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Smithy Meets the England Football Team Red Nose Day 2009

Singing to the radio terribly plush! hoohoo, this'll do! good mooning, how are we alright i'm smithy.Heard you had a problem with your pipes.Are these complimentary more singing to the radio because i.Need a piss.Hold on.Can we help you, mate mumbling actually, since you asked, erm, you could reimburse my plane ticket i bought to austria three years ago under the assumption that you might qualify for the euros! jt, to them.Me, budgie, dirt box, chinese alan dino and dino's brother all booked that ticket to austria three years ago.

Because it was inconceivable to us that england wouldn't qualify for the european championships! that means without the beer festival the whole thing would have been a waste of time! and yet i still believe in you.I believe in every single one of you.Crouchy.When i look at you everything tells me you should be rubbish at football and yet you're brilliant.And you know why because of this the robot! yeah where's it gone you were hitting them right, left, center, all over the park when that was there!.

I know what's happened.You've started to fear the robot.You've got to let the robot fear you.I'm talking like staple, tray service swivel, can, open, drinkity drink drink yeah what about some of these a few turns in there if you score a hattrick, pull out the rope, pull out the rope.David james.You're england's number one.You are the best you've ever been and you know why cos you've stopped dicking around with your hair! we've had it white, red, 'fro, corn rows okay let's just.In fact, this goes for the whole team, okay from now on, we either shave it off.

Or it's a short back and sides, okay and becks, you are not exempt from this.Ashley.You know what, you're my favourite left back.In the world.And it hurts me to say that, cos i hate chelsea.Just one question what the hell's your missus doing halfway up mt kilimanjaro with gary barlow and chris moyles she is a footballer's wife, i'm talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry.If she starts behaving like a proper footballer's wife you will vast improvements on the pitch.Frank.Frankie.Actually.Do you know, um.

Oh, do you know, err, do you know steven gerrard big scouse guy, yeah, he's got that unfortunate forward hairline yeah, always talk like that accented mumbling yeah, you know him yeah, who i'm talking about you like him you get on with him play like it then! maybe look up and pass to him every now and then! okay 'cos you are really good at football, okay and he is as good if not a teensy bit better.I got time for you frank.You know that.Shaun.What i what i think we need to work on.

Is raising the profile, you know what i mean i'm talking clothing line, sports shoe, softdrink, yeah chinese alan's brother in law has actually got danielle lloyd's phone number.So, pass that to you, you two implications raise the profile, yeah becks, i know you're cool, gimme five.You and me, we're essex boys and proud, you know you went to the same school as my little sister, so practically related.It's cool, we'll text it or go down the pub, whatever you like, yeah you're a beautiful man.With a beautiful face.

Jt.You are the last bastion of the old fashioned english center back.You're like terry butcher with a bandage round your head.Until you miss a penalty! mocking crying right i've had enough of this.We save the tears for home.And that goes for all of us.Football's not about individuals.Football's not about solo efforts, it's about a team.And you know how we make a team work, right how i'm glad you asked.I'm glad you asked.David beckham.You've got to hold.And give.And do it at the right time.

You can be slow or fast but you must get to the line.They might hit you, they might hurt you, defend, attack, there's only one way to beat them, and that's around the back.So stop you if you can 'cos you're the england man! and what you're looking at is the master plan.We're no hooligans, this ain't a football song, three lions on our chests, you know we can't go wrong, we're singing for england, you're playing for england! come on! come on crouchy, yeah! becks, come on! yes, jt!.

Mario Balotelli vs Roberto Mancini Fight

Now how do i pay for select out here in culver city california burst from ikea let's talk about mario volatility head case that is mario bala telly and the manager a manchester city roberto tyson there have been reports that have come out today via the bbc that will fit we will show you the pictures of what happened terry a training session uh.Fourman sister city football club the two flashed and apparently had a huge fight that happens we'll show you the pictures really quickly art so reportedly what happened it was mario bala telly had a very hard tackle.

On scott sinclair now you see the two of them nicci very very animated especially with pointing his fingers you see in here trying to coax bala telly trying to tell in possibly what went wrong and then all hell basically breaks loose as you see then cheney holding bala tallies bid which is meter by learned today i kid you not in america we call those pennies they're called paintings that we put on engine ok continue so you see them right there uh.We don't know who made contact with who first the assistant coaches.

Steppin between the two bought telly again to the right at uni to the lapd and then somehow they switch places the assistant coaches still separating the two and again in cheney very very animated over what happened both of them obviously very upset now reportedly ball it's only went to the dressing room and board to the training ground ten minutes later he signed in twenty ten with city three goals in twenty one appearances this season what we do know is that a genie involuntarily have argued before and then she has been in favor of mario every single year.

Consent for a few comments here and there when you're will say no one can trust mario now only mari and i don't even know mario can cause market will come out and saying some stuff like that that overall he's totally endeavor i'm he sees ball a tally as a son and just kind of seeing it as a kid who keeps stirring up that you're still there for the reports indicate that it was a heart edible again we don't know who grabbed who first so we can speculate on that only one i suppose he could go to a lot of data.

Funds he could go to p s g the fact is when it comes down to a bullet ellie is a problem and he will always be a problem anne is a new six week with extra baggage he brings to whatever club that he uh.Is with they're always going to be situation not necessarily like this but they're always gonna be situations in the negative light and it's going to bring negative opinions upon your club and to bala telly and to the manager is just simply going to happen over and over and over again this is just the way.

That comes with volatility huge liability is morry about la now according to the bbc in december bodily listen to take city to a tribunal over to respond to missing twelve games last season because a suspensions he later dropped the action and accepted the punishment in november may seem he said he had no intention is selling the player last season bodily scored seventeen goals and all competitions but was sent off twice through the italian media roberto was quoted as saying he had a garden guardian it we need to consider that mario was made as a major investment and.

This is not a club that throws its capital through the window the relationship between me and then is always good even if a oneday he does something i'll other because after many years we live together i've seen him grow but the professor relationship is another thing i told mario what i need to vent the time of gtalk is over bought a least twentytwo years old and now it's time to be professional i has to be in seriousness a commitment in training a more stable private life incorrect behavior on the page.

Is what i say to roberto message now let me ask you guys this not is your favorite club but do you believe and mario boleto his talent so high he has amazing potential amazing amazing potential but the problems that go up in here are going to always surface he's twenty two years old there's a lot of mature ing to do and yet he's still a kid he's still a kit which has to be emphasized but not many kids act like this so what he said he didn't like two years he.

Football Coaches Angriest Moments Fights Angry Coaches

Football coaches angriest moments fights angry coaches,Football coaches angriest moments fights angry coaches tags football coaches coaches angriest moments angry coaches ferguson vs wenger. Best football managers skills juggling freestyle hd,Hit like and subscribe thank you for watching if you enjoyed please subscribe us wrzzer wrzzer brings to you the best skills juggling. An american coach in london nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,Check out the return of coach lasso here youtubeirqypm7jb5y coach lasso jason sudeikis has just arrived in england to coach tottenham hotspur.

Players vs referees fight foul red card combo craziest reactions,Players vs referees fight foul red card combo craziest reactions players vs referees fight foul red card combo craziest reactions players vs. Joachim loew is disgusting,Following what happened yesterday in the euro 2016 germany vs ukraine match heres a little tribute to german national team coachmanager joachim low. Best managers skill juggling freestyle,Some skill from famous head coaches wenger mourinho simeone jurgen klopp ancelotti allegrithey are old but they still doesnt lost their skills class is.

Soccer coach motivational team talk,Soccer coach team talk in locker room using pencils as an analogy for team strength in numbers.

Emotional football coaches best moments and celebrations hd,Crazy moments by famous football managers like jose mourinho jurger klopp diego simeone claudio ranieri josep guardiola roberto mancini and etc. Turkish football soccer coach manager stabbing,Turkish football manager yuksel yesilova stabbed 6 times by his older brother during the mersin idman yurdu vs samsunspor game in the turkish second.

RAGE Top 10 Manager Press Conference Rants

Rage top 10 manager press conference rants,This weeks top ten sees ten of our favourite press conference meltdowns like sports like tutorials sub here tlksptfans to get entertaining sports. Very funny football coach moments,Funny football coach moments compilation tutorial there are mourinho crazy moments pep guardiola don carlo etc this tutorial will make you laugh. I was the sdmn fc manager for their charity match,Sdmn fc charity match sdmn fc manager tots coins fifacoinszonefangs and use fangs for 5 off check out instantfutpacks.

Thierry henry explaining pep guardiola coaching,Thierry henry explaining pep guardiola tactics during an interview in sky sport uk the ex arsenal and barcelona midfielder thierry henry gives a grear. Top 10 highest paid football managers guardiola zidane mourinho,Subscribe to football daily fdsubscribe football daily have counted down the top 10 highest paid managers in football are there any.

How to impress your coach in soccer or football,How to impress your coach in soccer or football free ebook soccer training tutorials and weekly soccer tips. Behind the scenes a day with the fc barcelona kit team,Who prepares the fc barcelona players kit on match day how do the kits boots and energey drinks all make it to the away ground a camera followed the. The return of coach lasso nbc sports premier league film featuring jason sudeikis,After being fired by tottenham hotspur coach lasso jason sudeikis is back in the usofa looking to make the most of his premier league experience.

Levski Sofia Fans Go Mental With New Football Manager Soccer Coach

Levski sofia fans go mental with new football manager soccer coach,Angry levski sofia fans invade press conference and remove shirt from their new new coachmanager ivaylo petev epic soccer coaching. Top 7 disgusting moments by german football coach joachim lw,New he did it again swatchvtizexvcggw top 5 euro 2016 saves swatchv19vhtm9eazi. Tottenham soccer star harry kane shows off his american football skills madden 16 nfl,Professional soccer player harry kane shows off his american football skills with some encouragement from nfl players subscribe to the nfl youtube.

Juventus shot challenge allegri vs pogba,Al termine dellallenamento il mister e pogboom si sfidano in una serie di tiri dalla distanza nelle porte piccole in cui il pallone deve entrare senza toccare terra. The dirty side of el clasico fights fouls dives red cards,Follow me on facebook sfacebookofficialwetalkfootball follow me on twitter stwitterwetalkfootball instagram. How to be a professional coach,Go to thecoachingmanualguideshowtobeaprofessionalcoach for 5 more tips do you dream of working in professional football want to know.

Harry and paul football manager,Harry and paul football manager talking to his players in different langauages. Team germany coach sorry for butt scratch n sniff,The coach of the german national soccer team is apologizing for scratching his crotch and butt during a game and immediately sniffing his fingers. Top seven funniest momentmourinhos celebration,Jos mrio dos santos mourinho flix oih known as jos mourinho portuguese pronunciation uz moiu born 26 january 1963 is a portuguese.

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