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Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai

Many international news agencies are now reporting that rear admiral rick williams has been fired for questioning president obama's purchase of a mansion in dubai it all started with a stunning new foreign intelligence service reports circulating in the kremlin stating that the united states navy's top commander was relieved of his command a few hours after you sent out an email revealing that president barack obama was in the process of purchasing a multimillion dollar seaside luxury villa in the united arab emirates city of dubai uae according to this report.

The commander of the uss navy's carrier strike group 15 posted appointed query on january 8 that has since been deleted to the us naval institute's internal posting page he questioned as to why navy security and intelligence personnel had been dispatched from naval support facility thurmont also known as camp david to dubai on what he termed as an obama house hunting mission the russian report claims that within 18 hours of admiral william's posting this query the us navy's third fleet commander vice admiral nor titan acting on direct orders from her commanderinchief.

President barack obama fired admiral williams she stated that her action was due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command because of allegations of his misuse of government computer equipment when further questioned by russian today journalists the pentagon office refused to offer a reason for admiral williams filing but soon after began using anonymous stories to the you s press that admiral williams had been viewing pornography on his computer and that is why he was dismissed russian news alleges that this is an absurd claim since admiral williams or.

Any other usnavy officers or seen and do not have access to pornographic sites on their work computers as the us navymarine corps intranet block such sites and members are aware that their activities are being monitored due to edwards noted fer intelligence also claims that the uae confirmed that the obama house hunting mission is real and that a purchase was made for a luxury seaside villa located in the palm jumeirah development of dubai they affirmed that the house was purchased by the washington dcbased global public affairs company podesta group at a sale price of 4.9 million dollars or eighty.

Million uae dirhams it is important to note that the podesta group is led by tony podesta who is one of the most powerful oligarchs in the america and a close personal friend of president obama identity groups purchase of the dubai luxury seaside mansion for president obama is deemed legally represented by washington dcbased global law firm dla piper dla piper's the power broker behind saudi arabia's massive multimillion dollar public relations machine often operating specialinterest groups behind the scenes and effectively corrupting the united states political establishment if this is true it is likely that the purchase was made as a.

Asamoah Gyan Working Out At 3am In The United Arab Emirates

Asamoah gyan working out at 3am in the united arab emirates,Ghana striker asamoah gyan is keeping himself in shape by training at odd times in the uae. Ballfeeling exercises 2 soccer football training with jordan christoph,You can find on jordantraining over 300 tutorial exercises which will improve your football technique. Financial crises for sathyan memorial football training center manorama news,Financial crises for sathyan memorial football training center the official youtube channel for manorama news manorama news keralas no 1 news and.

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Epic battle f2 vs pro keeper,Over 187000 of you requested it its finally here nico is one of the best young pro goalkeepers in the world only the best of the best get signed by barca.

U16 training with coach emre temizkan coordination and agility soccer drill,Soccer drill coordination agility dribbling shooting. Football school of india training live 31st march 2016,This tutorial was captured by youtube sports on 31st of march 2016 in delhi international school dwarka sector18 delhi in this tutorial you can see live football.

Arsenal FC Wonder Kid Omari Hutchinson AMAZING Skills

Arsenal fc wonder kid omari hutchinson amazing skills,Amazing young wonder kid with incredible skills who plays for arsenal fc youth team talk to us on twitter stwitterf2freestylers insta thef2. Mogadishu fifa begins football training as security safety return,Worldleaderstv mogadishu fifa begins football training as security safety return maximsnewsnetwork 15 august 2013 auun ist. Ultimate crossfit fails compilation failarmy,Using crossfit to work on your summer bod hopefully youre having better luck than everyone in this hilarious crossfit fails compilation to subscribe for.

Goalkeeper training with cannons,Slovenia goalkeeper training with cannons. Azkals goal keeper neil bus etheridge at his best in training,63 neil etheridge prize goal keeper of the azkals doing what he does best in trainingsealing up the goal being able to move with such speed for a man his. Goalkeeper training,Gk mohammed faisal coach former french goalkeeper his previous clubs include as nancy lorraine lb chateauroux fc girondins de bordeaux where.

Guillaume mariole the ignite fitness and wellness owner showcasing technogym equipment,Guillaume mariole the ignite fitness and wellness owner showcasing technogym equipment this was taken from the activate digital magazine on the uae. Rachel lee goalkeeper dec training 2014,Rachel lee class of 2015 goalkeeper bc canada this tutorial showcases somefootwork diving high and low shotsmy other tutorials showed catching.

GICAT French France Defense Security Industry Land Forces Equipment At ISNR 2016 Abu Dhabi UAE

Gicat french france defense security industry land forces equipment at isnr 2016 abu dhabi uae,At isnr 2016 the international exhibition for national security and resilience which took place from the 27 to 29 march 2016 in abu dhabi uae france under. Uae falcons vs turkey mustang,American football game dubai uae 17032012 you can request your tutorial at arturwingsgmail. Manuel lanzini scores with a rabona at west ham united fc training,Manuel lanzini scores with a rabona at west ham united fc training manuel lanzini to permanently sign for west ham on fouryear deal west ham have.

Neymar scores cheeky reverse foot penalty,Neymar scores cheeky reverse foot penalty neymar scores cheeky reverse foot penalty neymar scores cheeky reverse foot penaltyneymar scores cheeky. Petratos bags a screamer,Kingisport menager ittrimi from usa best news sport beautiful summer teatroromano love teatroromanodinerone cute naples tbt igdaily igers. Martin degaard next messi amazing skills show hd,If you like this tutorial follow us facebook sfacebookamazingskills1subscribe for more.

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