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WHATSITLIKE Defensive Backs

Music playing hello welcome back to another special edition of inside leatherneck athletics here on the leatherneck sports network.It's another edition of hash tag what's it like.Well last year for you fans at home who may not be aware, the leatherneck defense ranked third in the nation, third in the nation in pass defense, fewest passing yards allowed per game.So our goal here today is the see if kyle bradt at quarterback, sam bounder and myself as wide receiver, can we get open against these five seniors.Now we got some all conference,.

Allamerica talent here.It's going to be a challenge, we may need some help later but let's see what we got here.First of all, who are we gonna go up against here today.Marquette privott, david mcdaniel, martinez davis, richard chungong, dallas nichols.Alright do you guys think i've got any shot or sam's got any shot to get behind you guys for a touchdown.Nah because we did, because the rule is, if you guys get a pick, it's a picksix.Alright, yeah, all right let's go, let's go.

Players moving around on field ball is thrown and caught music plays, music continues music continues camera pans around field from all angles.Wow, that was a hit.More music and play as defence intercepts ball repeatedly.Alright, i don't know who's got the power but i think we certainly need some right now, i know i do.I think i ran more chasing after you guys going in the end zone than i did running a pass route.So good reason why they're the number three defense in the country when it comes to passing.

WHATSITLIKE Graduate Assistant vs OffensiveLine

Hello, welcome to another addition of what's it like here on the leatherneck sports network.My name is matt fisher, graduate assistant here at western illinois university in the athletic communications department.Today we'll find out just exactly what's it like to try and get past an offensive lineman at the di level.Genglemen if you'd please like to introduce yourselves.Sean sullivan, 62 300 pounds.Brandon de la cruz, 63 290.Ryan ricketts, 62 290.Tyler bode, 67 320.Nick ziegenbein, 69 340.Sam kachanuk, 65 310.I let's hope this goes a little bit better than i think it's gonna go,.

Otherwise i'm going to be a little sore in the morning.Music plays matt tries to get by the players.Music continues play contines as you see matt lifted and land on the field.So obviously the first round didn't go quite as planned but we have a couple of d linemen here now that are gonna give us some pointers, gentlemen.Kris harley, 61 and 290 pounds.Well you know, all you got to do is just stay away from them, don't try to run down the middle of them, that's what you gotta do.

That's a good plan.Eddy holtschlag, 64 250 pounds.The big thing i do is speed because they're very slow and big and sometimes i call them patrick star off of sponge bob, just gotta give them a lot of pointers game them a lot of, i don't know, a lotta trouble when you're in there.I think i can go with that.Let's see if this goes any better.Music playing players talking together right play continues music plays there you go music continues kris to matt you've got to move somewhere.

Music and play continues unstoppable that's it well it's a lot harder than it looks.We definitely appreciate all the help.You can tell we need some professionals here so we had a couple of the d linemen and a couple of the coaches here as well so thank you very much to them, so we did not look completely useless out on the football field today.A big thank out to the entire offensive line, the defensive line and other coaches.Until the next edition of what's it like.

CUE Football Graduate Assistants

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