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Hey guys, it's simon here from soccer training central.Just putting some tutorials together on some tactical plays.Now, one of the things that i've found with my team is that when it comes to set plays, just something really basic like a corner, we are absolutely woeful at! effectively we just get a whole bunch of guys in here, and there's no movement at all, and when the ball comes in, generally there is nothing happening.So this is just a short play, and relatively easy, that i'd picked up and wanted to share with you.

In this instance we're going to have a number of attacking players but they're actually sitting outside, more over here, so let's just say there's a group of 3 or 4 attacking players over here, and of course they're being marked by 3 or 4 defenders so they're going to be the circles.So there's a big congregation in here, and also we've got another player on the attacking side over here.And of course we've got the person taking the corner over in this corner here.Now there's a defender looking at this person here,.

So they've come in to try and stop the short corner.Now, what the play is the kicker, the person who is kicking actually wants to be kicking it to the edge of the box here.That's the intended position.This place here.Now the issue is we've got this defender here, so this person on the attacking side is going to shift forward and try to draw this person.So they're coming over there, this defender then shifts over this way to try and cover this attacking person, which leaves this area here free.

What's going to happen is this person, when they're ready to go, they're going to kick the ball, so effectively it's a pass along the ground with speed but accuracy to this point, where one of these players here work out which one is going to come around, and make a run.At the time when this person here is kicking the ball they're going to make a run into open space and effectively kick the ball into the goal over here.So it's relatively simple.You can see what's happened is,.

By having these players over here all on the grid, we've drawn the defense out.That's opened this whole area right up.If there's one or two defenders in here as i said, you can draw them out of the way by having some people come up into the midfield here.But that opens up this whole area here, which then makes it available for this shot.So for the ball to be placed in here, and one of these attackers to be running on, and being able to deflect it or shoot it over here.

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