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There is a lot of great content that you put on youtube.What's the difference between those, and what people might see in the program the youtube tutorials are basically.We shoot those at an awesome field.I actually had one comment as a quick side note, somebody was like, that's a fake background.There's no mountains in california.I don't have enough time to do a green screen! the youtube tutorials, we do those because there are specific things that we want to teach people, whether it's the top.If you youtube soccer drills, we would come up first.And it's just.

Slews of people that want to go through and learn some good stuff.And tutorials on youtube are horrendous.So we want to teach specific things but the difference with the course is, i could tell you, do these five drills, or i could say we're going to go through these five drills, and you're going to eventually learn how to trap a ball and turn and shoot on goal, quickly.I guess you could probably.One of the best examples is, i could give you a text book that's just in complete disarray, not in order, like erase the page.

Numbers and put the conclusion where the intro is, and the second chapter where the eigth chapter is, and you're really not going to make sense of it.So, youtube is just free stuff, there it is.It's going to get you somewhat better just by understanding it but if you want to get if you want to sky rocket how you play soccer, and really reach that next echelon, that next goal that you have, you need a specific method because otherwise you're just going to be going through the motions.

We try and teach, i try and teach with epic soccer, a specific set of target goals that you're doing.Whether you realize that or not.They're tried and tested like i said, with people all over the world.And they helped me to go from a nonstarter average player, to an allamerican in a few short seasons.I would say it's definitely a methodical approach and there's a science behind it, so it's helping people out.The way i look at is, it really is a training system.And i think that's the big difference for me with the youtube content.

You're absolutely right, it's great content but they're all individual skills but with the actual epic soccer training program, it is more of a system.So it's that full endtoend, as you said, a to z, program.That's the big difference between the two.Do you want to provide, for the people that may not have seen the program, provide an outline of what's involved in epic soccer training yeh, so when you purchase epic soccer, probably through your website, you're going to end up getting to the member's area.And everything is all online, streaming high quality tutorials.

So you login, and there's the manual, and it takes you through four weeks of training, and i believe it's like a monday, wednesday, friday, just in case people are taking the speed training program as well.We kind of scatter that out but if you want, you can do it five days.Basically you're starting out, and obviously, i'm big on warming up.You always need to warm up and get more flexible because flexibility increases your speed, and there's a whole science behind that.You go through, and you start doing dynamic drills and dynamic touches.

A lot of things that coaches unfortunately overlook, is every kid should have a ball.And so when i get coaches that are taking epic soccer training, i love it, because they're like.This is great, the kids aren't standing around, they're engaged and they're improving so much.And it's basically getting thousands of touches on the ball, very, very quickly.It's stuff that people do when they're in middle school, or when they're like i was when i was four years old, first starting out, to people who literally are playing professional.

Soccer.If you ever go watch practices by anyone in the english premier league or the mls, you'll see these are a lot of their warmups, and they go through and do these touches because they're retracking their muscle memory, so that when they're in a game situation they're warm, they're ready.So we take you through a lot of that, and then obviously the course progresses so it starts at a basic level, which we call the module the rock, and that's giving yourself a good foundation.For learning to play soccer.So whether or not you're more advanced.

You're going to go through these drills no matter what.Then the second one i think is the cup, where we start stirring in more and more difficult things that you can build on.So like i said, everything it's all stepby step, you need the good foundation and then we're going to take it to the next level.And in the second week where you're going to start adding in a little bit of moves.They're more basic moves but they're going to really start progressing in the third and fourth modules.The third module is pretty.

Heavy with soccer moves, and this is where people start really seeing results.And it's because they see all these moves, and it's like.Ohhhh, these are so awsome, i wanted to learn moves but you can't start out with the moves.You don't start learning to play guitar and doing a metallica solo, you learn the chords, then you learn the fingering and how to do it faster, and then you play.It's the same thing with soccer.It's a great analogy actually.You do really need to start with those basics in order to be able to.

Do the tricky stuff.And a lot of times people need to unlearn bad habits, which we teach and so, we teach you all the good habits.I hopefully do a pretty great job at explaining these.I'd rather overexplain than underexplain anything in the course.You build your foundation, you start working on moves.The third week is when you really see a lot of different moves and you really kick it up another notch.I'd say that's where you see the biggest improvement is between just the second and third week.And then the fourth module,.

That's the vault.I'm not going to do too much into that because that's the bonus module.Most people are like, this is sick! it's all the moves that you'll see from professional athletes, and some that you probably haven't even seen that i got from playing professional, from playing with a bunch of these guys.And that's when it's really exciting because people write in, they write emails to me, and they're like dude, where did you come up with this stuff it is wild! it gets to where it's a lot of fun too.No matter what age, we.

Can teach you just the a to z, and fun stuff along the way which makes you a lot better.That's excellent.I think the other good thing is that because it is structured in a system, it's flexible enough as well, that people that might be very early on in their soccer skills, they can take it a little slower, and for people that are a bit more advanced, they can fasttrack stuff.So there is flexibility in the program to cater for that.Right.There is no specific one size fits all for the program.Some people are.

Going to be down here, and other people are going to be more advanced and they can just breeze through the first two weeks pretty quickly and then just start getting into week three and four.And then there's also the classroom sessions that go along with all of the modules.When you first start out it might be talking about just control, fiftyfifty balls, or supporting, all the real basic stuff but then when you get into module four, which is the vault, or module three, you're going to get really.

Higher classroom sessions for your iq where you need to know how are we supposed to attack out of the back.If i'm a defender, where should i be positioned those tutorials are worth their weight in gold, they're like twenty and thirty minutes some of them.Those are the ones that coaches are like, i am so glad that i did this.But it's everything that i learnd with all my amazing coaches.That's the one thing that i really wanted to throw in there, and that's the thing that i'm.

Epic Soccer Training Review Exclusive Bonuses

Hi everyone, this is simon from soccer training central.I just wanted to take you through a bonus that we've developed two complement the epic soccer training system.Let me just explain to you first why i've developed it.And this is also hopefully proof for you that i have actually been using the program myself.So in recommending it, i genuinely have used it and worked with the program, and think it's fantastic.In doing that, i've found that even though it is an absolutely brilliant program, there are two.

Things that i thought would help you if you go ahead and buy it.There are two bonuses that i've developed.The first one is really around helping you, i've called it a program tracker, which allows you to track your progress through the epic soccer training system.As i mentioned in some of my earlier tutorials, the way that you work through the modules, you watch each of these individual tutorials, and you review it in conjunction with the workbook.I showed that, this is the workbook, you can see page twelve.

This is week one, of module one and it's day one.So it took you through exactly what the module, what tutorial you need to watch, the order that you need to be doing it.So i'm going through tutorial one, tutorial two, tutorial three, etcetera.And also how much time.Now i think this is brilliant as far as it actually maps out exactly what you need to do, when, and for how long.The challenge that i found though is it's a big document.Now you could just print off an.

Individual page.What i've actually developed for myself, and thought that you might be able to use it, is what i've called an epic soccer training progress tracker.I've taken exactly that information from the workbook, and i've just mapped it out into a table.You can see here what the drill is.So it says, module one, tutorial one.With the stretching exercises, i've actually put the descriptions in because given there are quite a few things in that, it would be worthwhile having that listed.Then it takes you through each of the tutorials,.

And gives you the exact duration that you're meant to be doing it for.You can see here.And then you just check it off that you've completed it.That works through each of those.I just wanted to highlight, you don't do the tutorials in exactly the order of the tutorials.You can see here, it goes from tutorial three, four, five, six, jumps to eight and nine.Then goes ten, eleven, jumps to seventeen and eighteen and actually finishes on tutorial seven.As i say, it takes you through.

Each of the tutorials, and the duration of time.You can fold it up, put it in your pocket, do the running around and pull it out when you need to.Another thing i wanted to highlight, if we just scroll down.Is the way the system has been set up.I've talked about this in one of my other posts, around the way it's been structured, is that even as you progress through into the later modules.So here is module two, which is the cup, you still start with some of the tutorials and the content from the earlier.

Module because these are the drills that are really designed to help you build muscle memory and increasing your touches on the ball.I just wanted to point it out, that it's not a mistake, that it is actually, even though we're in module two, the cup, these first few tutorials here, these are all, tutorial three from module one, tutorial four from module one, etcetera, and you can see they are all only short and sharp but they're all designed around building touches on the ball, and building muscle memory.

So that's not a mistake.And then it goes through into the module two tutorials, i just wanted to highlight that out to you.This is the first bonus.The second bonus is.That's just my wife calling on the phone, sorry, i'll have to answer her in a second.The second bonus is actually a fitness tracker, so it's very similar.You would have seen from the earliest tutorials that with the fitness program it's not a downloadable pdf, it's actually just on the website page.What i've done is taken it, and developed into a word document.

Or a pdf.So you've got the exercises here, and again you can just check them off.So you can print off a page, take it with you down on the day, and you can just check them off as you go through.So it doesn't have the full descriptions, it just has a tick box list, allowing you to check through it as you're doing it.The one thing i wanted to highlight as well, the content is copyright to epic soccer training, i'm not claiming that the content is mine, it's absolutely one hundred percent theirs.

We've just developed this, as a program tracker, as far as the fitness program, and the other one which is the core program itself.It's been really helpful for me, and i hope that it's also going to be helpful for you.The way that you get those is if you buy epic soccer training through any of the links on our website, any of the links on soccer training central, if you buy epic soccer training through any of our links, then you get these bonuses absolutely free.I'll provide separate details on.

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