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Young football talent Felix Knrle DFI U15 14 years old HD

Felix is a player with a really strong technique.The way he kicks the ball is just brilliant and by practicing patterns until they become second nature he has once again improved his technique from good toward very good.That is really a strength, i have to say.He's got what it takes to be a real footballer wit, an instinctive understanding of the game you can just see that he's really grown as a person, both on and off the pitch, that he's increasingly focusing on the game and that he's got the makings of a great player.

Little Big Shots Yoshi the ThreeYearOld Ninja Warrior Episode Highlight

Yeah and you know why you're famous yeah.Why because.Because, yeah.That's that's what i was trying to tell people that for a long time.Steve, why you think you're gonna be famous because.Do you love being a ninja warrior yeah.Were you born were you born to be a ninja warrior no.Laughter applause yosh, do you practice a lot yeah.So you're ready, huh uhhuh.You want to show these people what you do yeah.Yeah.You ready to go come on over here with me.

cheers and applause all right, let's go over here.Applause now, we got something special for you.All right.Okay.Let's go, stage.Hit it.Dramatic music plays cheers and applause music continues audience chanting yoshi yeah, boy! chanting continues and, yoshi, we need one more thing before you start.What we know that you're a big fan of american ninja warrior.So we need a real announcer.Folks, please welcome, from nbc's american ninja warrior, akbar!.

cheers and applause yoshi! what's up, buddy all right! how you doing i'm well.How you doing, man i'm good.I'm ready.I can't believe it.He's here.Nice, boy, you look bigger than you look on tv.This is.I'm nervous right now.You about 6'2.Yeah, i'm not i'm 6'2 , yeah.You walked out here.Why she smiling so hard laughter that lady stood up and went, oh, lord, he's here.I'm impressed by this young kid here, yoshi.I know he's 2'10 and 26 pounds.

This guy is a real ninja warrior.When you talk about being a ninja warrior, you've got to have that body to weight strength ratio.Yeah.What is yoshi facing today yoshi is facing a combination of agility and upperbody strength.We have here the quintuple step.To the rolling log.Down to the basement crawl plank.And up to the helix, the double helix.That right there will require some strength.And then it's the famous warped wall! cheers and applause let's get yoshi in position.Here he is.

A true competitor in yoshi.Now, yoshi, listen to me.You can do it.I want you to go out there and give it your all.All right.Take your time, be safe, and get it done.All right.You're a champion, man.And guess what a lot of people out here love you, man.Don't y'all love yoshi cheers and applause so, yoshi, you want to have some fun yeah.Let's just have some fun, okay all right, let's go! here it is, an impressive yoshi getting ready to take on here the quintuple steps.

Child three, two, one! air horn blows akbar and he's off! oh, look at the athleticism there from yoshi.Oh, down the quintuple step! now, this will take some balance here.Look at the.Over rolling log! this is the basement crawl plank.This requires a lot of core strength here.Look at the core strength by the ohio native.You talk about the state, the buckeye state.Look at him.Audience chanting yoshi wow, look at the upperbody strength! at 2'10 , 26 pounds, he is rolling through the double helix!.

If he can just hold on and use the upperbody strength, he can get to the warp wall.He's almost to the warp wall! he's done it! cheers and applause he's almost there! buzzer yes! cheers and applause yes! yeah! way to go! all right, that is bigtime! cheers and applause yoshi! yoshi! yoshi! yoshi! all yoshi! yoshi! here's the little guy.You hold him.That's the champ right there.You know what i like to say, right that was bigtime, primetime, showtime, alltime, good time.

Soccer Training Drills For Kids Coaches And General Coaching Advice

Soccer training drills for kids coaches and general coaching advice,Free kids soccer drills and games for coaching youth soccer this site is ideal for coaches wanting to add a little more excitement to their practices. Little big shots yoshi the threeyearold ninja warrior episode highlight,Yoshi loves american ninja warrior and hes been training to show off his skills on little big shots subscribe for more nbclittlebigshots get. Almedin brkic 5 year old soccer player the next messi,Almedin messi brkic the next messi probably not but only 5 years old soccer football player showing alot of talent he is left footed like messi but can do.

Axel picazo 12 years old young soccer player 2013,Soccer academy u13 best soccer moves for youth elite soccer skills elite soccer training lonestar soccer lonestar soccer club preacademy soccer soccer. Young football talent felix knrle dfi u15 14 years old hd,Felix knrle is a young talented football player who plays since 2012 with the dfideutschesfussballinternatdebadaibling in munich camera.

Dude perfect tailgating trick shots bonus tutorial,World best football soccer trickshots collections series 2016 2017 dont forget to subscribe this channel thanks enjoy soccer trick shots goalie.

Soccer practice highlights alec albright,Solo practicing highlights cone drills and oneonone featuring my dad and sister subscribe to my channel like and comment. Part2 soccer drills with hurdles by adam u6u7,Speed and agility by afterschoolsoccer2016.

TactX 3D Soccer Drills Animation Demo

Tactx 3d soccer drills animation demo,Stactx the tactx software is the worlds most advanced 3d animation tool for soccer coach communication use tactx to bring your paper drills and. 11 year old kid kicks 35 yard field goals,11 year old roberto beto diaz jr of carrollton tx shows he may have what it takes to be a future nfl kicker he practices hard on his kicking and works with. Stupid soccer practice,That was so fun.

Coerver basic ball mastery,Basic coerver exercises to help develop ball mastery and confidence with the ball increase the level of difficulty by increasing the speed and intensity of each. Liam 5 year old soccer player beast mode training,Liam a 5 year old soccer player doing beast mode training soccer skills. Soccer drill game with old men,Wan chai playground hong kong.

Nikola mikeljevic soccer training,Nikola mikeljevic soccer training date of birth 23011997 place of birth belgrade high 178 weight 67 position winger attacking midfielder clubs fc rad. 17 year old phenom athlete with 68 inch hops and 44 speed chris james,Twicethespeed instantly run faster for free chris james is a high school running back at notre dame in niles illinois chris has been. Young ronaldo part 2 90 minutes official music tutorial by jared sagal,Please help us make part 3 click here kckst1txvpht please subscribe here s3romyf a boy continues his quest to become a professional.


Extreme battle the f2 vs,Extreme battle between the f2 an old football from the victorian times talk to us on twitter stwitterf2freestylers insta thef2 facebook. Pep guardiola fc barcelona bayern mnchen pass training tiki taka,Youarefootball pep guardiola passdrill fc bayern munich fc barcelona9 tikitaka one touch soccer like guardiola. Epic soccer training reviewsis it scam or legit,The link below for more information xvuepicsoccertrainingreview review of epic soccer training is it the best soccer training program.

Special soccer training program,A soccer training tutorialape style special thanks to johnny doe for costarring and editing this tutorial and for editing all of my other tutorials remember to like. 6 tall 50 year old dunker on regulation,50 year old dunker amazing insane sick unbelieveable unseen never seen before 180 360 720 540 between the legs twice double eastbay troy mccray david.

Kickerpunter college prospect recruiting tutorial carlos anguiano,Coach my name is carlos anguiano sorribas im an exchange student from spain living in ashdown arkansas with the days i was born january 20 1997. 15 minute at home shoulders and legs workout sexy shoulder and arms,This is a simple at home routine that you can do first thing in the morning or during your kids afternoon nap time take 15 minutes today and start changing your.

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