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Relationship coach tony gaskins here just want to check in today.I want to do a tutorial about side women, side women.The woman on the side if you don't know what side women are.This is just, i mean, it's crazy it's crazy in our world there are so many women settling for being the woman on the side and coach a lot of women like that, i meet a lot of women like that and meet women that want to be my side woman.I meet women that want to be the woman on the side that.

Takes me from my wife.Some have just came out and said it, some have pretended to be interested in writing a book, some have pretended to be interested in being a client and you know, the next thing you know, it's like wow, that was the motive.I know a lot of guys, i've been the guy that have had side women.You know i know a lot of guys that have had side women.I know a lot of women that that are on the side.This is the message to all of you ladies that are dating a man, interested in a man,.

Talking to a man and you know he has a girlfriend or you know he has a fiance or a wife.You are, in case you didn't know, you are the woman on the side, and you will always be the woman on the side.You may know one woman, two women, that have went from being the woman on the side to being the main woman.But guess what if she was the woman on the side and she went from being the woman the side to being the one.

On the side to being the main woman, she will have a woman on the side.Her man will have a woman on the side, because that's just how he operates, that's him.So.Swizz beats left mashanda for alicia keys.Guess what alicia keys will have to deal with a woman on the side, and she just may happen to be a hot new artist who's hot in the game, coming up and twenty five years old, beautiful, and swiss beats is producing a whole album for her and they fall in love and the same thing happened.You know.

It'll be karma.I mean, i'm not saying alicia keys set that up or she did it on purpose but you know if you know a man is married guess what that man is off limits.If you know he's in a committed relationship that man is off limits.So i want to give you from the male perspective why we have women on the side.The only reason really why a man has a woman on the side is because he is not sure about the one that he's with.

He doesn't know if she is the woman for lifetime, the woman he can be with until the day he dies.And so, a lot of men subconsciously are always looking for an upgrade, looking for an upgrade, a woman that can uh.Be his eighty you know instead of his twenty be the eighty instead of the twenty and so a lot of times, we may risk that eighty percent for that twenty percent or that ninety percent for that ten percent.Really today is more like risking the ninety five percent for the five percent.

You know it's ninety five to five because if a woman is willing to be the woman on the side, she sees herself like a five instead of like you're ninety five.And she's okay to be there.Her mindset is like, he's willing to commit, so let me coerce him into committing with me.Young lady or older lady you're setting yourself up for failure.When have you ever seen someone sit down to a meal that they chose, a meal that they chose, a meal that they're paying for.

And they eat the side.They eat the asparagus and leave the steak.When have you ever seen that done that they eat the carrots and leave the chilean sea bass.When have you ever seen that done see, that's what you have to realize, that if you're on the side you gonna stay there.You'll never mean more to that man than the woman he's with.Now if you are the main woman and your man has dealt with women on the side or he has a woman on the side,.

And you say well how can he love me and still do this guess what he loves you but he's not in love with you.Refer to my tutorial love vs.In love he loves you but he's not in love with you.Love is as shallow as uh.A sexual attraction a strong affection, but it's different from being in love.See when i loved my wife the first two two years of our marriage, i loved her.I love, i wasn't in love.I loved her.So guess what i seen other women.

If another woman was slick enough, i could entertain that other woman.But when i fell in love.If a woman comes to me today, i don't really see her.I can coach her.She can sit right here on my couch in my office and she can be as sexy and fine as she want to be.She can come here every single week but because i am in love not just with my wife, but in love with god, the one who has given me everything that i have.Guess what.

I can not have a woman on the side.And as soon as i feel like she's okay or she's ready or she's willing to be a woman on the side, i gotta cut ties.I gotta cut ties.Now, i know a lot of women my wife blogged about something like this.Women were texting me oh, did i ever come off you sexually because we don't talk anymore.No we just don't talk 'cause i'm too busy.You know we used to, i used to coach you or help you whatever we just don't, i'm.

Too busy.I don't have any women on the side, so if you are female business partner, i did business with, and now we don't talk it's not because you came at me sexu.I'm just too busy.Not every man will cut off a woman on the side and here's why.Because, the woman on the side, she is she is the garbage dump.If you are the woman on the side, you are the garbage dump.To where.You, he comes to you to relieve his stress see, he comes to you to.

You're the vacation.But really it's the garbage dump, so what that means is that he's just coming to you with his trash time not is meaningful time, his waste time his trash time.And you're being his garbage disposal, you're getting his junk time.She's getting his meal time, heis real time you know his full time.Now if you are the side woman and you're dealing with a man and you talk to him all the time, guess what and you know he's married.He may be married with kids.

He may be a man like myself that is put in a lot of time and build trust.So some men they build a woman's trust and then they abuse her trusts.See i can't abuse my wife's trust, because i know that i love god and i know that everything i have, i'll lose it.So i can't abuse her trust, but if a man doesn't have a real walk with god and he doesn't fear of higher power, then he will abuse this woman's trust and he will sleep with the woman on the side, just out of greed, just out of greed, just out.

Of curiosity, just seeking a thrill.The same reason why men play football, the same reason why men gamble the same reason you know why men love motorcycles and drive a hundred twenty miles down the highway with all these cars around them just seeking a thrill.It's in our blood line, and until you mature and become a real man and start doing real business and fulfilling your real purpose, you're always seeking that thrill so that you can feel fullfilled and so a lot of time with men, we do that with women.

It's either money it's fancy cars, fixing up cars, it's women, it's strip clubs, it's pornography or it's all of the above.But i want you to understand today for the ladies, if you're on the side, i want you to start loving yourself enough to feel worthy of a lifetime commitment.Love yourself enough to prepare your brain your brand and your body to become a whole woman and attract a whole man.You have to feel worthy of a whole man.Instead of you being half of a woman,.

Trying to attract half of a man, become a whole woman and attract a whole man, and find real love, cultivate real love and sign the dotted line to be loved until death does you part.If you a man with a woman on the side, i want to tell you today that you're spinning your tires.Just picture spinning your tires.You're jogging in place and eating fried chicken, you know.Eating peanut butter.You're on the treadmill while eating fried chicken.That's the equivalent to having a woman on the side.You're wasting.

Your time.You're wasting your time, you're losing your money you're spreading yourself too thin, and you're losing in life.The reason why is because when you take and you love one woman and you give her all of your love guess what you're treating her like a queen at that point and when you treat her like a queen, she will treat you like a king, most of the time nineteen nine percent of the time.I know we're going to have some grown boys oh these women dogs, oh these women this, oh these women that.No.

I know, 'cause i probably had more women than 99.9 of the men that's watching this.So i understand women.The dog women they're dog women 'cause they're dealing with dog man.They had a dog daddy, they got a dog boyfriend, they got a dog exhusband, so they realize it's a dogeatdog world let me become a dog, but if you become a real man, you wash that woman with love and she becomes a real woman.And when you really love her, without trying to coerce her, manipulate her, deceive her, cheat on her.

Cursing her out, lying to her cut out all of that.If you haven't cut out all of that, you can't say nothing to me about a dog woman, 'cause you've never given a woman a hundred and twenty percent of yourself but when you give her that i guarantee you this woman will reciprocate that love and love you with.A lot of men say they have, but you're lying.Don't lie in my comments for the sake of argument.Be honest with yourself, 'cause god knows the truth.I'm telling you as a man,.

When you commit to this one woman and give her everything she will wash you back with love.She will reciprocate that love and you'll be the happiest man on earth.And then the energy and the money that you're spending on these side women, guess what you put all that energy into your business you put all that money that you're spending on the side woman into your business and you invest in yourself and you start living a life of purpose and you'll see your life change.Guess what i did it.

I did it.I stopped entertaining other women years and years ago.I stopped noticing other women.I stopped recognizing other women.See i stopped falling for the side woman that was okay to be the woman on the side.I stopped falling for that years and years ago and guess what today i sit before you twenty nine years old working for myself in an office that has three offices that i can pay thousands of dollars a month for.And i can make more money than i dreamed of and have seventeen streams of income.

Why because i've got a line with my creator.I've got a line with god, and i fell in love with god.He washed and he cleansed me and that allowed me to fall in love with my wife.I fell in love with my wife and i give her a hundred percent.I'll pay you ten million dollars if you can find a woman that can take a lie detector test put on by the cia that's saying she's sleeping with tony gaskins right now that's saying she's tony gaskins' side woman.I'll give you ten million dollars.I can do that 'cause.

I know you won't find her.The reason why i'm given all of my energy to my wife to my son and to my purpose and my life has been changed.I'll never go back to the other side.I'll never go back to juggling women, to having a side woman because i realize now it's a waste of time.If you're the main woman and you're sharing your man with a side woman you need to leave him.You need to call him out.You need to give him an ultimatum.You need to put him on a six months schedule.You need to.

Evaluate him every month.And if he doesn't change, if he don't find himself as a man, you've got to leave.And i'm going to do a tutorial on getting out of a burning house, but you got to leave him.So i hope this helps the side women that's been juggling and thinking you gonna steal this man you gonna take this man.No you're not.You're gonna lose.You're gonna lose, and even if you get him,you're not getting a man, you're getting a dog, and he gonna dog you out.

Cause a real man wouldn't even be dealing with you in the first place.In the first place, he wouldn't even be dealing with you.So you're not gonna steal a man.You about to to steal a grown boy, that's fixing to put you through hell on earth.So, side women, upgrade yourself, love yourself, and prepare yourself to become the whole woman, the main woman, the only woman.Men with the side women, grow up.Become a man, gain some focus and start living like a man.God bless you all.This is tony gaskins.I'm signing out.

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Tony gaskins inspirational speaker going the extra mile where there is no traffic, because everybody is afraid to go that far.Everybody's just doing just enough to.I did not realize that it was at this level right here at high school that everything that my coach was trying to tell me wasn't just preparing me to be a football player it was preparing me to be a man.See when you learn how to be a man, football is easy when you learn how to be responsible, how to be dedicated,.

How to walk with integrity, how to do the right thing when nobody is looking.Football becomes easy.See, i didn't learn those lessons that coach was trying to get in.So, when i got to college, i thought that what got me here would get me there.So you gotta realize that what got you here won't get you there.It's more lessons that you have to.Matter how much money your parents make, how little they make whether you live with your grandmother, whether you live with a foster parent,.

Whether you live with two parents, it does not matter.Life tests everybody.Life will test every individual.But i went to a private school, i started going to school my teammates parents were billionaires multimillionaires.Some of them today are in prison.Some of them today are asking me for a job.See life tests everybody.And the thing about it is, it'll give you the test and then the lesson afterwards, but what you don't realize is that no matter what you're faced with you were already taught.Coach already taught it to you.

But were you listening were you just taking it a day at a time.You can't live life a day at a time.You gotta begin right now.You have to begin right now with the end in mind.You have to live every single day thinking about what do i want to do at forty because the lessons that you're learning right now is what's going to sustain you.I didn't pick up on that.The next thing you know i get out there and i had everything it took to be successful,.

Everything it took to be successful, i ran a 4 3 6 jumped 38 and a half with without really stretching, so really i could have probably jumped a 41.I was a hundred and seventy pounds.When we got to the weight room, i benched 340 so i benched 200 percent of my body weight.I had everything that it took to be successful.But guess what it's the things that you do off the fireld that matter the most.It's the things that you do away from this locker room.

That matters the most.Even here, i know people have cocaine, they have weed, they have alcohol.You can get your hands on it.Guess what that's a choice that you have to make and every single choice has a consequence.You have choices, decisions and consequences, and it may not affect you right away.But, it's gonna catch up to you.And so my choices began to catch up to me slowly but surely.Because everything affects everything.Everything affects everything.So, my body is weak because i didn't sleep well.

Some of you are doing that right now staying up talking to your girlfriend.Or you're sneaking out the house.Some of you are doing it right now.That's a choice there's gonna be a consequence.I'm warning you now.My body wasn't rested, so then i'm not eating right so i'm not gaining the proper weight that i need to gain.Now, i don't have the proper energy that i need to function, so when i go to class i still can't function, 'cause i got a hungry headache.And i got a sleepy headache.So now,.

My grades start to slip.I went from private school with a 3 point 5 first semester in college, i got a 2 point 0 barely making it.'cause now i'm on my own see right now is that preparation to where you teach yourself how to live like a man so that when you leave here you can make the right choices.So, then i get to practice and i'm tired here i am running a 4 3 6 but in sprints, linemen were beating me..Outran you because you could run a 4 3.

You got to give me a hundred and twenty percent but guess what i didn't have it, in my mind nor did i have it in my body.So it caught up with me.Next thing you know i tore my hamstring.Now, because i tore that one, i tore the other one,because i was over compensating.And i was the type of athlete, they put me on the scout team, i'd run four touchdowns in a row against the best defense in the conference.They put me on the scout kickoff return, i'd return three, three.

Kickoffs to the house.Coach is making them run.He's cursing them out and they still couldn't do anything with me.So, i had that type of talent.But see, i didn't have the mindset.I didn't have the work ethic.I didn't have the integrity.I didn't have the dedication.I didn't have the love and the passion not just for football, but for life.And it all added up.Three years into my scholarship, i think i got two more years to just go along to get along.I think i got two more years to just keep.

Doing just enough to get by.I'm walking out to the field and the coach looked at me and he said gaskins, get out of here.He said you'll never wear a bobcat jersey again.So here i am come a thousand miles from home on a full scholarship and i've got to pack up and go back home.Just like that.So, you can have everything today and based on your choices it can all be gone tomorrow.So you have to live.You have to begin with the end in mind.

Plant City Vs Tampa Bay Tech 2015 Playoffs

Plant city vs tampa bay tech 2015 playoffs,Plant city advances to the next round with a 3515 win over tampa bay tech. Getting ready for football season at the 2016 tampa bay buccaneers training camp,We headed over to tampa to check out the buccaneers training camp watch the show wear the shirt shirts are available through spreadshirt check them out. Inspirational speaker speaking to high school football players tony gaskins tampa fl,Author life relationship coach tony a gaskins jr inspirational speaker tony gaskins shares a heartfelt message that is life shifting for students of all ages.

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Jon gruden ffca and hooters help tampa bay area high school football teams,The hooters on hillsborough ave in tampa fl hosted an event with jon gruden and tampa bay area high school coaches and some of their players on nov. Americas most talented high school football team img academy,Just south of tampa and st petersburg florida lies a city called bradenton its home to img academy a private boarding school that also serves as an. Ashle thompson senior 4 gf freedom high school tampa fl,Ashle thompson senior 4 gf freedom high school tampa fl.

Jv tampa bay tech vs king high school 9 19 2013,Jv football tampa fl tampa bay tech vs king high school game called due to rain score was 14 to 14 in 3rd quarter. Oscar gets boomed at school hillsborough highschool tampafl,Kid got pushed down.

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