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This is a strength training program for soccer players created by dylan tooby of progressive soccer training.If you've seen the first part of this strength training series on how to build muscle this is the next part of the 3 part series.In this tutorial we focus on specific weight training and weight lifting workouts for soccer players.If you want to increase your strength, strength training is the way to go.In this tutorial i will show you some of the best strength training workouts and weight training for men if you are series about improving your strength and ability on the field.

These different weight lifting exercises work the different parts of the body.You will increase total body strength if you use all of these weight training exercises that i suggest in this tutorial.If you are looking for more strength training for beginners or weight training for men or weight lifting motivation, go to my channel progressive soccer training and search for strength training you will get a handful of tutorials to get you started on this topic.Useful strength training for beginners and weight lifting workouts designed to help you improve your total body strength and effectiveness on the soccer field.We also provide other soccer training tutorials that are not just for weight training or weight lifting or strength training.We focus on all the different and important aspects of soccer training and are dedicated to making you a better player.

Training With Steve Cook Bodybuilding

hi, i'm steve cook.I'm the 2010 bodybuilding fit body winner, also the 2010 muscle fitness male model winner as well as a professional level nga bodybuilder.I'm here to talk to you a little bit today about how i achieve my physique through diet, nutrition, my training and my supplementation.I really want to help those out there that are looking to transform themselves from high school or collegiate sports looking to get more into the fitness world.I myself played college football and high school football,.

As well as track, basketball.And it's really easy when you have coaches and you have other guys around telling you and pushing you, but what do you once you're alone in a gym when i got out of high school or got done playing college football, i looked at it still in the same way.I was going into the gym with a goal in mind.Whether it's to compete on stage, just to be healthier, have little goals you can set for yourself, whether it's, you know, in 2 weeks i'm gonna max out and see where i'm at, see if.

I'm getting stronger or i'm gonna test my body fat.You have to go in there with something that's gonna keep you motivated, keep you on track or else you're just gonna be going through the motions.There's so much of a parallel between sports and lifting.When you compete in sports, yeah, the final, you're gonna be measured against other people.In bodybuilding, it's there is that competition between other people you can have but more importantly i think's between yourself.You know, every day you're gonna wake up, look in the mirror and.

You're gonna see results.You're gonna see it happening and kind of setting those goals, going into the gym and just seeing, you know, getting the pump, you know, as arnold described it or whatever, it is an amazing feeling.And going in there with that competitive mindset, just that competitive attitude, it will take you a lot further, even if it's just competing against yourself.'cause really, when it's all said and done, the goal is to be healthier and that's justthat's something that's personal.When i go to the gym, it's 100 business.

I don't go there to socialize.You see a lot of people in the gym, you know, running their mouth and what not.For me, i throw the ipods in and i like to get after it, whether it's, you know, heavy lifting or it's more of a circuit training.Depending on exactly what my goals are, i like to switch it up.I do a lot of resistance training with heavy weights where i'm doing heavy squats, basic lifts.One thing that i do like to do is if i'm doing a basic.

Movement, whether it's a bench press or a squat, i do like to go fairly heavy down to, you know, as low as 4 reps up to about 12.If i'm doing more of an isolation movement, i'm gonna do a little bit more in there.I'm at the end of my workout or what not, but i like to switch it up, keep things interesting and that's how i've gotten my best results.You know, i wanted to build big, big chest.You know, i saw everyone in the gym doing flat bench.

My bench press got real strong but it didn't do a whole lot for my chest.And i had to kind of sit down and it was kind of a hard thing for me to do.I had to say, hey, you know, bench press isn't working to build my chest, so i do more of an incline building my upper chest.For a beginner, going in there and just doing the basic stuff will be a great foundation.You can then, you know, set your goals.Some people will have, you know, genetically are dispositioned to.

Build big arms and have to work on their legs a little bit or what not, but just getting into the gym, starting out basic, just doing your basic lifts, really doing them proper, you know, good form.You never throw the weights around.I always change up my rep tempo.Some days it's real, you know, i'm slow, deliberate, always under control.Other days it's more of a power, you know, i'm training a little bit faster pace.If i'm training for mass, you know, i'm gonna take a little.

More time between my sets.If i'm training more for a show or to get cut up, you know, it's more of a cardiovascular workout as well.I typically train on a 4 on 1 off when i'm getting ready for something, whether it be a show or for, you know, the spring trying to get a little bit more cut up.I like to go in and hit my back and biceps one day, chest and triceps, legs and shoulders.Shoulders, i find i get the best results when i do just a.

Shoulder workout.Cardio for me is something that, you know, i think is very important when i'm trying to maintain or get down to a certain body fat.You know, it's also very important and, you know, if you're in a bulk, you still need to do some form of cardio just for your heart.I like to do it either in the morning or before my workout.I don't ever do cardio and then work out very close together.It's, you know, a couple hours apart or i do cardio, if i'm in.

A pinch, right after.Cardio's one of those things you just need toif you need to get it done, do it when you can.Plateaus are something, you know, everyone's gonna run into.When i hit a plateau, the first thing i do is i look in my training log or my body space of what i have been doing.Obviously, if it's not working, if you're hitting a plateau, something needs to change.Either you need to hit harder, maybe back off a little bit, maybe take a couple days of rest and just totally let your body.

Recuperate.Maybe you need to also look at your diet.Also sleep, sleep's something, you know, you're not gonna be able to go to the gym and perform like you should if you're not getting an adequate amount of sleep.So you gotta look at everything and then kind of, you know, back to the drawing boards, maybe add an exercise or two for a couple weeks.If you've been doing more of a volume, drop your sets down, shorten up your workout, train for intensity, you know, really heavy weights and, you know, just track your progress.

Well, that was how i train.For the full content on my whole training routine, check out the page below.Now, time to talk a little bit more about nutrition.People ask me, you know, what's your diet and i always tell them, you know, it's not really a diet for me anymore.You know, i made a decision to live like this and it's a healthier lifestyle.One thing that's gonna definitely become apparent as you start your training is that diet plays a huge role.You know, growing up high school and what not, you can pretty.

Much eat whatever you want.As long as you're in the gym, you're gonna grow a little bit.As we get older, you know, our bodies are gonna change and you're gonna need good nutrition.Whether you're either in a bulk or cutting, fueling your body with the right sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fat make all the difference in the world.When you have a plan at the gym, why not have a plan on your diet as well it's something that goes hand in hand.You can't have one without the other.

I eat seven meals a day.I know that sounds a little bit extreme.My metabolism's a furnace and i'm always stoking it with fuel.You know, i'm always feeding it, giving it good sources of energy, good carbohydrates, good protein and it's always revved up, ready to go.I try to eat every 212 to 312 hours.You know, when i wake up, i get something and i'm eating then until pretty much until i go to bed.My meals consist of protein, carbohydrates and good fats.A good protein source for me, you know, chicken.

You know, you have the cottage cheese, chicken, you hear that.I also like, you know, ground beef, really lean ground beef's good, you know sirloin steak every now and then.Eggs.I eat a lot of egg whites and then i also, you know, postworkout, i love to get a shake in or if i'm on the go and can't grab something.But just make sure that you're eating at least 1 gram per pound of body weight.Good carb sources, you know, i like sweet potatoes, yams, obviously vegetables.

People, you know, look at me and sometimes think i'm a rabbit just 'cause of the amount of vegetables that i'm eating.Other good carb sources, i get brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal.I also like to carb cycle, you know, keep my metabolism and my body guessing, you know, one day go really high, followed by, you know, a medium and a low day.It also depends on my activity level.You know, if i'm out there skiing, you know, being very active, i can afford, you know, more grams of carbohydrates or.

What not.If i'm a little bit less active, you know, if i'm at home watching a football game or what not, you know, i'm gonna back off the carbs and eat most of my calories in the form of fats and proteins.Fats are very important for testosterone production in your body.You know, nuts and nut butter, you know i eat a lot of almond, almond butter.Almonds to me taste like candy now.I love it.I also like avocados and olive oil and what not but it's, you.

Know, it's important to remember that fats are more calorie dense that the carbohydrates and the proteins.So, you know, it really does come down to calories in versus calories out when you talk about losing weight, but it's also the quality of calories when you talk about, you know, body composition.No one can go all the time without having any cravings.There's things you can do to really help out.I love the 10calorie sugarfree jellos.That, you know, that gives me ait satisfies my craving for a lot of sweets when i'm on a strict, strict diet.

But one thing that, you know, i really am a big believer is every now and then, you know, throw a cheat meal in there, you know, whether it's once a week or if you're just starting out, once every 3 days or what not.You know, you have to allow yourself to have a break, you know, you have to allow yourself to splurge whether it's pizza or a hamburger, pick one meal and get after it.Now that you know about how important nutrition is, you can check out my full meal plan on the page below.

Now let's get into another important topic supplementation.One other very important aspect of training and dieting is supplementation.It comes in when, you know, you can't get all your meals or you're lacking vitamins and what not, supplements is something that you can take advantage of and really see the gains.It's something that i like to do whether i'm in a bulking or cutting phase.Three supplements i can't do without, definitely gonna be the glutamine, the branchedchain amino acids and then the protein.These are things that no matter what cycle i'm in in my life or.

Where i'm at, you know, i have to make sure that i get enough of them.I really feel like the glutamine really helps to repair, you know, my damaged body from the workouts and it's something that i really think everyone can benefit from.You know, for me, i make sure that if i get a new supplement, i always read the label.I see exactly when i should take it.Usually i take my multivitamins and my thermogenic a little before i eat breakfast.A lot of supplements, you should take with food.

Or on an empty stomach.That's one thing you really need to look at and see, follow the directions.Protein shakes are essential for me as soon as i get done with my workout.There's so many supplements out and they're always coming out with new supplements and they always are claiming things.Now you need to go, you need to check out bodybuilding, check out the reviews on them.Make sure that they are in parallel with what your goals are.You're not gonna take a massgaining carbohydrate protein drink if you're trying to cut.

There's so many, so many great companies out there that make supplements that you really can't go wrong.But the key is to really know what you're putting in your body and know what you can expect out of it.You know, supplements, like i said, are there just to supplement things.You can't have a poor diet and poor training and take supplements and expect to have miracles.Now that you know what i do for my training, nutrition and supplementation, check it out on the page below or find me at.

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High school football backchest workout,High school football workout in season week 7 back chest deadlift music disclaimer i own no audio in this video i own nothing copyright. High school football strength training,Urbanstrengthinstitute anthony capatina from catholic central high school training for football with a strongman workout. Gopro todd beamer high school football strength and conditioning,Todd beamer high school football strength and conditioning this program is runned by strength and conditioning coach faipea avaava and head coach.

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