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Action story time with Billy Froggy Plays Soccer read along closed caption

I'm billy barker and froggy plays soccer is my favorite book.Froggy couldn't sleep.He looked out the window.The full moon was rising.It looked like a soccer ball.Tomorrow's the big game! he said out loud.If we beat the wild things we win the city cup! in the morning, froggy was bursting to go.He pulled on his underwear.Zap! tugged on his soccer shorts zeep! snapped on his shin guards znap! wiggled on his soccer shirt zlim! pulled on his soccer socks zoop! and put on his cleats zup! zup!.

Frrooggyy! called his father.Froggy's father was the assistant coach.Whaaaaat let's go! we'll be late for the game! froggy flopped outside flop flop flop.Remember, said froggy's dad, only the goalie can catch the ball and you're not the goalie! now repeat after me head it! boot it! knee it! shoot it! but don't use your hands! and froggy sang head it! boot it! knee it! shoot it! but don't use your hands! all the way to the soccer field.At the soccer field, the coach max's mother said, we're a team.We're the dream team!.

hurray! screamed the dream team.Soon the game was on! froggy was doing cartwheels.Froggy was picking daisies.Froggy was picking his nose.The ball bounced off his chest.He gave a mighty kick and missed the ball.But max trapped it and passed it to bj who slammed it right into the goal! again, the two teams faced off.The whistle blew.The dream team changed down the field toward the wild things.Froggy was tying his shoe.Froggy's dad was yelling defense! defense! the ball hit froggy in the head.

Bonk! and knocked him down.He was great at defense.At halftime, the dream team held the lead.Now remember said froggy's dad and they all chanted together head it! boot it! knee it! shoot it! but don't use your hands! the whistle blew and the second half started.A fly circled by.Frrooggyy! called the coach.Whaaaat the wild things were stampeding.And matthew, the dream team's goalkeeper was chasing the ball.Now the goal was unguarded.This was froggy's chance! he leapfrogged over travis he leapfrogged over matthew.He leapfrogged over the wild thing's forward.

Who was firing the ball and what a save! froggy caught it right before the net.But uhoh, he'd used his hands! oops! cried froggy looking more red in the face than green.He looked so silly, the dream team laughed.But not for long.The penalty for using his hands was a free kick at the goal for the wild things.The wild things star forward kicked and scored.Now it was a tied game! but it wasn't over yet.And when there was one minute left the crowd went crazy.

The clock was ticking.The ball was coming right toward froggy.Frrooggyy! yelled his dad.Whaaat but froggy knew what to do.He jammed his hands in his armpits he stuffed them in his pockets.He stuck them in his mouth then he power kicked the ball so far down the field that it bounced over the goalie's head the dream team had won the city cup! they shouted and danced.And froggy sang head it! boot it! knee it! shoot it! but don't use your hands! except to slap high fives!.

Kay Stokes Running Through My Dreams Nightmares

See what people try to do is avoid pain.Pain is a crazy word because it's inevitable.You gonna experience pain, no matter what.So it's 2 types of pain you could have.You could have the pain of putting in that work every day, gettin' up five o'clock in the morning, and pushing your body to the limit.Or you could have the pain of regret.See the pain of pushing your body is temporary.But the pain and regret that'll never go away! you gotta live with that forever.You gotta wake up every day knowing you didn't reach your potential.

Toms River ESU SWAT SRT Team Training Operation In Lakewood NJ

Toms river esu swat srt team training operation in lakewood nj,Toms river esu swat srt team training operation in lakewood nj. All star sports academy nj training tutorial,Toms river njs only all around sports performance training centerallstarsportsacademynj infoallstarsportsacademynj. Clips of billys soccer skills and drills training with pda and mlu clubs,6 year old skills and drills training with u7 and u8 pda and u7 mlu cobra.

Voorhees nj personal training workout anywhere training aspects,No pull up bar no problem here are 3 exercises you can do soccer fields are everywhere no more excuses just get results with training aspects personal.

Chris stragapede soccer highlight tutorial,Chris stragapede of toms river nj playing for njsa04 at the ussda showcase in december 2011 in sarasota florida toms river north class of 2013.

Skills drills last season playing for mlu recreational soccer 2015 u7,A brief look back on billys final season playing for mount laurel united recreational soccer next up for billy pda and mlu travel a team clips of billy at pda.

Girls Soccer GGG U14 Vs NJ Elite Fusion EDP CUPSpring 2016

Girls soccer ggg u14 vs nj elite fusion edp cupspring 2016,This is a recording of the girls soccer match between ggg sc u14 and nj elite fusion during the edp cup 2016 spring tournament on may 28 2016 at. Girls soccer ggg sc u14 vs fcusa new jersey edp league,This is a recording of the girls soccer match between ggg sc u14 and fcusa new jersey team in edp league maps elite north bracket on may 1 2016 at.

Freehold township named co champs in group 4 nj girls soccer,Patriots play ridge to scoreless draw in group 4 state finals. House fire rages in toms river,A house fire on gold street in toms river on 11514 user submitted tutorial from robert catalano.

Coach dave schuman warrior kings 7v7 tryouts agility drills march 26 2016,Coach dave schuman warrior kings 7v7 tryouts agility drills march 26 2016 see more tutorials like these at nucsportsnucsportsmagazinenuctv. Ryan cheslock soccer 23 nj odp 1997 boys state soccer team 2012 2013,Ryan cheslock 23 with nj olympic development program odp boys soccer team 1997 birth year team 20122013 season. Boys soccer full highlights from cbas wild 32 comeback vs freehold twp,Tutorial by antonio olivero nj advance media for nj.

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