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In new york it's always a report.It's always a report.It's always who's next, what's next.I don't care about the rumors.Nfl teams will find talent anywhere.Rugby leagues, sumo wrestling.What are the chances a player with no college experience makes it to the nfl terron beckham is the cousin of giants star odell beckham, jr.He granted us access to watch him trace at the test football academy with kevin dunn.Names of the game.This beckham had to be discovered.At a vertical jump competition.Who are you.

Where did you come from what planet are you from kevin dunn is the ceo of test football academy in new jersey.He identified beckham as a natural.How do we replicate that reporter he offered him a chance to take his excellent pedigree and construct an nfl player.What if we can create an opportunity for this kid to, you know, to come on board and and give him the shot that he has so wanted for so long reporter his road to becoming an nfl hopeful was anything but ordinary.

This is the last video of beckham playing.It's from high school.Beckham decided to move before his senior year to help relieve financial stress on his family.I wasn't thinking it's my last year.I was thinking about what i could do best to help everybody out even if it means my own sacrifice.Look, i sacrifice little here.Reporter he was then forced to leave college football and start a new life in new york where he became a trainer and fitness model.You know they're going to pull up some pictures of you.

They're doing it now.You're getting a taste of it now.After five years, this 23year old man is now ready to give the nfl one more shot and so far he is breaking records.His combine bench press is 42 reps at 225 pounds.The record for a running back is 32.And in front of us without shoes on, he jumped what would be an nfl combine record 45 vertical.A scout would salivate at the opportunity to take a guy with this kind of strength, explosiveness, speed and.

Power.He is not only going to break records for just the running backs but he is going to break records for some of the all time combine records.That's the point here.Reporter the specialty for this facility is what nfl teams crave.Speed.Inaudible reporter mid 44s would make him the fastest running back in last year's combine to go along with the strongest and the best jumping ability.What's an nfl team going to get if they bring you on they're gonna get a workers who.

They gonna get marshawn lynch and ap transformed.Laughter nothing about me wanting to be on the field in front of thousands and thousands of fans, just playing my heart out.Reporter so now let's welcome in terron beckham.Welcome to the studios.That was it was impressive watching you work out.I tried to impress people.You're turning heads.And you're going to have a chance to turn some more heads.You will be attending the national scouting combine on february 25th that's in indianapolis.That is just before the nfl.

Scouting combine.This is different than the nfl scouting combine.So nfl indiscernible invite 300, 350 people usually from the bigger schools the more of the, the, the five star or whatever reporter alabamas draft eligible right, right, right.And the combine i'm going to it's another invite only combine but it's kind of like for those players who didn't get invited to that one and, um, but are still kind of look and worthy of making it to the next level whether it's nfl, cfl, afl, european league but.

You still get looked at basically so it's still a opportunity.So in the history of this secondary national scouting combine there have been 120 players who have been drafted or playing on nfl teams that competed in the combine you're going to be competing in.Last year there were two guys that were actually drafted.That's kind of encouraging.It's very encouraging.I look to be, you know, one of those people that get of course get to a team.You know.Draft day, you know, hopefully hopefully do i.

Want to get drafted yes! i want to get drafted.But getting on the team is my main purpose right now and just to show what i can do for the team.I think a lot of people would think you would have been drafted if you had played college football.So let's kind of break down this story again.So for the past five years, you have not been playing football.But it was not necessarily of issues of your own.You started off with stevenson university.You thought you had a full.

Ride scholarship there and something was a little confusing and ultimately you sat out there.Right.I just say i thought it was going to get a full ride scholarship.How they took care of the funds was by loans.And we don't like loans.Laughter so that means you have to pay that money back.Like i say i'm paying it now.So paying off the loans now and, um, i didn't have enough money even with loans to continue with school.At least stay in the dorms.

But classes yes.So i was just jumping from dorm to dorm just that whole semester trying to finish class had to give up football just to work.It was a tough semester.And then you tried to transfer to a texas school but they wouldn't take you because stevenson wouldn't release your transcripts until you settled the debt with those guys.Yeah.Yeah.So like i said it was just a tough one hurdle after another.Straight out of high school it was a tough gig going to.

College.Fast forward to new york to become a fitness model, um, here in the same city as your cousin o'dell.Mmhm.Very famous cousin o'dell.You have not really stayed in touch with him but you said that almost kind of like you didn't feel like you wanted to impose on your cousin.Yeah.I mean, look, we're both young.We're the same age.He he's a star.He is doing his thing.And, you know, that's a lot to take in and, you know, you got already a lot of family.

Members just throwing themselves at you contacting you, you know.There's no need for me in the way of anything, you know, like when the time comes that we're together or doing something, then that time will come.You know, me and his father are very close.We talk weekly about what's going on and stuff.But he is a young guy, gonna do his thing and, you know, as i said, we'll connect.Is that time coming soon though i'm pretty sure it is.It is.It definitely is coming soon.

He is training down south right now but i mean, do you see you guys training together or maybe connecting before the draft or before the football season possibly.We have talked about it.I'm talking to his father about it now to set something up for us to get together.That would be great for us and for the world.It would be awesome.It eames like i guess it's in your blood, right that superstar kind of ability is really in your blood even though you haven't played for.

The past five years.Scouts are going to ask why you haven't played and where your college football experience is lacking.How have you been able to compensate for that um, staying focused.You know, keep my disciplined.Growing as a man on my own and make the right choices and keeping myself busy training you know what i mean i been training for the last five years.I have no choice but to get better in training consistently almost every day for the last five years.You know.If i wasn't where i am now, i.

Would be disappointed in myself because i'm like i didn't train hard enough.Goals change.I mean when you're 16 or 18 your goals may be different now at the age of 23.What is your goal right now what would you consider a win in the next few months in the next few months yeah.Being on an nfl roster the being and a nfl roster making the 53, you know, being i want to be a active player.I want to be able i feel like i could be good enough to.

Go in, get this practice in, learn the plays quickly and they throw me in and i just show up.That's the type of player i feel like i am.And your ultimate goal my ultimate goal is to be a pro bowler.Get that pro ring.You know, take my team to that status but all the way up there, you know, and not just once.Now, maybe multiple times.Laughter you know and um, i just want to be a leader and be that person that teams or my, uhm, teammates.

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