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Nike Academy vs FC Barcelona

You're playing barcelona u19s.They're very very impressed with that they've seen.So they'll be cuing their guys up and saying you're in a game today this is not one they'll be taking lightly.We need you to be a strong team today, then the individuals within that will perform.We play with our heads at all times because the game is about showing what we've learnt.Close the gap! close the gap! squeeze.Played.Go on then, now you've got it.Go on.Yes ben, yes ben! unlucky.They're in, they're in.

That can't happen abou, too easy abou.Penalty.Probably if you're watching up in the stand, it's a little bit of a game of chess.Maybe they've had possession, but they haven't had penetration because our organisation is good.Ok, maintain the level of concentration.It's hard work mentally and physically but stick at it.Abou, you are much better than that, right.You are that reliable player, give us the strength in there.We need that player.Now you've realised that you can beat them.We knew.Hopefully some of you knew as well.

I can see now on your faces like me, this is happening.Now you have to go there and finish off the job.Well done, abou! good boytime abou.Patience now.Now we go! good.Go on, go on, you'll do it.Well done! there's your man, find your man.We've had some good results.That's the best one because i think you showed a real good understanding of how to press, how to attack, and how to stick to a game plan.During the first half, i wasn't at the top of my form.

And edu told me that but i already knew it.At half time i got my thoughts back in place and we did everything we needed to win in the second half.I think that the best way to develop a player is simply to play against the best opposition.We knew that they'd press us no matter what.But we coped with it very well.This whole trip has been an educational process for our players.To come here and learn about barcelona football club their philosophies, how they work, how they develop individuals, how they collectively work as a team.

Nike Academy Sami Khediras Masterclass

I believe this injury before was a hard time.I'm used to playing in a team i love football i love standing with ten colleagues on the pitch to fight on the pitch and to play for the victory when you don't have that anymore that's not so easy sami, welcome to the nike academy nice to meet you we're going to meet the players now.They're looking forward to a day's training but they don't know you're here.I think it's incredibly important to set yourself new goals immediately.My goal was brazil.

Ok guys listen up.We speak a lot about mentality, professionalism and about character.Now, this is a man who before brazil he got a bad injury and showed all the character required to get to brazil and become a champion.He's going to be sharing his knowledge and his experiences with you guys so make sure you get what you can from it he's one of us today.I wasn't focused.I got into an unnecessary tackle.It was completely unnecessary.I chose the wrong path so it was 100 my mistake.

From day one, i did all i could to work and not to wallow in selfpity or moan.I always remained positive, but of course there was one phase just before christmas where i simply overdid it.That was the only time where i really realised, okay don't overdo it, don't force it, let your body decide.In brazil i was not in the position to bring 90 minutes of top performance to the final.But the decision to say, no, i'm not playing that was incredibly difficult.But i believe that the team concept counts.

And i would make the same decision ten times over if it were to happen ten times again because the team and the trophy is most important not me personally.This year i had another injury and i've been out for a few more weeks.That's why i'm here today now i'm almost fit again.When i see all the young guys, all the kids here it's like looking at myself.I made it and i'd like to share it with the kids as much as possible.I believe that you must have no fear.

You must learn to trust your body again.Off you go sami.Great pass sami.In you come.Now you're here, the nike academy it's a great thing.You are talented players, so train hard, training a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more.I think you have the best facilities, good coaches, but at the end what you need is your own mentality from inside.You've got the chance here to be a professional soccer player, they can help you.But you have to decide, will i go this way or this way.

Take your chance.Well sami's story is probably a reflection of his personality, his desire.Our players experience injury as well and often i get feedback from our staff that the motivation levels drop off when they're injured.When sami spoke there there's an intensity around everything that he does.There's nothing better than seeing someone who's at that level demonstrating the qualities that are required.I was in the changing room, lacing up my boots and suddenly he stood in front of me.A world champion.Every player's goal is to play at the highest level.

And such goals can only be reached through giving it 100 every day on the pitch, in the gym when you give it 100.We're never too good to stop learning.We're never too good to roll our sleeves up and work hard.And what he's demonstrated today is maybe their dreams are real and can be achieved with the right mentality and focus.I think it's incredibly important to cope with setbacks.And always be aware of what you're working towards.It doesn't matter whether you're injured and are about to come back.

Why I Wear CompressionDriFit Gear

Why i wear compressiondrifit gear,In this tutorial i wanted to explain why i wear compression drifit gear and also show you guys some of the recent athletic clothing ive been hooping and. Nike academy vs fc barcelona,After learning from the best at their joan gamper training ground it was time for the nike academy lads to take on the best they didnt disappoint here are the. Whats in my soccer bag april 2014,Nike utility duffel bag 1nynym2 storelli slider short 13z5v2c coupon sr4u f50 training shorts 1oglxbj usaothers.

Nike academy sami khediras masterclass,At the highest level the right mentality means everything heres how sami khedira stays at the top of the game. Nike football perfect kick starring cristiano ronaldo,Write new rules this season cristiano ronaldo is prepared to unleash the perfect kick train with nike mercurial and the new flash top strike shorts. Nike football magic starring andrs iniesta,Surprise any opposition andres iniesta is ready to be unstoppable train like a pro with the new nike flash top and strike shorts nikeflashtop.

Summer pick up nike tech fleece shorts,Thanks for your constant support i will always appreciate it follow me on social media twitter 1mjuvo9 instagram 1pnpgro tumblr.

Nike sportswear tech fleece is it worth it,Facebookfacebookrichiele follow me on instagraminstagramrichiele23 twittertwitterrichiele23 shot by. Nike short a guy,The longest pickup game ever on the hottest day of the year featuring mike trout garrett richards misty maytreanor miles and lyle thompson mia hamm.

Spodenki Pikarskie Jaquard Football Shorts Nike

Spodenki pikarskie jaquard football shorts nike,Wicej informacji na. Oakland wr vs db 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Wr vs db 1 on 1s at the 2014 oakland nike football training camp the camp was held at chabot college in hayward calif and featured the regions top. Nike hyperstrong girdle review ep 191,Nike hyperstrong hard plate football shorts review facebookfacebookiknowfootball instagraminstagramiknowfootball.

Marcus rashford talks preseason training tips and nike strike series,Explore the new nike strike series training apparel collection here prodirectsoccerlistsnikefootballtrainingaspx prodirect caught up with. Nike compression padded football shorts review,Nike compression football shorts review leave a like and comment what item you want me to review next have a wonderful day. Nike football high touch starring gerard piqu,Train like a pro with the new nike flash top and strike shortsnikeflashtop.

Nike hyperstrong girdle unboxing ep 184,Nike hyperstrong hardplate football shorts unboxing facebookfacebookiknowfootball instagraminstagramiknowfootball. Ep 21 nike pro combat compression shorts review,Get a text when i post a new vid motubeusmrinkredibul facebookfacebookiknowfootball. Surprise huge nike pack unboxing,After nike tricked me into liking running the running team sent me a special package with one of the biggest nike running hauls i have seen in a long time.

StayCozy Fits From Finishline Nike Tech Fleece Adidas Northface

Staycozy fits from finishline nike tech fleece adidas northface,Thanks again to finishline for the blessings staycozy nike tech fleece apparel 1fl6rcl adidas tiro pants 1ydylyd adidas slim. Nike basketball bring your game,Lebron kobe kd kyrie paul george anthony davis and elena with so many great players in the game how can anyone pick a favorite peanut sean toni. New nike gear review,New nike gear review this tutorial is my honest opinion on the newest training gear from nike links below for every item if you want to purchase them.

Nike football presents ronaldinho crossbar remastered,Celebrating 10 years since ronaldinho broke the internet with the first youtube film to reach 1 million views discover the limited edition tiempo touch of gold. Jack butland on how to train like a premier league goalkeeper,Prodirect caught up with jack butland at the gym as he continued his rehabilitation after breaking his ankle while on international duty for england in their. How to wear football socks like a pro,This is a tutorial of a unique way of wearing football socks tell me what you think of the tutorial and whether i should continue to make tutorials never miss a.

Nike pro collection shorts,The link to watch my nike sports bra collection watchvazznwik3mi my links instagram meaghanmackey twitter. How to put on football equipment ep 24,How to put on football equipment 2012 1 base layer bottom youtubemji1llqtmii 2 base layer top watchv5a0hbirnqxg. Whats in my goalkeeper bag,Hey guys in this quick tutorial im going to show you what i like to carry around with me for a training session or match any questions any feedback comment.

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