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Hello, i am guido from football tricks online and today i will teach you the following trick! this is a great trick to pass the ball over the opponent there are some tricks that are hard to control and you have some risk of losing the ball if done in a real match but.This trick is really confortable trick if you control it good enough.Its a really comfortable trick to perform in game situations and having a low risk of losing the ball but.As i said before, you got to control the basics of the trick.

This trick is a variant of the rainbow we have explained the rainbow trick already in our channel you can see the tutorial on screen by clicking it you will also have the link in the description as you see in the rainbow trick.We pass the ball over the opponent in this case its the same, but with a different technique as you see in todays trick.We flick the ball up with a special technique which is the following.This is an individual trick itself thsi trick is called the pendulum!.

We also have a tutorial for the pendulum in our channel so i recommend you to watch it before continuing with today's tutorial you can watch it by clicking on screen there will be a link in the description as well once you control it if you control it, today's trick will be much easier to learn i will still go over it in a fast way just in case you don't want to watch the other tutorial but i recommend watching it because its more detailed and it will be much easier for you.

Lets start with the trick step next to the ball with you nondominant foot once you are stable in position with you dominant sole, roll the ball in direction to nondominant foot like this once we roll it.The ball will go over our foot and keep rolling we dont want that.We need to make the ball bounce to do this, simply lift your toes a little bit then hit the ball performing a soft hit to the inner so the ball will do this.As you see, it bounces.

In conclusion, lift your toes, perform soft inner hit and make the ball bounce! as i said before, make a soft hit but not super soft, or the ball wont lift high enough dont hit it too hard neither or the ball will go to the side we simply want the ball to bounce the most centered as possible or call it a controllable zone so try to look for that medium power, not too soft and not too hard! so the ball bounces in the zone we are looking for.

The nondominant foots distance its also important dont place it too close tot he ball or we wont give the ball space to roll and gain power to bounce and dont place it too far or your body will be in a uncomfortable position to perform the trick in general soas we said before.Look for a midium term not too far or not too close just practice different distances and use the one that was most effective then just maintain that distance practice is and see how it comes out!.

So.Al together will be like this nondominant foot at a considerable distances from the ball drag ball with sole of dominant hit the ball with toes to the inner and make the ball bounce once you control this, you are ready for step 2 step 2 is very easy jsut hit the ball with outside part of your dominant foot to pass the ball over the opponent so step 2 is way easier than step 1 step 1 and 2 together will be this.Keep in mind the following tip.About hitting the ball over the opponent.

In football.Any second can completely change a play so if you hit the ball too high over the opponent.The trick will be well done.But if the ball goes way too high it will obviously be in the air more seconds this will give your opponent time to reposition or sprint to the ball and take it or if he is really fast, maybe he arrives before you and gets the ball! so when you perform this trick.To make it look better visually and technically try to hit it with just the right power to go over the opponent.

But never too high or he will have that extra time in his benefit this trick is not performed at mega speed or sprinting recommended phase is when jogging or taunting your opponent or you can stop the ball and do it with no ball movement this will be with no ball movement do whatever you want.Quickly stop the ball and perform the trick the other way is to jog and taunt at slow speed then perform best position to perform the trick is sideways to your opponent because as we lift it, the ball will be in perfect position to hit it over him.

If we perform it while we face him.We will hit the ball in other direction which we dont want! so as you face your opponent in game.Just go sideways before performing the trick then lift and hit it over him! ok guys! i hope you enjoyed this tutorial its really good to perform in game wtf dude let this be the last time you reveal! gt back to the prison cell! you are never getting out again! the next time you try to reveal.You will see!! i already have hired a prison guard, highly trained.

So you cant escape anymore! and for trying to escape you will have double conviction people will ahve to help you a lot with likes because this is not acceptable, its not acceptable at all to try to escape from the max security fto prison cell got it!!! allright guys i hope you enjoyed todays tutorial its a really cool trick i hope you practice it dont forget to hit the like button, because it helps! you can subscribe we upload all tuesdays and thursdays! you can follow us in social networks in tutorial and description.

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