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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Diet and Routine

Hey whats up guys make a rap with some sadistic dot com and go pitt formula dot com cristiano ronaldo workout this is a tutorial all about christiana rinaldo want the best soccer football players in the world is gonna become a brief right down about christiana were not always work now and is dire you want to come and get all the detail you can come and check out article i just throw at savvis tank dakar basically he is very athletic he's very quick and he's very powerful and he's very strong there's a reason for that its it had to do with.

His diana workout so i was like the star out with diane think it's ok the most important are cristiano ronaldo workout a bow you know getting in that shape that you really want to get into at the alive people overlook the fact that you need a strong guy arm so i really like to put a strong focus on miss okay and and christiane although his bat at 10 percent body fat and i think again one the biggest reason is nutrition he doesn't put put much junk food in his body doesn't drink too much.

And are i think it most people kinda all that that routine more people would have more success obviously you know you wanna have that kinda stuff every once in a while maybe so often but you know just don't make a habit of putting that type stuff into your body they put the strong upset some protein okay and it's very good were before he goes in trade you know have a protein shake before he goes and train their before cause plays it on hand to your energy and strength but also enhance your.

Flexibility and agility your your play they also to come again to the meals yeah i is gonna i gotta out i'll give you examples here arm that he would a diet that he would kinda all basically is gonna run around six meals a day begun a smaller snack smaller size snack meal since they're a big large portion it's a breakfast is gonna cristiano ronaldo workout focus more protein and carbs up through whole grain cereal eggs no would be an example male for lunch he's gone for more a lowcalorie meal.

Fruits veggies maybe like pasta dare say a caesar salad caesar salad because it low in calories than also has a lot about a man's minerals and protein and maintainers more rich kinda meal i consisting up by a proteins by the vending carts may be something like chicken breast cristiano ronaldo workout ish or other lean meats green beans race and then maybe some fruit for dessert so is his workout routine i'm pretty amazed with this guy's routine he's very dedicated to you worked about three or four hours of.

Daily practice to assure that and that less than 10 percent by that several periods are running running state cardio 25 to 30 minutes high intensity explosive spring drills technical journals tactical exercises boers football or soccer and i gym exercises develop specific muscles and then in addition i don't really talk about that much during his play is also essentially training because his is not not do anything out there is running light spreading lies doing a lot activity that requires cristiano ronaldo workout lot are love is energy okay.

So i'm very impressed with the i'll let me give you a kind of a sample exercise regimen that you've got your i'll let you gonna come through here but basically by ross klotzbach stamp is dar box jumps rogers will jumping lines lateral brown day two is gonna rest 830 do a circuit three times per people up bench bench steps all apps medicine ball toss push press tape or quadrant carry a paracrine spurting day 5 is more record stability one arm site that lets dumbbell one leg deadlifts i meet uh.

Job overhead slam one leg barbossa why hanging leg raises and basics and a7 basics you addressed a seven is gonna do cardio with jump roping cristiano ronaldo workout and some resistance pretty now i something that a lot of people notice about christian or not though is that he has amazing abs and i yes he works his butt off on that he actually i have done very in you desire up to 3000 setsets per day as a daily routine okay but i wanna let you know that the reason is able to develop those abs because.

There's bowl body cristiano ronaldo workout okay doesn't matter how many exercises beeper have this you're not going to get that six pack unless you have a low body fat so you really go up to six packs abs you need to focus on getting your body that too at least 12 center more ideally around 10 percent here's a couple or the other exercises russian medicine ball cost windshield wipers and culture and kobe her so again like a kind alluded to another success i believes his dedication ice i study a lot of successful people or i see a comment thread there just.

Completely dedicated the crappiness guys training at least three to four hours heard a not on his days off obviously but days that is is training is working 34 hours a day a does that consistently every single day six days after it stays persistent okay so i feel like that's the biggest reason why as a success that it does and i think was just i'll take a lesson from there you really want to get to your goal then you need to dedicate yourself and just keep going after and stay persistent and consistent.

Eventually you'll get there okay so that is the article on christiane are not those days work out if you're coming to savvis inc com to get cristiano ronaldo workout all the details in read the poor article if you want to be our up today latest training go to go pick formula dot com but thanks for watching this tutorial cristiano ronaldo workout make sure to subscribe to come out bunch more tutorials like this lot more exercises lower diet tips all type stuff so that they want to get.

8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever HIT EVERY MUSCLE

What's up guys, jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Com.Let's take a look today at the best dumbbell exercises that you can be doing, and we have to qualify first that these exercises were chosen because i feel like you can get the best bang for your buck if you're going to do just a few exercises with a dumbbell exercises.And why dumbbells we love them here at athleanx because they allow you to train like an athlete.You have that three dimensional freedom that you just aren't afforded with a bar, and you.

Also have that compact space that you can be using to train at home.A lot of guys don't have room for a full barbell set but they can clearly fit some dumbbells in their house and therefore get a great workout in.So let's take them and break them down one by one and point out the benefits of each as we go.Alright first up is the dumbbell curl and press.And yes, this is a compound exercise.Most of the exercises in this tutorial will be compound exercises.

Because again, we have to get the most bang for our buck, get that work done, get the muscles working quickly.Well with the dumbbell curl and press we have a bicep movement and a shoulder movement.And what's great is we actually get them to blend themselves together, a pull and a push, because of the function of the biceps.We know that the full function of the biceps, to fully contract, has to include some sort of elevation or flexion here of the shoulder.Well we get that, we get the curl, we get to continue it right up and through into a.

Flex shoulder which completes the shoulder press.So we have antagonistic muscles that normally don't like to work together that are actually working together for the common good here to create a great exercise.Next up is an exercise i like to call the crush grip goblet squat.Yes it's a goblet squat, we know that a goblet squat is a great way to train our lower body.Everything, our glutes, our quads, our hamstrings, and what's great about the goblet squat is it actually drops us right down into our natural center of gravity.

So for those people that have a difficult time figuring out where they should be squatting or how wide their feet should be, if you attempt the goblet squat normally, you'll squat right into the position that's most comfortable and biomechanically correct for you.Beyond that, with the crush grip we're actually getting a chance to incorporate some upper body activity into what would normally be a passive movement for our upper body.If you grab a dumbbell, on the normal goblet squat position which is just holding underneath, you're not really doing anything actively to hold that dumbbell,.

Other than supporting it with your hands.But with the crush grip, you're actually squeezing the dumbbell between your hands.You're getting an activation of the chest.You're getting an activation of the delts.You're getting an activation of your traps.You're getting an activation of your core.Everything now is working, from top to bottom.This makes a superior version of a goblet squat, which was already a great exercise.Next up what some people call the upper body squat, the dumbbell pullover.I've covered the dumbbell pullover now in two references.

One as a back exercise and one as an upper chest exercise.You know what, i don't care how you do it, it's all in the technique.Either way, this is one of the best exercises you can do, especially if all you've got is one dumbbell.You see, if you take the dumbbell and your squeeze your hands together, as i've shown you in the past.You try to pull your hands up against each other as you pull over your chest, it's going to work more of your upper chest.

If you let your elbows flare out a little bit and you drive with your elbows, lead with your elbows and not with your hands, then you start to get a lot more lat activation.But as i said, it doesn't really matter which one you choose, mix them up back and forth between sets.Work both areas, why not this is still one of the best exercises you can do for your upper body and certainly one that i would include in my 8 best.Back to the two dumbbell exercises, and this is one that a lot of guys still haven't caught.

On to the value and benefits of it and it's a traditional farmers carry.With a farmers carry you simply load up that weight as heavy as you can and do exactly what i'm showing you here, you walk.And if you don't have a lot of place to walk, then walk back and forth in whatever space you have.The fact of the matter is, that trying to hold onto these dumbbells becomes infinitely more challenging when you add movement with your lower body.You can try to just stand here and hold dumbbells, it will be that much easier but it's when.

You have that weight shift going on and the fact that your core hasn't been stabilized from right to left when you're in a single leg stance, it just makes it that much more demanding and your grip tends to give out a lot faster.Now it's not just a grip and form exercise.It's also a very demanding upper back, mid back exercise.If you're going to hold these things and hold them for very long, you're going to have to learn how to hold with the bigger muscles and let them help you in your upper back.

And you can see here, as i walk away, my triceps, everything is kicking in to try to hold these dumbbells up.And of course by having the locomotion component here, we're actually walking too.So we need to make sure that our lower body gets involved too.This is a total body exercise, literally from your fingertips all the way down to your feet.Speaking of those feet to fingertip movements, the dumbbell thruster.This is one of those ugly ones.Yeah, these are the ones that just kill you because you're.

Basically working everything in your body.You start all the way down here in a squat position and as you come up, you let that momentum continue.But the momentum is only going to get you so far.The only way you're going to get those dumbbells up and over your head is if you press them, and if you have some pretty good strength to do so.You can load this weight up as heavy as you possibly can because likely, you're going to be able to handle the front squat weight that you are using.

It's a matter of how much you're going to be able to press up and over your head that's going to be the limiting factor of this exercise.But it doesn't matter, this can quickly become a great metabolic exercise as well, depending upon what you're working for.Go a little bit lighter, go for higher reps, make it a great metabolic booster.If you want to go heavy, you know what to do.Load those dumbbells up a little bit more and turn this into a classic builder for your shoulders and your legs.

At athleanx i always say we like to put the core at the core of everything we do.Well this is a perfect example of it.Yes, we can do a regular dumbbell incline bench press.And we do, do regular dumbbell incline bench presses.However, this is a 1 arm dumbbell incline bench and by making this one little tweak, we made the exercise that much more demanding on our core.You can see that as i lower the dumbbell all that weight wants to pull me to one side.

The only thing i have to stabilize and prevent me from rolling off the bench in the direction of the heavy dumbbell, is my core and my obliques.And i have to make sure that i can contract everything together to keep my low back flat on the bench and then initiate that momentum that i need to push that dumbbell back up in the opposite direction.You see we don't have to just overcome the force of gravity here but really the mechanical disadvantage that our core is put in, here as we weight up and lower down that dumbbell.

So yeah, this is a great exercise to actually teach us how to overcome the weaknesses we might have in our core, and generate enough force to get that dumbbell back up for yet another rep.Not much to debate here when it comes to this exercise, especially as a metabolically demanding exercise, this is a dumbbell swing.All we're doing here is grabbing a dumbbell on end with both hands underneath one of the dumbbell and basically mimicking a kettlebell swing.And we know that with a kettlebell swing we.

Are getting a great exercise for glute and hip extension.One of the weakest areas of our body, for sure.This though can be done, for lots of reps or not so many reps, again depending upon how much you load this up, but if you go fairly heavy and challenging here, this will quickly not only become a great way to develop the strength in your posterior chain, but you'll be huffing and puffing for sure, after just a few reps.Last but not least, we have our dumbbell tripod row.And yeah it looks very similar in motion.

To a dumbbell 1 arm row but it's not.Because what we've done here is we've changed our base of support, and by doing so, we've changed the challenge on our core.With a regular dumbbell 1 arm row, we have one arm and one knee on the bench and the dumbbell's held fairly close to our center of gravity.But when we go back to the version i'm showing you here, the tripod setup, we've got a wider base of support, our center of gravity is still towards the center here and we have one dumbbell that's.

Held more out to the side, a little further away from our center of gravity.You'll feel it, even on your very first rep if you try this variation, that you have more of a challenge actually holding your body still and straight as you move the dumbbell, than you would on a traditional one arm, one leg up because your body is much more in balance that way.However it's more athletically inclined here because both feet are on the ground.We're in a more athletic position here, on our feet, knees bent, butt out.

I like this version better.So there you have it guys, there's my 8 favorite dumbbell exercises.Each one with a justification of why it's on this list and some even new to team athlean.But that's just where it starts guys.These are just dumbbells, it's just a tool of the trade.I want to know is, are you going to bring the intensity and motivation to your workouts to execute these exercises properly to get the most out of them.You see, that's where this all the beginning.I'm here as a coach not just to put up my.

Youtube tutorial here for you, but to guide you through each one of my workouts.In the athleanx training system my role is, as a coach to try to not just show you the best dumbbell exercises and the best workouts and things to do, but how to pull you guys through it with that proper motivation.We had a tutorial the other day that i covered, yes i was a little bit in a rant but i showed you guys that this matters to me.This is my passion.I care mostly about getting you guys, the best workouts you can possibly.

Get.I also take my role seriously as a coach, to make sure that you get the most out of it.If you're looking to have me coach you, for the next 90 days, then head to athleanx.Com right now and let me do just that.In the meantime, take a look again at these exercises, start trying them out for yourself and when you're ready for me to take you through each and every workout, you know where to do that.Alright guys, if you found this tutorial helpful make sure you leave a comment and a thumbs.

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