a training boost for the next 24 hours right below the report, you can also read up on the the special requirements for extra bonuses to get the maximum out of your session.Back in the main training screen there is also a physio center available to your squad.

Here you can ensure that your players are in the best physical condition, by either resting them, or giving specific players a booster before the next training session.Lastly, if you cannot lead your own training sessions because of your busy calendar, you can choose the quick training option and get your assistant manager to help.All you need to do is decide on the intensity of the training schedule.However, take note that while the assistant manager will organize decent training sessions, the training will never be as good as.

Football Manager Understanding Training Notebook Tip

Football manager understanding training notebook tip,Football manager understanding training notebook tip as always guys these are my interpretations of the game any questions please ask forzafoxy. 5 football manager 2015 tips training,5 football manager 2015 tips training in this episode i share with you 5 tips for training on football manager 2015 if you have any tips you would like to share. Top 10 football manager 2016 bargain wonderkids fm16,Subscribe to football daily fdsubscribe football daily counts down 10 bargain wonderkids on this years edition of football manager so get.

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Master your tactics advanced top eleven tutorial,Subscribe to top eleven ssubscriptioncenteraddusertopelevenfm play top eleven for free now nordeustut2015pl.

Best manager ever top eleven,So today we are going to find out who the best manger is aa9skillz or nepenthez get top eleven here nordeusate2015 like the tutorial if you enjoyed. Football manager 2016 how to find the best players fm16,My first fm16 tutorial are you guys enjoying the game please leave a like if you enjoyed this small tiptutorial and leave your suggestions on any improvements.

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Football manager 2015 1 started from the bottom introduction,Started from the bottom now we here fmcampbe11 aims to take the lowest media predicted team in england to the top get involved. Your club needs you top eleven 2016 feat mourinho,Play top eleven now and experience the brand new training feature monelinkme91aab87a top eleven 2016 brings an amazing new experience and. Top 5 football manager wonderkids,Top 5 wonder kids from football manager of all time whats the craziest thing youve done whilst playing the game let us know in the comments below.

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Top eleven ft jos mourinho be a football manager official topeleven tv commercial,Play top eleven 2015 for free now nordeusplay2015 the official top eleven 2015 commercial featuring jos mourinho as seen on tv ad. An introduction whats new top eleven 2015,Play top eleven 2015 for free now nordeuspl2015 top eleven 2015 brings a completely new experience to our users watch the official top eleven. Top 5 best regens in football manager 2016,Here is just a selection of my top 5 favourite regens ive used in football manager 2016 twitter stwitterkeepersofficial.

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