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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Diet and Routine

Hey whats up guys make a rap with some sadistic dot com and go pitt formula dot com cristiano ronaldo workout this is a tutorial all about christiana rinaldo want the best soccer football players in the world is gonna become a brief right down about christiana were not always work now and is dire you want to come and get all the detail you can come and check out article i just throw at savvis tank dakar basically he is very athletic he's very quick and he's very powerful and he's very strong there's a reason for that its it had to do with.

His diana workout so i was like the star out with diane think it's ok the most important are cristiano ronaldo workout a bow you know getting in that shape that you really want to get into at the alive people overlook the fact that you need a strong guy arm so i really like to put a strong focus on miss okay and and christiane although his bat at 10 percent body fat and i think again one the biggest reason is nutrition he doesn't put put much junk food in his body doesn't drink too much.

And are i think it most people kinda all that that routine more people would have more success obviously you know you wanna have that kinda stuff every once in a while maybe so often but you know just don't make a habit of putting that type stuff into your body they put the strong upset some protein okay and it's very good were before he goes in trade you know have a protein shake before he goes and train their before cause plays it on hand to your energy and strength but also enhance your.

Flexibility and agility your your play they also to come again to the meals yeah i is gonna i gotta out i'll give you examples here arm that he would a diet that he would kinda all basically is gonna run around six meals a day begun a smaller snack smaller size snack meal since they're a big large portion it's a breakfast is gonna cristiano ronaldo workout focus more protein and carbs up through whole grain cereal eggs no would be an example male for lunch he's gone for more a lowcalorie meal.

Fruits veggies maybe like pasta dare say a caesar salad caesar salad because it low in calories than also has a lot about a man's minerals and protein and maintainers more rich kinda meal i consisting up by a proteins by the vending carts may be something like chicken breast cristiano ronaldo workout ish or other lean meats green beans race and then maybe some fruit for dessert so is his workout routine i'm pretty amazed with this guy's routine he's very dedicated to you worked about three or four hours of.

Daily practice to assure that and that less than 10 percent by that several periods are running running state cardio 25 to 30 minutes high intensity explosive spring drills technical journals tactical exercises boers football or soccer and i gym exercises develop specific muscles and then in addition i don't really talk about that much during his play is also essentially training because his is not not do anything out there is running light spreading lies doing a lot activity that requires cristiano ronaldo workout lot are love is energy okay.

So i'm very impressed with the i'll let me give you a kind of a sample exercise regimen that you've got your i'll let you gonna come through here but basically by ross klotzbach stamp is dar box jumps rogers will jumping lines lateral brown day two is gonna rest 830 do a circuit three times per people up bench bench steps all apps medicine ball toss push press tape or quadrant carry a paracrine spurting day 5 is more record stability one arm site that lets dumbbell one leg deadlifts i meet uh.

Job overhead slam one leg barbossa why hanging leg raises and basics and a7 basics you addressed a seven is gonna do cardio with jump roping cristiano ronaldo workout and some resistance pretty now i something that a lot of people notice about christian or not though is that he has amazing abs and i yes he works his butt off on that he actually i have done very in you desire up to 3000 setsets per day as a daily routine okay but i wanna let you know that the reason is able to develop those abs because.

There's bowl body cristiano ronaldo workout okay doesn't matter how many exercises beeper have this you're not going to get that six pack unless you have a low body fat so you really go up to six packs abs you need to focus on getting your body that too at least 12 center more ideally around 10 percent here's a couple or the other exercises russian medicine ball cost windshield wipers and culture and kobe her so again like a kind alluded to another success i believes his dedication ice i study a lot of successful people or i see a comment thread there just.

Completely dedicated the crappiness guys training at least three to four hours heard a not on his days off obviously but days that is is training is working 34 hours a day a does that consistently every single day six days after it stays persistent okay so i feel like that's the biggest reason why as a success that it does and i think was just i'll take a lesson from there you really want to get to your goal then you need to dedicate yourself and just keep going after and stay persistent and consistent.

Eventually you'll get there okay so that is the article on christiane are not those days work out if you're coming to savvis inc com to get cristiano ronaldo workout all the details in read the poor article if you want to be our up today latest training go to go pick formula dot com but thanks for watching this tutorial cristiano ronaldo workout make sure to subscribe to come out bunch more tutorials like this lot more exercises lower diet tips all type stuff so that they want to get.

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