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The Season Ole Miss Football Fall Camp 2015

voiceover this college football season starts a new era in the entire year will be cast against a new and exciting back drop with the college football playoff.Hugh freeze in his third season at ole miss, he's put together terrific recruiting classes in the rebels, they're hoping that this will be a magical season.We certainly talked about this all three weeks about being all in and no matter what happens, good, bad, or ugly, we are handcuffed together for this year.This for real bro, i'm telling y'all bro.

I've been here a long time.I've been here four long years, but it's the best team we done been around, i promise you.Upbeat inspirational music voiceover oh, tackled at the 43 yard line.Voiceover got a man open, it's core on a seam route and he's off to the races.The 50, the 45, he may go, he may go.25, 20, down the middle of the field, the five, touchdown, ole miss.Cody core takes it to the house.Everybody do your job.Set the tone right now.

voiceover swings it, and it's gonna be intercepted by ole miss.Picked off right off the top of the ground by cliff coman, he takes it to the house, touchdown ole miss.I told you we're gonna finish it coach.We're gonna finish it baby.Voiceover the pass is gonna be picked off.And headed toward the house is dolson.You won't catch him.He's gone.Touchdown ole miss.Voiceover for the first time since the egg bowl in the 1994 season, ole miss coming out in what most people call powder blue.

To honor chuckie mullins.That's violent football.That's what we do.Voiceover the rebel defense again smothering, swarming, they're just everywhere.Land sharks are feeding very well tonight on the memphis tigers.I told you you we were gonna make a play in the fourth quarter, way to go.That's awesome.We got memphis this week.I mean there's not much to say man.College game day here.It's a wrap.Voiceover they've got to beat the tide at their own game.This ole miss team i think has been building.

They really feel, deep down in their core that they can win this game.Voiceover moral victories will not do today, but again, this is old territory for the tide walking in as favorites with a big target on their back.When this thing's over, and they start to tear those goal posts down, hey, hey, them things are heavy, you better get back in here and don't get hurt, okay dramatic music this is the most important cover of the entire game.We got them all moving right now.

voiceover to the 20 to the 25, hit and fumble.It's on the ground.Blue steel loose, who has it boys and girls and it's ole miss' football.Voiceover looking to throw, goes to the end zone, wafts it, he's got it, forget the field goal.Voiceover and the rebel defense has been considered very good.Can they get a stop here to win a game over the crimson tide.Deep over the middle, in to the end zone, the pass is going to be, left foot is down.

The students are pouring on to the field.Ole miss has knocked off number one alabama.Voiceover over the middle, he's got a man in the end zone, it is hauled in.Did he hold it yes, touchdown.Voiceover watch out, dropped the ball, picks it up, ole miss is running with it.I seen it, it was in between rob's legs, and i took it out of rob's legs.This is different.This sound hasn't happened before.And we're gonna keep going baby.Voiceover wallace might want to take his shot here.

Here it comes.And there it is, he got it.Touchdown.Voiceover 34 to three, the third ranked rebels move to seven and 0.Voiceover set for the start of the final quarter.Tigers trying to avoid losing to both magnolia state schools.Hey we all want it no other way.Let's go.Voiceover this is the 13th play coming up.First 12 all runs.Play action fake, throws in to the end zone, touchdown.Logan stokes.Voiceover down by four is ole miss.Auburn 35, ole miss 31.

Quick pass to treadwell.Still on his feet to the 10, to the five, he's at the end zone.Voiceover the ball is recovered by auburn.Voiceover just put a terrible twist on what has been a great game.Voiceover full man rush, he's gonna throw toward the end zone, and again he did not see the deep safety lineman there, and it's picked off in the end zone.It was intended for walton, taking it all the way to the house is rohan gaines, he's in there, touchdown.

voiceover so the razorbacks are bowl eligible.The rebels, pretty much out of the picture as far as playoff goes now, and gonna have to swallow your pride and regroup and get after the bulldogs of mississippi state next weekend.Voiceover good pitch by wallace to walton starts right, nothing there, then tries to go back left and then angles up the middle of the field, oh he's broken clear.He's to the 20, can he get there he's got a blocker.15, 10, five, touchdown, ole miss.Voiceover all right here we go, fourth and goal.

From the four for the bulldogs.He looks for the run, now throws to the end zone again and that's incomplete.This one my friends is over.The rebels have won the 2014 egg bowl.Voiceover from the georgia dome it's the 2014 chickfila peach bowl.Voiceover trick play to open up the game, how 'bout it touchdown.Voiceover this thing started going downhill and its never stopped.In tcu's favor.Voiceover they're absolutely making a big statement against a very good team in ole miss.Voiceover this is, i had not seen this coming.

You know what you're gonna hear from hugh freeze in his comments after the game, much like he was at halftime, a class act.He came in and went toetotoe, and they're gonna have to sit on this for a number of months.Upbeat dramatic music i think we've addressed it by the way we worked this off season.I think every time during a workout or something and someone gets tired, just bring up the fact that we got beat and i think it gives guys extra energy and everybody's been motivated to change that.

This summer.Nice to meet you.You got to sign the mirror.Oh, okay.Thanks.Upbeat music look at that signature.Look at that land shark.You know that's a nice little poster that we gonna hang up.Gotta be fresh.Bow tie mike's in the house.Oh you see 'em.Bow tie games too.It's something that i put together.You know, i feel like it's pretty spiffy.We're here, we're in the grin and grind interviews.We're having fun, i look good.Upbeat jazzy music.

they got my man evan in there right now.He gonna be like, mumbles.You know what i'm saying.I see you, i see you mumbles.Chuckles i told you, didn't i tell you he's, you know what i'm saying you know what i'm saying chuckles it's gone really smooth, i mean, i hadn't seen our players, i think, but some of the places i've been that's had had our players in there were very impressed with mike and c.J.And evan.All right, did any of you boys embarrass us.

Oh, i already know.I come in behind you.Well c.J.Said you talkin' national championship.That's why they said we will win the national championship, and me finish the sentence and say 'cause of the land shark defense.Upbeat jazzy music voiceover ole miss is building.Coming off a nine and four season, and finishing in the top twenty for the first time in five years, the rebels have secured a firm foundation for the future, and have painted themselves in to the national picture.As the days melt away, and the mercury rises,.

Hugh freeze and the red and blue are anxious to see how they measure up to the competition when the rebels return for fall camp.Man, you know it's business.I'm always excited for business though.It's just another day in the office.Ooh boy, it feel hot out here today, yay.She worked hard for 'em.She told me, she told me she was gonna get somethin' nice you know.We probably stayed in here since i been in high school.Phone ringing this her calling me right now.

Chuckles hello whassup you just landed all right, that's good then.Well, i'm about to head in the car.I'm gonna give you a call when i make it down to the.All right, love you too.All right bye.You know that's what you do it for.At least that's what i do it for.Hip hop music i can't wait man.I'm so ready to get in to camp.Just being able to know, say that i'm finally here right here is, is like the year.Like, you see what i'm saying.

Like this is the year where we all is at our highest peak.Like everybody's pretty much set up in a good position to, you know, set the foundation for their future.And it's like once you in that position, it's like, there's no pressure, 'cause it's not like you want to lose, but if you want to win, you're gonna do whatever you can to win, so that makes the pressure off you, you see what i'm saying treat us like the professionals in the nfl'd treat us.And if we all do that, we'll be perfectly fine.

Upbeat jazzy music i'm coming to you live from the great oxford mississippi, and today as you know, we report today.We're starting camp, in other words grind season.Voiceover one more time.Taylor polk, magee mississippi, brandon high school.Voiceover awesome.Aaron morris, jackson mississippi, calloway high school.Laughter hey, all right.Laquon treadwell laughs step one, grow the 'stache, step two just kill the game.Robert conyers, laughter rodrick taylor, jackson mississippi, calloway high school.Ehhhh.Denzel nkemdiche, grayson high school,.

Outer space.Laughter i rewind.Voiceover it's supposed to be outer space, and then, i was trying to block that off, but.My bad, hold on.The wait is over.It's time to go.It's time to go.Hey, we're on a roll.I'm just happy to be a part of what's going on.Got mumbles out the way, it's time to do a little team meeting.I'm ready to get to the real action, you know what i'm sayin' i got one question.Hit 'em with it bro.

are, you, ready claps here we go fellas, three claps, all right.Everyone claps man, welcome to day one.Take a stand 2015.What are you bringing to your job today what will you bring what will your coaches bring what will you bring all day long, all night long, being a pro from now until the time we dismiss tonight at 930.How was your snack last night all together great.On point that was pretty good i thought.Now, today's word is teachable.Each word will run two day cycle.

Until somebody tell me what we said the characteristics of a teachable person are.Here's one.Voiceover seeking advice.Seek advice.I'm humble enough to seek advice, man i want to learn, and i want to dig in.Somebody else.Engaging man.Let's be engaging in practice today.Engaging in the halls.All of those things, men, as we go through today, may you be mindful of being a teachable spirit.All right, let's have a great, great first day.As we take a stand in 2015.Three claps.

Claps talking upbeat music voiceover ready voiceover yeah.Voiceover mike, try again.Breaking my cleats in.They brand new, i don't want to get out there and have my feet hurt.Grade a style right here.I don't have to do too much work, just sit on 'em a little bit.Break 'em on in, make 'em a little flimsy.So i can run a little better out there, so your feet won't be hurt.Upbeat music voiceover what are the little people doing today too slow.

I'm glad you're with us.Voiceover thank you coach.Let's have a fun ride.Be coachable, be teachable.Voiceover yes sir.Watch, watch.Oh my goodness.Right on the tip, look.Look, i ain't even behind the white lines.One more time, watch my eyes.Oh, that one was out there and i smashed it.I just had to show markell how to do it.Didn't drop a one.I didn't drop a one.Right there on the tip every time.You boys don't know nothing about that.

Blow it.Horn funky music now get back.Voiceover i'm too tired.I know you tired, hurry up.Hurry up.You got to go, this ain't no half speed drill.Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle.Hey, hey, hey, hey, you've gotta tread more.You've gotta tread more.Mumbles tight til the whistle.Tight til the whistle.Find it, be quick, don't hurry.Be quick, don't hurry.Good, good.Your hands are good enough to make that catch.You know what i'm saying so there's your solution.This is engagement.

You know what i'm saying am i passionate yes, yes, i want you to do well.So catch it with your eyes.Light music i need to turn that light down, i want to show you some stuff about tracking.We're due at 935 so i'm gonna keep you for about another four or five minutes.All right, up here on the screen, talkin' bout tracking.Most of you are pretty dang good tacklers.You know what the problem is in tackling sometimes you don't get there and get in a good position.

And i know this is going real fast right here, but it's about having a landmark, which is a near hit.See how he got it, see all the five guys around him there see this so when you're out there in pads, you can still teach yourself to get in great position.Y'all start in a good stance don't ya you should finish in a good stance.Everybody got it guys, we are at seven minutes we are on the field for a walk through, so you need to hustle.

voiceover yes sir.You need to hustle, go, go, go.What's up fellas good to see y'all this morning.Morning guys.Voiceover morning.'sup mo they change it miller did you have to have three days of helmets i've not heard that.The only thing i know it's always been two days of nothing and then show.I see that.And then you can go full after that.We would like to go shoulder pads ken.Is that all right i continue to stress to our kids.

The great effort and energy and, but at the same time take care of each other.First day of shoulder pads, it'll all be tackle to the ground, all right wake 'em up.What are you bringing to your job today it's a chance to worship.Out there, get your guys ready, let's have a great practice.Let's go.Yeah, us kickers are really looking forward to, laying the wood today.It feels good having these things back on today.Knock somebody around a little bit today.Little ding dang, you know, here and there.

feel good to be back in the pads though.I feel like i got my costume on.There's no more excuses, so pretty much it is what it is.Eh, eh, make sure you rally up your troops.Rally up your troops.Voiceover 19, what you got for me today baby voiceover that's it you taking any to the crib no.No.I don't know who told you that.Na, na, na will you be my shelter na, na, na, na, na.'sup boy, how you doing.

Oh, you got pads on today.Rock music love it, first day of pads, first day of heat.We need it boys.We need it.Now you've got pads on.Now you can butt 'em.Now you can bring everything you've got in to this.Block out.Good.Block out.Good.Voiceover good job lo.Y'all better tell them boys to start lowering their shoulder.Y'all better tell that boy start, all right.Rock music good finish it, finish.He got some beef to him now, huh i set him down.

Oregon Ducks Locker Room Tour

Organs new facilities you can say ours day to be are coming this significant with cofounder nike phil knight he put in and undisclosed amount he did not wanna say how much his net worth as i told nikki is fourteen point one billion dollars billion yet what you say to i was very busy to use a gas and i said 1,000,000,000 yeah blankley now and then you die it a lot more and i said four billion yeah inflicting 48 made cuts many more tv so i so here the amazing facilities that organ has right now so let's go through.

These pictures so i assume this is a practice field i'm just gonna read if you quote as we move along it's a 145,000 square foot football performance center i assume those are the locker rooms are least through the tunnel and it's a sixstory facility incredibly high tech sec from those pictures and this is from my side the design teams egfr kit x and a few others install the number other unique features the marble for the showers was imported from italy as was mostly buildings furniture it gets better.

The lockers which are for lee ventilated a fully ventilated to eliminate lingering odors i mean come on it's a fucking locker room why do you need an vents always pay in days yeah exactly busy football players and girls so those are from germany featured not coded key pads on the top shelf mounted the shoulder pads and a helmet that springboard towards the player it's seamless white flowers as you see right there in the locker room in cafeteria are poured from toro rosso a composite that resists infection.

The specific color ugk i mean this is unbelievable black glass walls in the meeting room the star served as white boards several other walls are lined in nineteen football whether the chairs the auditorium's are done in ferrari leather i mean come on like how much do you need to cater to studentathletes football players who are summer from 18 to 21 years old i mean this is this is like they're living in a mansion in the hollywood hills its ok for its so true it's like well you're essentially and they talked about.

The fact that they're doing this should to be able to recruit ek recruit me you know what i mean but like essentially is that this is just another way to buy your players isn't you know your name players buyer players except the ncaa doesn't allow it erratically technically they don't allow john calipari doesn't follow suit up yeah but this is another way and just buying your players coming in saying this is what we have in i don't know i just find the whole thing a little offputting.

They do you really really really need all it is to compete with the best so are they setting a precedent for what is to come well college football i hope not i mean here's the here's the two sides and i don't agree with it i think you know granted there's the ferrari there's a show and that's my favorite should write leather let us now it's like do you really needed for harming let yet know you did you hear the answer is no don't the italian marble yeah i mean there's a way to do this.

Wat i go over by ikea of the world knew you were gonna say about college football at this is setting a precedent i hope he's not setting a precedent because i feel like just in general as as as the youth in our country now there's a lot of people i just had to do something awards and there's a lot to you that are out there doing amazing things however with that said a lot of them are would you can give me we can do for me that's their mentality mentality.

That is the mentality to live a college athlete isn't it's a fulltime job it is has a fulltime job you were there all day long you know you it too lacked you don't have a normal college experience but you do get i guess i love this and return there are the park's yeah also i will say yes i'm i did eat fine because i wanted to know like how much does football bring into you or like how night because you know we way what my brother was playing baseball for george it was this whole.

Thing like how much you know or what are they doing for our stadium verses that the football what facilities to the gym this get versus what we get word you will have all the cash cow we know that cash cow for sure and the gymnastics female team won almost every years you can't give the money to the people who make the money so far or again oregon analyst at top 25 schools to make the most money college football organ was 16 with 51.7 million be total athletic department revenue was 73.9 million so they're making an effort.

By tim wanna 7381 a 73 so it could some things and i don't think they should be spending act but to those people out there that are saying what about you know tracker what about basketball or what about this well they're gonna put the money where the money is being made yet and that's in football a dork will close at out in stadium it's huge and that's a humongous and it's a great football stadium i'd like to go see a game night waiting but i mean the fact is they hold the most amount of people.

Houston WR Vs DB 1on1s 2014 Nike Football Training Camp

Houston wr vs db 1on1s 2014 nike football training camp,Wr vs db 1on1s at the 2014 houston nike football training camp the camp was held at the kinkaid school in houston tx and featured top wrs kemah. Dallas wr vs db 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Wr vs db 1on1s at the 2014 dallas nike football training camp on april 5 2014 camp was held at desoto high school and featured top wide receivers. 2013 nike football training camp los angeles quarterback clips collegelevelathletes,Collegelevelathletes watch this tutorial featuring several top quarterbacks from the 2013 nike football training camp los angeles at redondo.

Houston ol vs dl 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Ol vs dl 1 on 1s at the 2014 houston nike football training camp the camp was held at the kinkaid school in houston texas and featured the regions top. Dallas wr vs db 1 on 1s nike football the opening regionals,Wr vs db 1 on 1s at the 2015 dallas nike football the opening regional the regional camp was held at arlington lamar high school on march 15 2015 and. Nick ralston 183 argyle tx hs nike football training camp un of oregon 6913,Nick ralston rb argyle tx high school competes at the nike football training camp at the university of oregon june 9 2013 on june 8th nick competed.

Isaac leon nike football training camp tcu ft worth tx april 11 2010,Isaac leon class of 2011 st pius x high school albuquerque nm nike invitation only football camp ft worth tx tcu campus april 11 2010.

Zeric lamb 249 wr 2010 nike football training camps,Zeric at the 2010 nike football training camps nftc at osu in corvallis oregon on june 6th 2010 662010 zeric attended the 2010 nftc as a. Yale vannoy quarterback academy jonathan mcentire nike football training camp 4614,Yale vannoy quarterback academy class of 2015 qb jonathan mcentire of san antonio oconnortx puts his talents on display at the prestigious nike.

GoPro Atlanta Nike Football Training Camp

Gopro atlanta nike football training camp,Action from the atlanta nike football training camp shot with hero 3 cameras. Quarterbacks 2014 los angeles nike football training camp,Quarterbacks at the los angeles nike football training camp included usc trojans commit ricky town elite 11 opening invites blake barnett and josh. Atlanta wr vs db 1 on 1s nike footballs the opening regionals,Wr vs db 1 on 1s at the 2015 nike football the opening regional atlanta the regional camp was held at buford high school in atlanta georgia and featured.

2013 nike football training camp top plays qb wr db rb lb collegelevelathletes,Collegelevelathletes watch this tutorial featuring some of the top plays from the 2013 nike football training camp in los angeles redondo union. Dallas ol vs dl 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Ol vs dl 1 on 1s at the 2014 dallas nike football training camp the camp was held at desoto high school and featured top linemen including ol patrick. Nike the opening football camp day 1,Maxpreps highlights from day 1 of nike the opening football camp at nike headquarters in beaverton or featuring the sparq combine national.

Nike football training camp pro episode 3 part 2,Nutrition and active recovery the offseason is all about getting better it doesnt matter if you play on fridays saturdays or sundays and if you want to be. New jersey rb vs lb 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Rb vs lb 1 on 1s at the 2014 new jerseynew york nike football training camp the camp was held at the new york jets practice facility in florham park. Top 10 plays dallas houston 2014 nike football training camp,Top 10 plays from the 2014 dallas houston nike football training camps.

Dallas WR Vs DB Jam Drill 2014 Nike Football Training Camp

Dallas wr vs db jam drill 2014 nike football training camp,Wr vs db jam drill 1 on 1s at the 2014 dallas nike football training camp the camp was held at desoto high school and featured some of the top wrdb. 08 nike training camp tcu wrvdb,Oneonone contest from the invite only nike training camp at the texas christian university. Nike footballs the opening dallas 2016 wr vs db 1 on 1s,Wr vs db 1 on 1s from nike footballs the opening dallas the regional camp was held at coppell high school in coppell texas on march 13 2016.

Atlanta rb vs lb 1 on 1s nike footballs the opening regionals,Rb vs lb 1 on 1s from the 2015 nike football the opening regional atlanta the regional camp featured over 400 of the southeast regions top high school. Trai mosley interview,Trai mosley attended the nike football training camp in houston he is a 58 defensive back out of pflugerville texas hendrickson high school mosley. Gopro dallas nike football training camp,Action from the 2014 dallas nike football training camp shot 100 with gopro hero 3 cameras.

Qb kyler murray allen tx 2014 nike the opening,Maxprepsathletekylermurrayhf7hhptteekz5aamvebbjgdefaulthtm. 2013 nike football training camp linemen 1 on 1s,Some clips form the university of oregon nike football training camp june 9th 2013 some top linemen battle it out in an unpadded 11 offense vs defense. Oakland ol vs dl 1 on 1s 2014 nike football training camp,Ol vs dl 1 on 1s at the 2014 oakland nike football training camp the camp was held at chabot college on may 18 2014 and featured the regions top ol.

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