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Sport psychology inside the mind of champion athletes Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth

When we look at olympic sport, sport at the highest level, there are clearly some athletes who always seem to get it right.For example, usain bolt olympic 100m, 200m champion, twice over, in the 2008 beijing olympics and in the london olympics.Michael phelps the most bemedaled olympian of all time.These are athletes who clearly get it right, both psychologically and physiologically all of the time.It is also interesting to note that they have contrasting approaches.Usain bolt, with all his comedy antics, prior to his event, when he is on the start line.

We've all seen this.Laughter michael phelps, however, a much different approach.He sits down, he is listening to music, he has much more cerebral, contemplative approach towards his event.But it's both very effective.Sport psychology may play a part in their preparation for their events, and maybe a reason why they're successful.What happens when things go wrong here's another example.In the 2012 olympics in london in the soccer final, there were two finalists, brazil and mexico.Brazil were the undoubted favorites.They were expected to win.They were the reigning olympic champions.

They were extremely skilled, on paper, they were the best team.Mexico had made it to the final playing well, but they were unfancied.In the final, mexico went at brazil in an incredible display of attacking football.It was incredibly impressive to watch.And if you watched the brazilian players, their heads dropped.They seemed slightly defeated.They could not understand why they were not performing quite as well as they were.Perhaps they were complacent.Perhaps they'd expected too much.Perhaps they were overconfident.The mexicans had nothing to lose,.

They attacked with fervor and they won the olympic title, they were the olympic champions over the fancy favorites.Perhaps sport psychology can explain why fancied champions may be overconfident and may fail when they're expected to win, and perhaps why underdogs take on the best and win despite all the odds.Take another example.James magnussen a man with seemingly unshakable selfconfidence.He said he was going to win the 100msprint final in the pool at the london olympics.He was extremely confident.But in that race, he was outtouched in the line by nathan adrian,.

By 1x2f100 of a second.And that was devastating for him, you could see his body language after, he was destroyed.Perhaps he was overconfident.Perhaps though, his obvious confidence in the events leading up to the actual final.Perhaps his confidence belied an undelying self low confidence.Perhaps he was not very confident inside when he should have been supremely confident of his abilities because he was the world leader in the event.So perhaps psychology may have played a part, but in particular, it may help when overcoming such a devastating defeat for the next event.

Another very good example roy mcavoy.In the 2011 augusta masters, he was expected to win, he was amongst the favorites certainly, and he's an extremely talented golfer.In fact, he is the one player that all the people on the tour, all the golfers on the tour, the pga tour, fear the most.And yet on the day, when he was leading, on the final day of the event he was leading by four shots.He'd played superbly on the previous three days.He experienced a catastrophic drop in his performance.

He shot a round of 80, and this is something that professional golfers can do in their sleep, certainly very easily, because they frequently shoot rounds of 70 or below and that's a good shot.So 80 was a catastrophic failure, and he ended up tying for fifteenth place.So you'd think that that sort of devastating performance may have impacted on his mind.However, only eight weeks later, he won the u.S open, and there was no sign of the lack of confidence and the fact that the pressure had got to him,.

That was displayed when he was in augusta.So it seemed that he picked up the pieces.And what is it that made him do so sport psychology may indeed have the answers.So, elite athletes, coaches, and the people who surround athletes, know very well the importance of sport psychology, and they're beginning to embrace it.Sport psychologists are often included in the teams that surround athletes nowadays.What is sport psychology well, it is the science, study and practice of mental preparation for sport.It involves identifying the techniques and strategies.

That athletes can take and use, so they perform on their most optimum.It also helps athletes deal with come back, with setbacks and help them to come back from devastating defeats.Such as those by james magnussen or roy mcavoy.So we just begin to unpack some of these strategies that sport psychologists talk about.So looking inside of the mind of a winner, what factors are linked to success in sport well, clearly an athlete has to be motivated.Often goals that athletes set, describe or.Will demonstrate how much effort.

And how much will they have to win in their event.But sometimes motivation is not enough.An athlete has to be confident, and confidence seems to be ubiquitous amongst highperforming performers.There's a number of strategies that athletes can use to boost their confidence.Another important factor is knowledge of the sport.So basically, knowing your sport inside out, but also knowing the opposition.What are their strengths and weaknesses one of the phrases coined by clive woodward, who was the england coach at the time they won the rugby world cup in 2003.

One of the phrases he coined, was, total rugby, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to performance.He was very famous for developing dossiers on the opposition.Knowing their strengths, knowing their weaknesses and where he could attack them and how he could tactically win them.And that's clearly important in sports these days.So, using psychology to understand the opposition as well as yourself.Athletes are also very good at using routines, getting themselves in the right frame of mind.We'll look at that in a few moments time.

Athletes are also good at handling pressure.If you look at usain bolt or michael phelps, they are cases in point.And anxiety management is clearly an important aspect of an athlete's arsenal of strategies to get them in the right frame of mind so that they can perform at their best.So let's look at some of these strategies in detail.Motivation is clearly very important, and how do you get athlete motivated the most important things are the goals that they set.The goals that they set will determine how much drive,.

How much effort, how much will they have to perform well.But often a goal of winning is not enough.Sometimes, oh, most times, it is important that an athlete has a number of subgoals which are related to their performance.So things like personal bests, that drive them both in training and in competition.It's important that these goals conform to certain features.And scientists, psychologists and practitioners always refer to this smart acronym.And that's because, having goals that are realistic, relevant, specific, measurable and so forth, are really important when it comes to getting an athlete motivated.

As i said earlier, motivation is not enough.It is important that an athlete is confident, and there are number of ways you can boost an athlete's selfconfidence.Experience.Reminding an athlete of their experience is extremely important.Modeling.I don't mean catwalkmodeling here, modeling is also an important aspect, because that enables an athlete to have a model or blueprint if you like of the optimum performance.Imagery and selftalk are parts of that and we'll get on to those in a moment.Feedback is clearly important as well.Positive feedback from the athlete's coaches.

Imagery is a mental rehearsal and it is a strategy that many athletes use.And here are the kinds of things that an athlete or a coach will go through, when they're rehearsing their performance.It is almost like a tutorial of their performance.They will also use prompts, but they also visualize any contingency that arise.For example, any barriers or problems or difficulties that arise during the course of their competition.Here's an example of these kinds of strategies in action.This is blanka vlai she was a former world champion, high jumper,.

And ywf athlete of the year.And she was very famous for going through the same performance routine prior to a competition.She would close her eyes, visualize a successful jump.She would clap her hands rhythmically, and use the audience to get the audience on board and that would both boost her motivation and her confidence, and then she would practice some moves shortly before executing her jump.Selftalk is another strategy that athletes use.It's an extremely important strategy because it enables athletes to go through in their mind.

And use mantras to try to boost their motivation, but also to try to manage the competition and the situation.For example, the situation where the pressure is on and they are highly anxious.So, selftalk might have motivational components, but it also might help athletes focus on important things that are relevant to performance, socalled cues, and also might have a calming effect.Things like breathe and relax.Anxiety management is an important aspect of sport performance.Clearly at the olympic game the world championships at the highest level, athletes are going to be under pressure.

And they need to be able to cope with that pressure.Sometimes being too anxious can actually undermine an athlete performance.It can be suboptimal.So relaxation techniques are extremely important in this regard, and psychologists will work with athletes to try and help them to relax.So it might involve things like breathing, stretching, relaxing the muscles, they'll also use things like music and meditation.Michael phelps is a good example, he listens to music right up to the few minutes before is an event, and that music will get him to the right frame of mind.

For that event.It will help him to relax but it will also motivate him.Here's a good example of somebody using those techniques to the greatest extent.This is yelena isinbayeva double olympic champion at the pole vault, and also the world record holder.This is her in the 2012 olympics, she's clearly very relaxed, she lies back, she covers herself in a close, this has the effect of shutting out any distractions but also it has the effect of relaxing her and relieving the pressure.So in term of the mind of a winner from a sport psychology perspective,.

EDC East Durham College Sport and Outdoor Education courses tutorial

Music gtgt craig craig shields, i'm the curriculum leader for sport.I teach on a range of courses, mostly level 3 from sports science to a level to foundation degree.Gtgt sean my name's sean nicholson and i'm a lecturer on the sports courses.Gtgt craig they've all got specialised timetables in the sports department that cater for the academic and practical side.So for example on a morning they have academic studies between 9 and 11, they'll have a break, have another academic class till 12 and then they'll train of an afternoon.

Gtgt sean what we've got here is a really excellent range of facilities.We have a big double sports hall which we use for various teaching sessions and obviously the basketball, football 5 a side.All you can basically think off within that.We've got i think its at least four full size outdoor pitches which are really well maintained and really well looked after.Jamal my name's jamal george and i'm on a bnd exercise and fitness.In our lessons we do stuff like psychology, stuff about nutrition and how athletes perform.

When i finish this course i want to go to university and hopefully study something in sports, maybe sports psychology.Gtgt craig day to day they always do a mixture of both their academic studies and the practical sport that they choose, whether it be football, boxing, or rugby, any of our academies here.Gtgtlewis my name is lewis hatcher, and the course i'm on is bnd sport coaching and fitness.Things we do are coaching, learning different skills, techniques and the various different sports.Gtgt craig we're very lucky to have some fantastic lecturers so the level of teaching is very.

High.Last year our observation team, everyone was at good or better for our teaching observation, with some outstanding teaching there as well.Gtgt lauren my name is lauren watts and i'm doing btec sport science.On the sports science course we do practical, it's mostly workbased, but we do assignments and topics which we do in the course sports psychology, skill acquisition, anatomy, practical team sports.Gtgt sean once they've finished the course, if you're talking the level 3 students and the sports science and btec nationals and things like that they can then go on to do the foundation degree we run here as well.

Which is also two years and they can then progress to some other university to top up there to get a full degree.They can also if they want to leave at the end of level 3, they can just go on and do degrees somewhere else as well.Obviously there's other ways into employment so they can work in leisure centres and become coaches because obviously we run that type of programme.And other avenues of like management within sport as well they can get into.Gtgt craig enrolling on a course at the college.

You've also got the added advantage of having full use of our brand new gym facility.We've got a fitness suite consisting of both weights, machines and also a cardiovascular suite.All the equipment is brand new and state of the art.Music gtgt wayne my name is wayne cottrell and i'm in charge of outdoor education.They take part in activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, they'll also be doing fitness as it's part of the sports course, sports injuries, also we take them on camps as well.

The opportunitites are quite varied they can either go into the forces, because a lot of the outdoor education courses are linked with public services, but also they qualify to go and work out in the industry in outdoor centres or for sports programmes or even private companies such as key adventure or something.I'm a qualified kayak instructor, mountain leader, rock climbing instructor.Also we do other things such as beach lifeguarding, we do a lot of water activities.We do some other enrichment programmes like scuba diving, orienteering.The facilities here are excellent.We've got.

A top of the range gym, top of the range sports facilitites, we've also got a site at houghall college, and that provides us with a base for orienteering.Plus it's got a full forest to do any camping skills that we need to do and a mountain bike track.At the moment the split of females to male is about 60 40.We have a good selection of females of various ages all who really enjoy outdoor education.But they've also got links to cadets, and they all want to go into forces or actually get involved with.

FA Level 2 Technique Of Creating Space

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3 v 3 possession support,Please subscribe and thanks for watching sctouchtight email us at coachingtouchtight if you wish to receive our latest. Sport psychology inside the mind of champion athletes martin hagger at tedxperth,Martin hagger is professor of psychology at curtin university his areas of expertise are social health sport and exercise psychology he is involved in.

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Edc east durham college sport and outdoor education courses tutorial,For more information about the sports and outdoor education courses available at east durham college head to the website. Lacrosse evolution tutorial instruction series scrape from x advanced shooting drill,Description this is an advanced attack dodge and shot from x rather than trying to turn the corner on your defender you continue moving upfield away from. It make more sense to go with a local coach sudesh singh,25 july 2014 former mamelodi sundowns scout sudesh singh speaks to enca ahead of the announcement of the new bafana bafana coach singh has also.

Reign superior athletics sports training program workouts for high school and youth athletes,Sportsrehabexpertproductsitem18cfm workouts for youth and high school athletes the workouts learning how to perform correct. Cardio tabata workout,Hey folks here is our cardio focused tabata workout tabata is a scientifically proven method of exercise that can boost metabolic rates for up to 36 hours after. Judo knight putin shows off martial arts skills in wrestling bout,Prime minister vladimir putin has taken another step to boost his charisma by holding a wrestling session with members of russias national teams the training.

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