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Steelers wrap up first day of practice at training camp

Is holding its first practice of camp, andrew.Reporter hey, guys we making our way back from philadelphia.It is season 51 of steeler training camp at st.Vincent college.The steelers wrapping up the first of 14 practices open to the public.As you night imagine optimism is high here among both fan and player alike that this will be the year the steelers win the 7th vince lombardi proceed tee.A first look at the 2016 pittsburgh steelers.They took the field this afternoon for the first work out.

Of the year.Plenty of fans in the stance.The steelers are one of the favorites for a trip to the super bowl.Be rot listbur roethlisberger out on the field.Miller will try to step into the shoes.Gtgt you can't replace those type of guys, you can't be them.You try to do your best and be you.Reporter the steelers will look to green and also to jesse james to fill the void at tight independent.Here at camp it's more than football it's also about the fans.


Dad oh, ben.Hey, ben! remember me ben oh, my gosh.Not again.Dad no! no, hey, hey! ben, come on over here! i got.Klondikes up in the car.Where you going captions by vitac vitac man hey, troy.Give it to 'em, baby.Dad yeah! hey, deb! troy slapped my hand.Did you see that never washing it again.Mike.Plays in an effort to keep the drill going.Dad hey, coach.How you doing mike how'd you get in here again dad oh, i just tell the guys down at the gate.

That i'm, uh, todd haley's brother.And if that don't work, i give them a couple lottery scratchers and, uh, some 5050 tickets down my church.I'm in there.So, coach, how's the offseason mike it was pretty good.You know, a little youth baseball, my kids' activities dad oh, enough about that.Let's get to this season.Now, coach, i went out and i bought a $200 brett keisel jersey.I come to find out he ain't even on the team no more.I'm gonna i'm gonna have to wear that thing upside down,.

Hope people think it's aa throwback mario lemieux jersey.Geez.My mike wallace jersey is now a geno malkin jersey.Geez! mike i see that's somewhat of a throwback you got on right there, that old 22.Dad go ahead and feel that material right there.That's that's been through the warsh 500 times.Mike what is that, velvet dad yeah, well, it's something better than velvet 'cause it's lasting.Now, and i took some time, too, during the offseason.I drew up some plays right here.Would you like to hear them.

Mike yeah, yeah.That's all i need is some plays from a guy like you off the street, but, sure, let's hear 'em.Dad all right, let's get down to it.Now, iii got, uh, in this play right here, i got big ben with nothing but wide receivers.See you put wigs on all the defense so's they don't know which one is the real polamalu.Mike chuckles what else you got dad you hand the ball off and you have your running back zigzag all the way up and down the field.

No matter what you do, you can't catch him.Mike is that kind of tecmo bowlish dad no, i didn't get it from tecmo bowl.I got it well, yeah.That and madden '93, but, you know, it will work.It will work fine.Trust me.Mike this is joystick football.Dad scoffs gee, it worked good for bo jackson as an 8bit character.Why wouldn't it work for dri archer or le'veon bell coach, i think you need me to stand next to you on the sidelines,.

Help you out during the games.Mike no, you know what i was thinking we we need you in that special spot in your living room on the coach.I mean, you can't even get up when we go to commercial.Dad all right, i tell you.Deb, i told you right now.I got to sit in that spot on the on the chair or they don't even win.Man, i could how about if i go like this and they won't know what play i'm calling.

I'll be like wilson from home improvement.Is that what yinz want to be like mike i mean, you could do that on the coach.Dad i think i should be standing down there next to you.I think i could really help yinz out.Look at these plays i drew up.Mike like the big ben with the wigs dad hey, coach, i want to say right now, i heard yinz guys, you know, you retired mean joe's number.I thought that was real nice.Mike awesome, wasn't it dad that was fantastic.

There's a couple other numbers i'd like you to retire.8 and 8.Mike chuckles dad ugh! mike i tell you what.You've been coming up here the last two years.That might have something to do with it.Dad hey, deb! coach says we're cursed.We got to get out of here.I told you not to plant them purple flowers! you thought it was me the whole time.Start the car.We're gone.No, we're leaving jeffy here with coach.He's gonna be with him all day.

James Harrison Strength Training Workouts For Football Muscle Madness

James harrison strength training workouts for football muscle madness,James harrison is a professional american football player linebacker for nfl team pittsburgh steelers subscribe for more muscles. Pittsburgh steelers open their 2016 training camp,The pittsburgh steelers get into their first day of practice at training camp in latrobe. Pittsburgh steelers training w the vertimax raptor,More on football training vertimaxfootballtraining subscribe to vertimax tutorials vmaxvids the pittsburgh steelers training on the.

Pittsburgh steelers all access with antonio brown big ben more nfl network,Get an allaccess pass to pittsburgh steelers practice facility with former cornerback ike taylor go into the locker room and on to the field with ben. Pittsburgh steelers 2016 training camp wide receiver and running backs,Wide receiver and running back battles i do not own the rights to the music or footage in this tutorial all rights reserved to its original media outlets.

Pittsburgh steelers 2016 training camp cornerback battles,Ross cockrell vs artie burns i do not own the rights to the music or footage in this tutorial all rights reserved to its original media outlets.

Pittsburgh steelers training camp,A few clips of a visit to the pittsburgh steelers training camp saint vincent college latrobe pa august 6 2015. Pittsburgh steelers training camp recap show,Pittsburgh steelers training camp recap show nuc nfl draft bible correspondents miami mike ric on location in latrobe pennsylvania at pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Buffalo Bills Fight At Training Camp

Pittsburgh steelers vs buffalo bills fight at training camp,Pittsburgh steelers vs buffalo bills fight at training camp antonio brown hits kyle williams in the helmet. Pittsburgh steelers warm up for day 1 of training camp,The pittsburgh steelers loosen up for day 1 of training camp in latrobe. Pete thistle pittsburgh football training,Gamespeedbiz pete came to dst to follow coach shawn moody as pete and shawn have been working together since he was 14 we wish pete the best.

Pittsburgh steelers 2016 training camp starting safety battle,Robert golden or sean davis i do not own the rights to the music and tutorial in this preview all rights reserved to its original media outlets. Football diaries antonio browns offseason workout,Antonio brown put up huge numbers for the pittsburgh steelers in 2013 but the wide receiver says he has to put all that in the rearview and focus on 2014. Pittsburgh steelers 2016 training camp nose tackle battle,Who will win the battle dan mccullers or javon hargrave all rights reserved i do not own the music rights in this tutorial see card.

Dad at steelers training camp 2013,Pittsburgh dad talks to coach mike tomlin heath miller ike taylor larry foote and other pittsburgh steelers at training camp like pittsburgh dad on. Pittsburgh premier soccer winter training,Pittsburgh premier pro soccer training winter speed and strength training powered by vesla360pittsburghpremier. Pittsburgh steelers training camp mike tomlin,Pittsburgh steelers training camp mike tomlin nuc nfl draft bible on location in latrobe pennsylvania for pittsburgh steelers training camp tunein and.

Pittsburgh Premier Pro Soccer Training

Pittsburgh premier pro soccer training,Pittsburgh premier pro soccer training qv summer academy. Pittsburgh steelers 2016 training camp state of the linebackers,Talking the steelers linebackers corp. Heavyweights 2 training camp pittsburgh steelers parody movie trailer,Facebookfacebookjagoffs twittertwitterbenstonium the only summer camp big enough for a champion ben stiller whips.

Pittsburgh steeler xavier grimble off season training,Pittsburgh steeler xavier grimble off season training phase 1 sports has trained a number of professional athletes however we are most proud of the ones. Steelers experimenting with robot tackling dummies nfl,The pittsburgh steelers are taking technology to the next level by using robot tackling dummies in practice to try and avoid injuries and increase player safety. Espn first take mike tomlin on pittsburgh steelers and rooney rule,Espn first take today 8316 stephen a smith and max kellerman are live at pittsburgh steelers training camp mike tomlin interview on pittsburgh.

Day in the life of pittsburgh steelers jason worilds,Jason worilds is on a quest to achieve greatness see how the steelers dynamic pass rusher is raising his game this offseason 1qn0qcy twitter. Put up your dukes good play ray vinopal 2016 pittsburgh steelers training camp the pres ss,Nfl 2016 pittsburgh steelers training camp brandon browndukes battles steeler safety ray vinopal for extra yards with some speed the pres ss. Leveon bell speed drills for football muscle madness,Leveon bell is a professional american football running back for the pittsburgh steelers nfl team subscribe for more muscles.

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