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Qatar Airways InFlight Safety Tutorial Starring FC Barcelona

Ltthe excitement is building and it's almost time to take offgt welcome on board this qatar airways flight.Before we depart, please pay attention as we demonstrate the safety features of the aircraft.Before we get underway, we'd just like to remind viewers at home that exits and walkways and must be kept clear of baggage at all times.Baggage should be securely stowed under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartments.For safety reasons during takeoff and landing, all handheld devices will have to be switched to flight mode.All other electronic devices will have to be switched off and.

Stored safely for takeoff and landing.If you drop your personal electronic device inside the seat do not operate seat control.Instead, please contact a member of cabin crew for assistance.Please fasten your seat belts before takeoff and landing and whenever the seat belt sign is illuminated.Infant seat belts are available from the cabin crew.To unfasten, lift the flap and pull the ends apart.And, if you'd like to take a break from the action, please make sure your seatbelt is fastened and visible to cabin crew.For.

Your safety, we recommend you keep your seat belt fastened whenever you are seated.If oxygen is required, a mask will appear from above you or you may be required to release the mask by pulling on the colored flag marked pull.Pulling the mask towards you will activate the oxygen supply.Place the mask over your nose and mouth, adjust the bands securely and breathe normally.When your mask is fitted correctly, you may assist others.Please pay close attention and take a moment to locate the emergency exit nearest to your seat.The emergency exits are clearly marked and.

Located as shown on screen.Illuminated escape path strips will guide you to the exits.In case of emergency landing on water, evacuation slides will serve as rafts.Please remember to remove footwear before using the slide.For your safety we operate a nonsmoking policy on board our aircraft smoking in the toilet will activate the smoke alarm.Smoking on board the aircraft and tampering with the smoke detector are both criminal offences punishable by law.Now, your life jacket is beside you, next to you, or underneath your seat.When instructed.

By the crew, remove it from its container and pull it over your head, bring the tape around your waist and fasten infront pulling firmly to secure.Only inflate your life jacket when you are leaving the aircraft by pulling the two red toms sharply downwards.You can also inflate and top up the life jacket by blowing into the mouthpiece.The life jacket has a whistle to attract attention and the light will automatically illuminate when in water.Life jackets for infants be distributed by the cabin crew.In the unlikely event of an emergency, please.

Adopt the brace position as demonstrated by mascherano and pique lt.And the whistle is about to blowgt can we please remind you to make sure your seat is fully upright, your tray table is stowed and your window blinds fully up.To remind yourself of the safety features of this aircraft, please read the safety card which is located in your seat pocket.If you have any questions, our cabin crew will be happy to help.Thank you for your attention and enjoy your flight with qatar airways ltwe look forward to seeing you next timegt.

Soccer Defending with Strong Shoulders and Balance Training

Ben torres, atc takes you through a training exercise using the stability ball and a si board balance board.Strong shoulders are important for soccer athletes as they run, cut and hold their position against a defender who is pressing into them.Standing on the si board increases lower body strength and coordination because it is a moving surface.Have the athlete get into a lunge position and balance.Devon is using 2 half balls to create a rocker board that will teeter left and right.You can use a wobble board as well.

Through Pass Training With Tactical Board Learn Soccer 1

Through pass training with tactical board learn soccer 1,The through ball describes passes that are passed through the oppositions defensive line into space for a team mate to run onto typically a midfield player. Soccer players training with slant board,Trackfitnessau trackfitnessaustralia trackfitnessaus. Soccer goalkeeper training on a balance board,Please click below for the full transcript of the tutorial for more information check us out at websiboards blogsiboarder fb.

Tw mma balance training with indo balance board and a couple soccer balls,This is a brief example of one of tws training sessions here he displays new balance training using an indo board. Core strength for soccer players and keepers on a si board balance board,Please click below for the full transcript of the tutorial for more information check us out at websiboards blogsiboarder fb. Dog training gus aussie doodle day 13 5k baseball soccer distractions,2week board and train program day 13 gus is a 9month old aussiedoodle puppy in sit up n listen dog training manners program he is a normal puppy.

Neymar jr crossbar challenge,Hes one of the best players on the planet we put his tekkers to the test with an epic crossbar challenge subscribe.

Dog training bentley morkie day 10 5k baseball soccer distractions,2week board and train program day 10 bentley is a 2yearold morkie yorkshire terrier and maltese in sit up n listen dog training manners program. Speed agility ladder drills exercises for football soccer quick feet,Trainingwitheps we offer speed training products such as parachutes speed ladders resistance sleds hurdles lateral side steppers resistance.

Soccer Pro Seth Trembly Gets A SiBoard For The Holidays

Soccer pro seth trembly gets a siboard for the holidays,Please click below for the full transcript of the tutorial for more information check us out at websiboards blogsiboarder fb. Usc womens soccer training update with jamie and whitney,Subscribe to uscathletics sjpurl. World cup final fun with age of soccer board game,Legend express make their first foray into board games with the perfectly timed age of soccer this boardcard game hybrid will grab you with its beautiful.

Soccer coaches guide 5 to 7 year olds,More info atsoccertutorialsproductsnscaasoccercoachesguide57yearolds nscaa staff coaches provide demonstrations of many different. Little boy trying to break board in taekwondo the new karate kid,This little boy is trying to break a board as part of the taekwondo white belt inauguration after struggling several times to break the board and failing. Soccer trick shots dude perfect,Its soccer football time see the football vs football tutorial we did with soccer am footballvsfootballtutorial here to watch us play bubble.

First touch training,The full length digital dvd is now available for sale and download atfirsttouchtrainning. Qatar airways inflight safety tutorial starring fc barcelona,Never get offside of aircraft safety again with our quirky new onboard tutorial starring fc barcelona we think its a real keeper qatar airways and fc barcelona. Juan mata vs ander herrera intense crossbar challenge,Juan mata ander herrera go head to head in a crossbar challenge contest.

Freestyle Tricks In Football Match Prank By Old Man

Freestyle tricks in football match prank by old man,Messi vs robot goalkeeper video here c4e2cl fake old man plays football with some young boys and at the begining all of them. Acl injury prevention bridges on si boards balance board,Please click below for the full transcript of the tutorial for more information check us out at websiboards blogsiboarder fb. Freestyle skills with ronaldinho,I met the king this is by far the craziest tutorial i have ever posted on my channel and one that i never thought id have the opportunity to do so a few weeks.

Soccer trick shots by 8 year old part 2,Soccer trick shots by cody lunn remi gillard style with game footage this is codys second soccer shot tutorial cody enjoys challenging himself to make crazy. Soccer coach weekly tactics board 366,David clarke takes you through his tactics board from issue 366 of soccer coach weekly dribble decisions a counterattacking session with a 212 setup. Football formation 433 strategy in tactical board learn soccer 2,Football formation 433 movement in tactical board learn soccer 2 mengajarkan kita bagaimana formasi atau strategy 433 dipraktikan selamat menikmati.

Slant board outer calf stretch,734 slant board outer calf stretch exercise yoursportstrainer slant board outer calf stretch exercise tutorial and images of the slant board. Chelseas eden hazard sent off for kicking ball boy,The highlight of a soccer game between chelsea and swansea in wales turned out to be an incident involving a player on chelsea who was ejected after. Little granny lightsaber hoverboard family fails falls star wars funnel vision vlog,The whole family almost tries out a selfbalancing electronic scooter aka a hoverboard we have some makeshift body armor to begin with but dont worry.

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