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Nike Academy PreSeason Training Agility

Within football, you're changing direction every 5 meters, every 3 seconds.So you're constantly putting impact loads on your knees and ankle joints.We do controlled agility work.By controlling it, you get more development because you can work the technique, manipulate players in certain positions and get them cutting at different angles.Keep going, keep going! with the tdrill, we're working on the fundamentals of agility, seeing if there is a difference between right and left.An average time for that, both sides, for an elite academy would be below 9.33 seconds.

That is a very quick time.Anywhere between 9.33 and 9.5 is average and anything above that, you need to improve that metric.Now we're going to go into a possession game, but we're still focusing on changing direction and acceleration principles.What i want you to do is every time you play a pass to your teammate, you have to sprint through one of the gates.There are 6 gates in total, make sure you get through one of them.Play! every pass they make, they're finding new space.That's what we do in football.If you see barcelona, they do it.

Brilliantly.Little tiki taka passes, getting round and finding those pockets.Drop your shoulder and get through a gate, i want a change of pace.There are lots of variations you can do with that drill so i went into manmarking where they had to tag the player.This added competitiveness, trying to sprint away from your opponent.Time! the last drill of this series is using that change of direction again.Again, its competitive.So it will be 1v1 going through the slalom run.We've got two lines of players matched up like for like.

They'll react from a stimulus which is the ball dropping in the middle.They're then going through the slalom as fast as they can, getting around to get onto the ball and finish into the goal.Nice! 22.We're creating that cutting angle from around 45 degree to 90 degree.We're looking for that low body position, and low center of gravity.Short little steps to allow you to push off, and get around the slalom.Winner takes all, you get one opportunity, you've got to score.Pre season has gone really well.Everybody has come through pretty much injury free.

Nike Academy vs FC Barcelona

You're playing barcelona u19s.They're very very impressed with that they've seen.So they'll be cuing their guys up and saying you're in a game today this is not one they'll be taking lightly.We need you to be a strong team today, then the individuals within that will perform.We play with our heads at all times because the game is about showing what we've learnt.Close the gap! close the gap! squeeze.Played.Go on then, now you've got it.Go on.Yes ben, yes ben! unlucky.They're in, they're in.

That can't happen abou, too easy abou.Penalty.Probably if you're watching up in the stand, it's a little bit of a game of chess.Maybe they've had possession, but they haven't had penetration because our organisation is good.Ok, maintain the level of concentration.It's hard work mentally and physically but stick at it.Abou, you are much better than that, right.You are that reliable player, give us the strength in there.We need that player.Now you've realised that you can beat them.We knew.Hopefully some of you knew as well.

I can see now on your faces like me, this is happening.Now you have to go there and finish off the job.Well done, abou! good boytime abou.Patience now.Now we go! good.Go on, go on, you'll do it.Well done! there's your man, find your man.We've had some good results.That's the best one because i think you showed a real good understanding of how to press, how to attack, and how to stick to a game plan.During the first half, i wasn't at the top of my form.

And edu told me that but i already knew it.At half time i got my thoughts back in place and we did everything we needed to win in the second half.I think that the best way to develop a player is simply to play against the best opposition.We knew that they'd press us no matter what.But we coped with it very well.This whole trip has been an educational process for our players.To come here and learn about barcelona football club their philosophies, how they work, how they develop individuals, how they collectively work as a team.

UK Football Trials Official West London Football Trial QPR Training Ground February 2015

Uk football trials official west london football trial qpr training ground february 2015,Football trials in london harlington qpr do you want to be a pro footballer want the chance to get scouted check out the highlights from day one of the. Arsenal training ground at london colney,All rights reserved for arsenal and arsenal media. Wow we played at arsenals training ground,Wow we played at arsenals training ground watch as robbie and team aftv play at arsenals training ground at london colney in the draft kings cup.

Arsenal players arriving for the north london derby,Arsenal players arriving for the north london derby ox rosicky and looking relaxed aftv app iphone 1tnrv0 aftv app android. Uk football trials official west london football trial april 2015,Football trials in west london qpr training ground april 2015 do you want to be a pro footballer want the chance to get scouted check out the highlights. England three lions train at watfords training ground,Watch roy hodgsons squad train at the hornets training ground in london colney as they continue their preparations for this summers euro 2016 tournament.

Arsenal amazing training keep ball at the training ground,Arsenal amazing training keepball at the training ground amazing footballerarsenal amazing training keepball at the training ground fooball football.

Uk football trials official west london football trial april 2015,Football trials in west london qpr training ground april 2015 do you want to be a pro footballer want the chance to get scouted check out the highlights. Huracan at arsenals london colney training ground,Thanks to lucozade huracan got the opportunity to take part in amateur invasion and train at arsenals training ground the whole experience was fantastic and.

Str visits england training ground st georges park,Please subscribe likeshare subscribe subscriptioncenteradduserstrskillschool i got the chance to look around. Chile footballers training at arsenals grounds in london colney,Alexis sanchez and his teammates from chile train in london colney ahead of the international friendly against brazil below is a link to an article about praise.

Gabriel trains at london colney,New signing gabriel is put through his paces at arsenals training ground for more match action highlights and training tutorials make sure you become a digital. Football training session,London athletic fc training session at clitterhouse recreation ground on 2nd july 2016. Nathaniel clyne pulls off neat training ground trick slowmoskills,Nathaniel clyne performs a great little trick in england training at london colney the fa thefa wembley stadium wembleystadium twitter the fa.

Atlanta falcons train at london colney,The atlanta falcons use arsenals training ground at london colney ahead of their fixture against the detroit lions at wembley for more match action. Herts advertiser atlanta falcons training at arsenals london colney grounds,Training for the nfl. Pumps commissioned at london irish training ground,We were there when the pump was commissioned for the shower block at the new london irish training ground at hazlewood. Total football training ground passing,Total football brings another episode of training ground with nscaa and ussf d license coach peter douthit this episode focuses on passing technique and. Atlanta united training ground press conference,Atlanta united released renderings of their new training ground facility that is being built in marietta ga and plans to open in april of 2017.

High school training ground by malcolm london,Follow malcolmlondon when poet malcolm x london spits that the educated arent necessarily the educated hes referring to the inequalities of the public. A quick look at senior team training at crawley down ground in london ahead of romania friendly,Tt works out in london before journeying in to bucharest for tuesdays friendly vs romania ttff media tv. Puma evopower 13 first impression luca visits the arsenal training ground,Today you will travel with us to london to the training ground of arsenal and hear lucas first impression on the brand new puma evopower 13 how does the.

Soccer trick shots dude perfect,Its soccer football time see the football vs football tutorial we did with soccer am footballvsfootballtutorial here to watch us play bubble. Fc barcelona open doors training session full tutorial,In keeping with tradition the first team will be holding an open doors training session for the festive season this year it will be on monday january 4 at 1100 in. Ear to the ground nike football magista training w christian eriksen,Weve been helping nike give footballs most committed young fans the chance to experience the new magista football boot before anyone else we brought.

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