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music james dobson well, the objective of the strength and conditioning department is to make sure, number one, our guys are athletically enhanced to be able to perform on that football field, number two is to help decrease their risk of injury and that's our two main objectives when we train our athletes.Well, a lot of guys when they walk in the doors here, there's some guys that need to get a little bigger, some guys need to change body composition, get stronger, get faster.And we have to look at those areas and figure out.

A plan of how we're going to get there, depending on the individual's abilities.You know, they're very specific to the individual's needs.We don't classify them as o lineman, d lineman, wide receivers, qbs, what have you.We don't put them in a group, because within that group you're going to have a lot of different guys.There's a lot of different areas that you're going to need improvement on.So, we look at them as individuals.And then, once we figure out what they have going for them, what they have some issues with,.

Then we can develop that program for them, to help them meet those needs and help them get better.Well, in our weight room we're very fortunate to have a nice facility.We have a nice weight room for the football team to work out in.There's no question about that.And do have little areas in here that are specific to what we try to do.For example, we have a big open space, when the guys walk in the door and they wake up early in the morning and they got a weight training session,.

We got to wake them up, we got to get going, we do soft tissue work with them, we need space to do that.We do quick foot exercises to get our heart rates up, to get the blood flowing, that goes into more mobility training.After mobility training, we kind of hit activation, activating muscles and muscle groups that we need to get going for the movement of the day.Then we hit the torso.We hit torso training.After torso training, we go ahead and do some plyometric drills, if need be,.

Depending on what we're trying to accomplish.Then after that, we move to the other side of the weight room and we got our racks, our barbells, our dumbbells, our power lifting racks that we use to implement some of our major movements in our design.Then as you work through areas for cardiovascular exercise that we do and then we have more recovery areas in our weight room.So, it all kind of fits together, the flow of the room and what we do and how we do it.Music.

Well, inseason we treat different groups differently.We have guys that play on saturdays, you typically call 2deep guys.These guys are going to lift twice a week.They're guys that are going to have to go ahead and make sure that their strength and power does not decrease throughout the season.So we treat them a little bit differently than the younger guys.We have guys that are going to redshirt, we have guys that aren't going to play at all, they got to get a head start in their development.

So we really push these guys hard during the season.We lift those guys 3 times a week and we treat it like an off season.They can be sore on saturdays.They don't have to be ready to go on saturdays.But we got to get a head start in their development, so we push them extremely hard throughout the inseason part of the program.Once we get out of the inseason, then we go into the offseason.Now it is fair game for the whole team, we go in there and we train hard.

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The principle of maxstrength training is to increase the strength of the muscle which also increases its power capacity.Within our preseason it's our development stage and we can actually put them through an overload, more volume in the gym.High reps, higher sets with added load and added resistance.Nice, then drop it down.Spot on mate.Generally within our strength sessions we're doing three of four sets working up to five rep max.So our first principle exercise in our programme is the trap bar deadlift.As we grab it we lower into it, sit our hips back, chest nice and big, explosive up.Knock.

It down, straight back up.For five reps.Today's principle lift was trap bar so predominantly working the hamstring eccentric and concentric contractions can be replicated on the pitch in terms of running, so what we're working around is the principles of that functional movement but actually isolating it within the gym.A professional athlete should be able to lift two times his bodyweight within a deadlift.That strength should hopefully ensure that the hamstring doesn't tear and cause an injury.Next exercise is split squat foot raise using the bench.Take the front foot forward, and.

Then all you're doing is going down making sure that comes to a ninety degree or just below ninety and this one should nearly touch the floor.Football isn't played in a bilateral plane, so that means two feet stood together like we saw with the trap bar.Try and drive the heel into the ground as well.Football is multidirectional so you might bound off one leg and change direction, that single leg squat is working the quadracep mainly but also hamstring stabilization and glute, they're the main functional areas we use within a game, within our training creating.

That platform of injury prevention and strengthening.Next exercise is wide grip pull up.Pull ups are great upper body exercise.It utilizes core body stabilization, delts, traps, latts everything is activated within the back, upper body strength is just as important as lower body strength within football.If you're challenging with an opponent you can shrug them off and keep your core stablized to change direction or when you're dribbling with the ball.It's not about muscle depth, it's about muscle quality.These exercises can be replicated anywhere, we're blessed with the facilities.

Football Strength Training In Season Workout Design

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Football Strength And Conditioning

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