Gaelic Football Weight Training

Experience Gaelic Games in Dublin Ireland

I'm here in dublin, ireland to check out gaelic games.I know very little about them so this is going to be a lot of fun.I'm going to learn a lot.I absolutely know it.Hurling reminded me of lacrosse except it is even faster.My hockey and baseball skills came in handy when it was time for me to give it a go.To me a good goalkeeper say if i told anyone younger it takes a lot of confidence and like it is one of these things if something goes wrong you forget about it.If you let a bad.

Goal in, you forget about it.And you have to be very verbal to the lads.Say, someone guard him, someone go over here, someone take that shot.And the last thing i'd say is pretty much just practice.Practice.Like i nearly come down here everyday.Even touching the hurl and the ball just getting used to it and then like your reactions comes into play.As i'm getting older i'm finding that my reactions, i'm reading the ball is getting a lot better.So that is pretty much the main points i'd say to anyone.

Okay, and last but certainly not least it's time to learn some gaelic football.I was especially keen on learning as much as i possibly could about gaelic football considering i had a big match to attend the following day.My name is aj murphy and i play for na fianna gaa.My main sport is hurling and i used to play a bit of gaelic football too.The great thing about football is that is a mix of all sorts of sports rugby, soccer, basketball all mixed into one.So it is like high scoring uh, definitely.Like you.

Could have maybe three or four or five goals a game and then you might have thirty or forty points so it is a high scoring game.You're always on your toes.And it is a contact sport as well too oh yeah, that's the great thing.So you have to be bulky bulky.Always in the gym lifting weights and whatever so as well as playing.You look good as well.So it's good.Alright, that training session was awesome.I'm a bit sweaty.Time to go back for a shower.

Nike Academy PreSeason Training Stamina

This preseason we've got a mixture in the group so some are back from last year and some are new to us.Not only have we got to work around our tactical and technical principles, but we've also got to look at the physical element.I'm only going to focusing on stamina, speed, strength and agility and at how we can improve them over the preseason period.Preseason is a stage where we can get all of our development work in high volumes, high numbers, getting a lot of distances covered moving into more high intensity aerobic work.

Still working within the stamina facet except now we're looking at interval work.The first drill was a high intensity interval drill.Box to box, 80 metres within 15 seconds with 30 seconds recovery.Today we did 8 reps, but you can go up a 10 rep set.Within any of our interval conditioning drills, we will incorporate ball work.That keeps the minds switched on and keeps mental focus without the tedious process of just running.It's disguising the running a little bit and you can actually focus on some technical work.Go.

Football is intermittent.So we aren't just continually running for 90 minutes.We might do a high intensity burst followed by lower intensity intervals of jogging and walking.The second drill was more of a continuous intensive drill.We're on the balls, we're passing and moving.Continually working within the centre circle.On my shout, they've got 16 seconds to get to the corner flag and back covering around 100 yards.And then they get about 44 seconds worth of rest.The high intensity intervals are designed to spike the heart rate.

So we're working within a 150 beatperminute to around 170 for certain players.On average we'll be working at around 160 beats per minute within a game.I will look at the gps monitoring live to make sure that we're hitting the targets and then individualise the pace based on a player's fitness.Okay, go and get a drink.Well done boys.We've come back earlier than any other proteam.We've had a week's training already.They are in great shape.So now we just need to keep topping up, and finding that extra 5 so that when we play teams, we're outrunning them,.


Gaa and gym dont f yourself up,Learn from my mistakes how to train as a gaa player how to eat as a gaa player how to supplement as a gaa player facebook. Day in the life with karl lacey,The first in the ulster bank day in the life series which follows some of the ulster bank gaa stars this follows karl lacey footballer for letterkenny in his home. Gaa game week nutrition and training,Ainle caireallin ofaclaiie and danny lennon of sigmanutrition chatting about game week nutrition and training for gaa players.

Mayo gaa use trx triggerpoint to gain a competitive edge,Find out why the mayo gaa senior football team use trx and triggerpoint to gain a competitive edge. Gaa youth strength conditioning workout u14 u16s,Via youtube capture. Field based strength training for footballers coreexercisespart 3,Pat flanagan takes a workshop on field based strength in na fianna gaa club friday 27th nov 2009 the workshops aim to highlights the increasing.

Gaa training vlog training eating advice for playing sport and getting leaner,If you play gaa or any sport and want to get leaner and perform better check out the full tutorial full strength and conditioning workout in the youtube.

Antrim gaa the next level strength conditioning core strength programme,Antrim gaa coaching games club mentoring programme includes a series of workshops workshop 6 the next level ltpd stage 5 train to compete. Sc training for a gaelic football player,3 month strength conditioning program i carried out on a former london intercounty player program involved initial testing of the athlete tests included.

Darran OSullivan Training With Next Generation Speed

Darran osullivan training with next generation speed,A sample session of kerry footballer darran osullivan seeking to increase his speed with next generation speed. Irish rugby tv in the gym with quinny and the ireland team,This week quinny was in the gym with members of the ireland team quinny spoke to strength and conditioning coach jason cowman about the type of gym. Intermediate stage hamstring rehab gaelic football,Early stage rehab watchv230epgguyoe.

Carrigallen gaa senior training,Carrigallen gaa senior training 110609 ronan ward. Strength conditioning circuit 1 part1,Strength conditioning circuit 1 part1onlineanabolics. Warm up for gaa,How to warm up your postural muscles to get you ready for football or hurling these exercises should be all pain free if you experiencing pain with any of the.

Antrim GAA The Next Level Strength Conditioning Agility Speed

Antrim gaa the next level strength conditioning agility speed,Antrim gaa coaching games club mentoring programme includes a series of workshops workshop 6 the next level ltpd stage 5 train to compete. Kitout of armagh gaa strength conditioning gym by blk box,Tutorial showing kit out of armagh gaa new strength conditioning gym all equipment available fromblkboxfitness. 15 min gaa hiit workout,Here is my quick 15min hiit workout using explosive squats through the workout means you can relate this to gaa start the day off right thanks for watching.

Early stage hamstring rehab gaelic football,Intermediate rehab watchvjtyvnmnpgza. Improve hamstring problems for gaelic footballers,Dutchysfitness or facebookdutchysfitness.

Antrim gaa strength and conditioning part 3mpg,From the antrim coaching conference andy ward talks about strength and conditioning. Field based strength training for footballers part 2,Pat flanagan takes a workshop on field based strength in na fianna gaa club friday 27th nov 2009 the workshops aim to highlights the increasing. Ssta carrick gaa team training,Ssta carrick on shannonst ronans gaa preseason training.

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