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Common Ground 504 Breezy Point Quilting Guild Poet Marsh Muirhead

Lakeland public television presents common ground brought to you by the minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund and the citizens of minnesota.Welcome to common ground we're off to breezy point to join a quilting club and then back to bemidji for a taste of japanese poetry.This is an offshoot of pine creek patch workers which is a quilt guild in brainerd.And there is a few different groups that meet and ours meets.

The third tuesday of every month in the breezy point area.And so we all come together with our own projects and bring our lunch stay from 9 4 and sew, yak, talk, solve problems and just have a great time.What i'm doing is quilting the three layers together from a table runner that i pieced.And so i got the top layer that i pieced, the batting and the backing.And i stitched in the ditches what it is called.I run a thread along where i pieced so you don't really.

See the quilting except for on the back.And then on the appliqu, i've done a blanket stitch which is also a machine stitch.And this fastens it down because i've used the heat tempered glue.So the next thing that i have to do is trim the edges and put the binding on.This is going to be a king size quilt.It's called rocky mountain puzzle and it's like an anvil quilt.It's going to be two hundred of the full squares and like 48 side and half squares.

And i've got some done over on this table over here, but i'm just right now i'm just putting strips together.I've got what we called sashing.I go to a quilt retreat and another lady had done it.I feel in love with it.So like three of us from that quilt retreat are doing this quilt right now.I've never made a this big of a quilt.Just got a king size bed last year and i wanted to have a special quilt.It's taken me a year to put all these together cause there is a lot of triangles in the quilt.

So i'm doing it out of what we call civil war fabric.So they are replicas of the civil war fabrics that were produced during and after the civil war and i've tried to keep true to that with a backing called shirting.This is one corner, this is the corner so i'm just doing just going up.Well i start with one and then 3 and then 5, then 7, then 9 and 11, and 13 and 15 and 17 and 19.It is going to just grow.I'm making a baby quilt.

I've got 8 baby quilts to make for friends grandkids.So i thought i would better get going and work on them.I started working on this at 4 o'clock this morning.I'm so excited.To work on it.I got out of bed and started.I went on a quilt bus trip two years ago.And got a pattern and started cutting out all these fabrics for that pattern and then i changed my mind and thought it was too hard so then i'm making it into something else.I'm sewing all these purple strips on.And then eventually this.

Is my pattern.I'm going to sew them all together.Sewing machine stitching and then i've got one more strip that's at home that will go over here.My name is peggy andersen and i live in may township.I'm working on placemats for meals on wheels in the brainerd lakes area.Each january every senior citizen on meals on wheels gets a new placemat to use for the year.I put 4 pieces of fabric down on top of each other, and i slice and then i take one from each stack until i get 4 different colors.

And so them together, quilt them and now i'm just putting the binding on.There's batting in between.Make it nice and smooth.It's just a matter of handstitching like your hemming something.It's already been sewn on this side by machine and now i'm finishing it by hand.It just kind of makes it look a little more finished, a little more dressed.This is embroidering.I am eventually going to make a bird quilt to go in my bedroom which is a bird themed bedroom.I have the other squares laying out over there.There will be.

12 in all and piece work in between.I just backed into embroidering.Quilting is my first love.I've been doing quilting for about 35 years.Oh that makes me sound really old doesn't it.Yeah about 35 years.I do a lot of quilting for myself and for my children and for charitable organizations.I'm making simple dresses for an organization, a charitable organization called little dresses for africa, that i actually learned about on pbs.On the nancy zieman quilt show on saturdays.And what they are is very simple dress designs.

That are sent to young girls in various african countries as well as hatti, guatemala, and a couple other more third world countries.Just to give them more of a sense of worth.Apparently girls in these countries are not valued very much.And the founder of the organization wanted to come up with a way to make little girls special.I am making a checkboard sashing for a wall hanging that has decorative houses on it.When i was a small child my grandmother sewed by hand quilt blocks together.She used.

Fabric that was leftover from garments that were sewn.My mother was an avid dress maker so any of our leftover fabric my grandmother put into quilts.In quilting i like picking out the colors of the fabric.I just love to try to make unique different colors come together and work together on things.And then i like to piece things but once i get the pieces put together then i hand it over to a machine quilter that quilts it.So i say i machine quilt it by writing a check.

I have always been drawn to making quilts for children.I found this fabric and i had to have it.One of them is going to go to habitat for humanity and the other is going to go to the gillette children's .In st paul.The one for habitat for humanity will be part of a raffle and it will include, besides the quilt, it will include a story book, a curious george story book about dinosaurs and will also include a stuffed dinosaur.It makes me feel very good.

I enjoy doing them, they're not as intricate as some of the other quilts that here today.But they go together pretty quickly and choosing the colors was fun.You start with a central print and then you and then just go from there.Time to stop bobbin it's empty.This is a wish quilt it's a christmas project and this is one of the quilt blocks.That i've finished this block and then these all yet are not finished.They still need borders on them.And then when i'm all finished with them.

I will put them together and then put a scalloped border around the outside of them.All the patterns have names and this one is just called the wish quilt.Here is a block that actually says wish on it.Machine sewing what i'm doing is finishing, i'm working on quilts that were started by my wife who passed away last year.And part of it is that i just can't allow her work to go unfinished and part of it is just to stay in touch with her.And plus.

This is fun.So i decided i'm going to do some quilting.She's got enough fabric for 200 quilts.I don't think i'm going to do 200 but i'm going to get some done anyway this is a quilt that she started i can't say when but sometime in the last year or so.Fortunately in this case i have her drawing, her pattern so it's an easy one for me to figure out and put together.It's fairly simple quilt large blocks and sashing strips so it's not technically really complicated.But i'm practicing.

With precision is what it requires.I'm an engineer actually by background and so the precision and the planning and the execution part of it is quite interesting to me.I don't necessarily have the artist eye that she had that's for sure.But i'm learning from her even though she's not her.I blog about my quilting.I teach a class at colors for quilts in brainerd.I have a group that meets once a month and we do appliqus, embroidery and a lot of hand work.So to kind of help me show them different things.

That after they leave class they can refer back to on my blog, lessons that we covered and techniques.So that is pretty why i started blogging.Right now i'm working on a quilt that it's fusible appliqu.And it's wool appliqu.So you trace the design onto this fusible paper which has a heat reactive glue on the back.And then you peel off the paper, the glue stays on your fabric.Then you can adhere it to your background fabric.And then what i do is embroider around each piece.

So that will get fused right in place there.Once you remove the paper.There is a heat activated adhesive on the back of the fabric.This is a wool fabric.And then you place it on your background, where you want it and then you would fuse it in place.This i have to put something under.This little wing is going to go under there.So i won't fuse him in place yet.So i've been placing my leaves around on this block.And then after you've got them placed you will go back with a.

Floss, different colored thread.That match your background or appliqus i should say.And embroider around them.Keep them in place.This one was designed by quilt shop owner from wisconsin.Menasha wisconsin.And what she did she sent out the pattern every week this summer for 13 weeks.So you really didn't know what it was going to look like until the end.She would just send blocks and those are all the blocks.This will go in the center of those bigger blocks.They will go around it.So it was kind of.

A mystery.And i guess what drew me to it were the words.There is words inked on each block and then the name of the quilt is words to live by.And it was kind of a different technique you use a permanent pen and you ink the words on there.Rather than embroidering them or something like that.It was just kind of a different technique and a different look to a quilt so that's why i wanted to do it.It was kind of fun to see what the next week's word would be.

I think that's what adds a lot of the detail to it.Anybody can come.Some of the gals here don't belong to the guild.Somebody just invited them because there is a lot of room.The conservation club has been very welcoming to us and so we just enjoy getting together.Anybody who sews can come and just bring their own project.I'm marsh muirhead.I am a bemidji area dentist and have been so for over 30 years.

Also i've been a flight instructor, used to be a competitive body builder and writer.I live on the mississippi about 3 miles out of town.And bemidji is a perfect place for observing the idiosyncrasies of life and the beauty of nature and i try to record all that in various kinds of writing that i do.I would like to welcome you to an evening with poet marsh muirhead.Our spoken word series group was excited to learn as i'm sure you were that marsh published his book of haiku her cold martini last month.

We are happy to report that it is already getting rave reviews.Applause thank you all for coming this is a great turnout very happy to see you all.In that long line of introduction.It's interesting that i've been a dentist for 35 years it's always kind of a minor point in the list.But interestingly in 35 years i have never a haiku about dentistry.I think it's because it would just be too painful.Laughter first let's start with an invocation.It's a short poem and it's about the poet's task i guess, the writers task.

I don't know where he said this but will weaver over here one time at a reading or a workshop said in order to be a good writer a successful writer you should like people.Do you remember this will no no, we're getting older.But i think that the task of poets is to just to be a writer say something to other people maybe open up some little truths.And somehow encompass your arms around your readers.And make them happier or part of your table.So anyway this is a little poem called wait.Sort of an invocation to poetry for both the reader.

And the writer.What waits inside this poem might be of any size or weight a thin shiny dime for example or something thicker like a nickel.But worth only half as much.Love has weight and work.A conversation seen at a distance feathers or cannonballs tossed between souls across the room.My sister and i would split my father's change.She liked the brown ones bigger than the dimes i sorted to myself being older.And i often wonder about my own weight and worth and if i spent myself wisely or kindly.

Still in the black so to speak and change left in my pocket.Thank you.Applause well there is kind of the standard version that they teach in the elementary school and the civic organizations promote when ever they have contest.And that is supposedly it was a 5 syllable, 7 syllable 5 syllable poem.17 syllables total.That expresses some image, or some poignant mini story in some sense.But in fact the 17 syllable haiku hasn't been written by serious haiku poets for generations.But there is still a small subset of haiku.

Poets and you can find them on line and so on that write in 17 syllables.But the truer or more important essence of a haiku is that in about a breath or in something less than 17 syllables in english anyway you say something kind of profound or interesting that has a little snap or a little insight or a little aha moment in it.And it's usually one image compared to a second image or an image that is somehow transformed into something sort of amazing or wonderful.But subtle it's a light stroke.One of mine that will maybe illustrate that.

The longest night of the year no answer for the owl.The longest night of the year would be a specific time of the year mid december no answer for the owl.So suddenly you got a person that's outside in the winter time.This is actually is based on an experience i had camping out on an island in the mississippi by myself.It's cold kind of lonely but there is that experience that loneliness which is a useful thing and there was one owl out there by himself as well.A little bard owl.

Sound of i'll try this.Owl call and there were no owls answering that particular owl.He was alone i was alone we had this little kind of bond.So in that 3 little lines.Longest night of the year you do two of the things that the haiku are suppose to have.And that's a season reference and a season.You got winter, a specific day.Then a little event or a second image beside the cold long night of december.You have an owl and then you poet recording it without intruding too much.And if you listen.

Like most people will go oh it's kind of neat, kind of sad.In the japanese tradition of haiku the three elements that are usually always there are in sort of the buddhists tradition.The transience of life which elicits a kind of melancholy or sadness.Which is not to be regard as a tragedy but as a celebration of our mutual connection in our short trip on this world.So it's about transcientance our inner connections and that melancholy.The reason we are sad and sometimes we stare into an evening fire watching the sea crash on.

The beach or lay on our back and look at the stars.Haiku's do the same sorts of things.So when we say october moon.Everything on this side or the other.Sort of makes you think of that eternal, the planet you get very philosophical kind of sad.But i like sad things.Laughter haikuists steal from one another a lot.A lot of writer, writing workshops people will say good writers borrow from other writers, great writers or those who aspire to be great writers steal.So billy came up with a poem about just me and this eel.

Skinny dipping in a mountain creek just me and this oozle craig bensen, back there will know he and i were hiking in the mountains west of red lodge.And you know in the morning you need to clean up and you get in the mountain creek and it's really cold and you kind of.That's what the oozle does although they are eating they are picking bugs of the floor of the creek.So skinny dipping in a mountain creek.Just me and this oozle.Haiku are sort of like the punch line.

Or the end of the story for the poet.But the listener can provide their own story.It will equally serve as a punch line to their story.Like three a.M.The call that doesn't come fills the house.Three a.M.The call that doesn't come fills the house.Everyone can relate to that.Who has a missing child, a missing lover, been cheated on, a dying relative and that's the way they work.As i recite these now they seem sort of straight forward and they would be easy to write.But when you sit down to write one from scratch they are very difficult.

I always tell students read a hundred of them and then try to write one for a while.Read another hundred write one for a while.And maybe once if you work a few hours a week at it.You might come with one or two a month that are good.Mountain pool.The trout points the way to the glacier.Mountain pool the trout points the way to the glacier.Summer squall the lily pads hold the pond in place.Laughter and this is called the anti haiku, which is about all the rules.

You want to break when they just become too oppressive.Releasing the animals the anti haiku.I'm releasing the animals from their 3 barred jails.With 17 shackles of their confinement.The prohibition keeping them from seasons not their own.Setting the frogs free of that plop in water.Cicadas their summer slavery.Walking sticks, herons, beetles and geese.Free to travel any month.Any climate except in comparison not a cutting word in sight.Crows allowed a wedding in the tropics, the cemetery vacant.Let the rabbits in winter reside in palm springs.Let all.

Of them be like something else if they like.Let scene by the finale of any line.Thank you applause thank you thank you applause applause applause applause thank you thank you for watching.Join me again next time for common ground.If you have an idea for a common ground piece that pertains to north central minnesota email us at legacylptv or call us at 2183333022.To view any episode of common ground online visit us at lptv to order individual segments or entire episodes of common ground please call.

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