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Jiangsu's education department plan to make football lessons compulsory for all primary and middle schools.Which means that all children will take football lessons as a matter of fact, jiangning's zhushan primary school already started football lessons last year.They invited a football coach from england to teach their students football to let the students experience the joy of the football yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock most of the year 1 and year 2 students at zhushan primary school have already finished school and headed home.However, 13 students have taken their school bag and headed to the football pitch.

They have gone to take their 'afterschool football lesson.' do you like football yes, i do when did you start to like football in year 1 why do you like football because i saw a football competition on tv and then i thought it was really interesting then i just wanted to play myself we started with year 1 students this is already the third or forth semester every week we arrange two sessions of football the children really love playing mr zhang told us that the schools pe lessons involve playing football.

But each semester each child only has 15 lessons so it is very difficult for the children's footballing ability to develop significantly last year, the school asked for some of the parent's opinions regarding some of the the year 1 and year 2 students starting football classes at present, there are two groups, with a total of over 30 students who are playing football after school each tuesday and thursday he really loves playing and when we heard the school was organising this activity, we were keen for him to join in.

Whether or not he chooses to go down the career path of playing football or it is just something he does for fun us parents are really supportive at the moment the children finish school quite early and there aren't a lot of fun clubs for the children to join for the school to organise this kind of activity to let all these children play together the parents are all very supportive zhushan primary school's football lessons have a special about them that is, to invite a football coach from britain to run the lessons.

In this way, the children can enjoy a different approach to learning football and the students really like their football coach really cool! how is he cool he plays football really cool he teaches me that when playing football only when you pass the ball well can you win we have to play as a team i normally have them playing some football minigames to start just to let them warm up i want them to have a lot of the ball then we'll learn a few new skills let them practice some techniques.

For example controlling the ball or passing the ball he coach really loves playing football himself and he also has an 'england fa coaching certificate' i feel in england they pay more attention to cultivating children's interest in football meaning that more and more children want to play chinese coaches pay more attention to practicing skills in a repetitive and dull way i think that their way of coaching is more advanced than ours from this 'overseas' coach's view, football is not all about winning and losing it's about enjoying the process of playing.

For these young children, we shouldn't focus just on improving their skills but actually let them have fun after all, it's in every child's nature to play in britain, kids can play football freely with their friends each day after school kids can also go out and play football together in china, the kids don't have as much opportunity to play football this is probably the biggest difference between the two countries i also really enjoy allowing the kids to have some fun every week they are so excited to come and play football.

Welcome To Evolution Sports Qatar

Welcome to evolution sports qatar,Where to begin evolution sports began as evolution soccer in 2007 with just four boys and a few old worn out balls the aim was to enable youngsters from all. Evo sports tv evo challenge the call out coach nathan basketball vs soccer 1 of 5,Welcome to evolution sports qatar tv evosportstv as we launch our new tv channel evosportstv one of the features will showcase our coaches in a. Soccer coaching football training drills part 1 of 2,Soccertutor demonstrates another football soccer coaching tutorial on timing of runs.

Stadiums last week tonight with john oliver hbo,Cities spend massive amounts of public money on privatelyowned stadiums cities issue taxexempt municipal bonds that wait dont fall asleep connect. Jk art soccer in qatar,Jk art soccer in qatar facebookjkartsoccer jeonsoccer jkartsoccer jk freestyle. Paris saintgermain academy doha qatar,Paris saintgermain academy brought to you by ooredoo returns to evo sports qatar 7th 11th december 2014 sign up here new members can register.

Iamevo soccer sept 2015,Iamevo camps s returned this september providing camps clincs for evolution sports qatar members non members aged 316 years old for our.

Gkorea ep09 head coach of cambodian national soccer team lee tae hoon,Cambodians attention to soccer has recently escalated thanks to the national soccer team the korean man who leads this team is lee tae hoon just half a. Evolution sports academy qatar,A professional multi sports course provider for young people in the middle east evolution sports academy have many opportunities for all abilities and genders.

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Complete etihad first class apartment experience onboard a380 from london to abu dhabi,First class apartment experience onboard etihad airways from london to abu dhabi on brand new airbus a380. Coach pep guardiola argues on the field with philipp lahm during training session in doha qatar,Fc bayern munich coach pep guardiola and german player philipp lahm argue on the field during training session in doha qatar doha qatar on thursday. Freestyle soccer jk khb in qatar,Jk street soccer freestyle football performing in qatar on may took part in event for emir cup final in qatar doha next coming soon to.

Soccer coaching defending drill smallsided gamejunio 2016,Visit str6ora for 99 more complete session plans this defending session develops understanding of when to press and when to drop off. Academy coaching spotlight a philosophy in action,Pateadores academy director and head coach teddy chronopoulos talks about how his coaching philosophy aligns with the development model national.

Wayne harrison soccer awareness session 1 field and player awareness utah 51 25,Description. Pep guardiola shadow play cognitive soccer exercise,Great cognitive soccer training exercise using guardiolas positional soccer gridsoccersmarttraining for more information on online cognitive soccer. Individual soccer training sessions personal soccer trainer for kids,Individual soccer training sessions are necesarry for every young soccer player who wants to quickly improve football skills personal soccer trainer for kids can.

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Byusn 62915 aleisha rose loves coaching soccer at byu,Aleisha rose admits that although playing soccer is a blast she loves coaching at byu a lot. Evo sports tv challenge winning speech farewell coach nathan 5 of 5,Welcome to evolution sports qatar tv evosportstv following our first ever coaches challenge on evo sports tv find out who coach nathan has selected for.

Qatar shell football masterclass,An overview of the qatar shell football masterclass with liverpool fc coaches. Khalifa alasiri qatar football,Khalifa alasiri soccer training tips best football great goals qatar football youth soccer dynamic soccer renaldo style power speed football teaching. Best goalkeeper of the year the 3 nominees,The votes of the captains and coaches of all national teams in the world made andrey buklhitskiy rus peyman hosseini irn and dona esp the three best.

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